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Female pleasure has long been considered a taboo subject in society. Fortunately, today, things have changed a lot! Women are now free to express their desires, to talk about their sexuality and to seek pleasure , whether they are alone or in a couple . It is in particular thanks to this that the female orgasm is no longer a myth or an inaccessible thing as many imagine.

Even more interesting, thanks to technological progress, there are now many gadgets , the famous sex toys , which can help women to have fun alone . Whatever your situation, finding yourself and loving yourself is important! We give you here some tips to succeed in pleasing yourself alone.

Choose the right place to indulge yourself

The first thing to do is to choose the location wisely. If you feel good, you'll be more likely to relax and let go. You can settle in your room, with a well-made bed, with clean bedding and by creating a small cozy atmosphere with scented candles for example.

If that sounds too classic for you, feel free to follow your heart. The purpose of masturbation is to please yourself, regardless of codes or rules imposed by society. So if you prefer more unusual places to satisfy a fantasy or simply for the pleasure of a change, go for it! For example in the shower playing with the shower head, or in your bathtub . Still others will choose places like:

  • On the washing machine
  • On the kitchen counter
  • Comfortably seated on your sofa
  • On a desk
  • On the deckchair, near the swimming pool in summer

To put it simply, let yourself go, and let each of your craziest desires express themselves! The trick to reaching orgasm, whether solo or accompanied, is to fully assume yourself , and to recognize without shame what you really like. The advantage of solitary pleasure is that it only concerns you; you can do whatever you want, this moment belongs only to you!

Use a vibrator or your hand

Once you have found the ideal place to give yourself pleasure , choose the object that suits you best . If you opt for a sex toy designed for female pleasure, you will have the choice between several models. For women who already know their body and know which part of their sex to stimulate to climax , the choice is easier. If you are learning to discover yourself, let yourself be tempted by the multifunction models.

There are a plethora of sex toys that feature multiple modes of operation and power levels. In stores or online, there is no shortage of items dedicated to sexuality. At Powerful, our Coco offers suction mode and vibration mode , enough to explore different types of pleasure , not only internal but also external. It has ten modes for each function that you can vary according to your desires! The BFF of your clitoris in short. 😉 As for Coco's manufacturing material, it is made of medical silicone! This material is soft, pleasant to the touch and does not contain allergens. So you can fully enjoy without worrying about the rest!

The second option for a solo masturbation session is to simply use your hand. You can perfectly do yourself good without having to use a sex toy. The fingers alone are enough, provided you know how to do it. Take the time to wash your hands thoroughly, warm them and bring a lubricating gel , vegetable oil or Aloe Vera for example. The goal is to have the hands as soft and warm as possible, to accentuate the pleasure.

Put yourself in a good atmosphere

Once these preparation steps are done, you can go further. For this, put yourself in condition. Completely naked or fully clothed, the most important thing for a masturbation session is to be comfortable! To create an atmosphere conducive to desire, you can put on a porn movie , listen to a playlist of sensual music, read erotic books, anything that makes you dig is good to take!

During the session, try to understand your breath. Listen to yourself, feel your breath and let yourself be carried away. One of the best tips we can give you is to let your mind wander and let you in on your unsuspected fantasies. Let your imagination fuel the excitement . The brain is a great masturbation tool to help you find pleasure!

Try These Female Masturbation Exercises

Coming during a masturbation session will be easier if you know your body and have the right techniques to give yourself pleasure . If that's not quite the case yet, here are some tips for reaching Nirvana. All these techniques help you vary the sensations and boost your libido over time. Some of the simplest and most effective female masturbation exercises include:

Tighten the thighs rhythmically

For this exercise, get into a seated position . Then, while contracting your perineum, squeeze your inner thighs rhythmically. You can also rub your thighs together. This movement exerts pressure on the clitoris and provides pleasure. The clitoris being composed of 8000 nerve endings, it is a very sensitive sexual organ. This technique will therefore make it possible to stimulate it, and as the excitement increases, it will swell. It is essential to stay focused on your pleasure and to continue the exercise, even when the orgasm arrives, so that it is more intense.

Arm yourself with your pillow

Here you will need a pillow, cushion, or bolster . Two possibilities: place it between your legs and move back and forth, while lying on your stomach. Concentrate on the pleasure provided by these movements and you can quickly feel an intense feeling of well-being running through your body. You can also straddle it and let your pelvis guide you. This technique is called "humping", we also talk about it here .

What are the benefits of masturbation?

Masturbation, also called solitary pleasure or selfish pleasure (which it is ABSOLUTELY NOT, remember!), is a practice as old as the world. For women, it has long been considered a degrading and inappropriate practice. However, masturbating can bring many benefits, and even act positively on health. The proof, here are some of the main benefits of masturbation:

  1. Reduction of stress and anxiety
  2. Improved sleep quality
  3. The elimination of certain pains
  4. Self-awareness
  5. Health improvement
  6. Self-esteem

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Through masturbation, the body secretes a large amount of endorphins . These hormones, combined with the release of oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, are responsible for pleasure and well-being. They come to reduce stress and anxiety . The feeling of relaxation is accentuated, which frees the mind and brain of all worries.

Improved sleep quality

Masturbation can help you improve the quality of your sleep. This practice allows you to sleep better, once again thanks to the release of endorphins. So, in addition to making you happy, you can enjoy quality sleep.

The elimination of certain pains

Hormones released during masturbation can also act as pain relievers . Masturbating will help relieve pain such as menstrual cramps or migraine, among others.

Improving self-knowledge

Masturbating regularly allows you to know your body better. We know how to have fun, and we will be able to guide his or her partner during a sexual relationship. We dare to ask more, to propose new things, to rectify what we like less. You will thus be able to introduce new games in your couple. Masturbation will thus improve the pleasure during sex for two.

Health improvement

Masturbation can also have a positive impact on health. Indeed, this practice has the effect of stimulating the heart rate , just like during brisk walking. Since the heart is a muscle, stimulating it through masturbation can be very beneficial for long-term health.

The increase in self-esteem

Finally, masturbation allows women to have a more positive image of their own body and to accept themselves. It's normal, the more we manage to have fun, the more we love each other. ❤️

Take the time - discover yourself - get to know yourself

Masturbation is a great way for women to reconnect with themselves. We are in the present moment. To take full advantage of it, you must take the time to discover yourself, to know yourself better. You will be able to know which technique is the best to give you pleasure.

Explore your sensations, take the time to get to know yourself, to identify what makes you feel good or not. Let the desire rise, and let go of all your prejudices or apprehensions.

Thanks to masturbation, you will get to know your body, discover its most sensitive points and find a way to exploit them to accentuate your pleasure. In this way, you will be able to fully enjoy your sexuality , because, thanks to your own knowledge, you will be able to enjoy yourself without limit! You will also be able to guide your partner more easily during your antics!

You now have all the keys in hand - literally - to indulge yourself. It's your turn to find what suits you best to please you, explore your own sensuality!


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