The novelty of today's world in terms of sex toys is the clitoris sucker . This sex toy is very powerful and revolutionary for women. It is undoubtedly beyond comprehension. Just with a few vibrations and a suction effect , it allows intense pleasure by simulating only the glans of the clitoris. It's a revolutionary sex toy.

What is a clitoris sucker? Is there a difference between clitoral stimulator and vibrator?

The clitoris sucker is a small female satisfaction device. Its operation is based on the use of air compression.

The latter fly over the woman's clitoris while generating large-scale sensations on it. This pressure has a double effect on the woman's clitoris: the effect of suction and vibration.

The clitoris sucker does not replace your sexual partner , quite the contrary! Although the use of the clitoris sucker is very intense and powerful for women, the pleasure is different; it's a way to discover your body, otherwise!

Besides, you will eventually wonder what the difference is between a clitoral stimulator and a vibrator. The difference is quite simple. The clitoral stimulator is a tool for stimulating the woman's clitoris. It allows external stimulation without penetration. The suction effects and light vibrations emitted by the clitoral stimulator allow the stimulation of the external part of the woman's clitoris.

The vibrator not only exerts stimulation on the clitoris, but also on all the erogenous zones . It is interesting to test the different sensations that the clitoris stimulator can make you feel on other erogenous zones such as the nipples for example.

This technology, which is dedicated solely to the stimulation of the organ dedicated to pleasure without coming into direct contact with it, offers a new way of masturbating much appreciated by women. We must not forget that orgasm is absolutely not the primary goal of masturbation and this state depends on many different factors.

Coco, our double-stimulation silicone vibrator simulates suction on the clitoris thanks to its 7 intensity modes! With him, no need to choose, it's a 2 in 1; vibrator on one side, clitoris sucker on the other, it will satisfy most of your desires🤩

How does a clitoral stimulator work?

The operation of a clitoral stimulator or clitoral vacuum is simple and effortless. Indeed, you must place it above your clitoris, this is where you will feel the most pleasure, since this organ is dedicated to that. It can be tricky the first few times to find your clitoris, the area dedicated to female pleasure, but don't be afraid, take your time to discover yourself. For example, try lifting the hood to feel more of the urges provided by the clitoris sucker. It is precisely this technology which is very impressive on the external part of the clitoris!

Thereafter, you must adjust the suction intensity of the clitoral stimulator. Note that the adjustment of the clitoris stimulator, that is to say its correct placement, is very important if you want to feel the maximum pleasure. So do not hesitate to test the different intensities, take your time in different positions, discover yourself!

Indeed, you must place the contours of the clitoral stimulator on your clitoris by lifting its cap according to your sensitivity. Then activate your clitoral stimulator! All you have to do is enjoy!

What materials can clitoral stimulators be made of?

The materials in which vibrators are made are very important, especially if you want to have a product whose use will have no side effects on you. Permeability is undoubtedly one of the essential characteristics to which you must pay particular attention.

Powerful has chosen medical silicone to manufacture Coco because it is a material designed to respect the mucosa of the vagina and vulva. It is also made of ABS plastic (inside), which offers good resistance to your vibro ❤️ The quality of these materials is excellent and they do not contain allergens.

Indeed, silicone is a premium clitoral stimulator material . It is distinguished from other materials by its non-toxicity, its non-porosity and its ability to be molded according to the desired model. In addition, you adapt it the color you want. Another aspect of its quality is that silicone responds excellently to contact with lubricants.

The materials chosen are water resistant and therefore allow us to offer you a waterproof coconut shell that adapts to all your Aqua pleasures! Thanks to a specially waterproof USB charging connector.

The same goes for your lubricant, the choice is very important, prefer water-based lubricants such as Powerful intimate lubricating gel . Our lubricant, unlike the majority of lubricants that can be found on the market, is water-based and not silicone-based. The water base allows compatibility with our vibrators, as well as with the vaginal flora of users.

In summary, the Coco suction stimulator is not coupled to vibration, your clitoris will not be desensitized; it is safe, waterproof and made of medical silicone💙

It is highly recommended that your clitoral stimulator be made of silicone , ABS , glass , ceramic , well-treated wood , metal , etc. However, the best model of clitoral stimulator that can allow you to experience unique sensations is generally made of silicone.

Can you make your own clitoral stimulator?

This question is very recurrent and frequent, the answer to this question is no. Indeed, several parameters come into play when it comes to clitoral stimulators, in particular that of quality and that of hygiene.

If you do not have a clitoral stimulator in your possession, several other means are available for maximum pleasure and sensation:

A soft chair

A comfy chair can quickly land you upside down if you know how to go about it. Stand in front of the seat of the chair then spread your legs. Make your clitoris touch the back of the chair. All you have to do is start the back and forth. Don't forget to lay out a towel on the chair before you begin.

A pillow

Astride a pillow, move back and forth. Your clitoris will be stimulated and you will feel wonderful sensations.

You can also create a "pillow mountain", sit on it, and start circular movements, or back and forth. This will gradually increase your excitement and pamper your clitoris for your greatest pleasure!

The shower head

There's nothing like a jet of warm water to stimulate your clitoris . During your bath, let the water run and then place the showerhead under your vulva. Feel free to increase the water pressure depending on how excited you are. If you are a couple, ask your partner to help you manipulate the pommel.

The electric toothbrush

And yes ! Although it may seem unusual,

the toothbrush (or rather its vibrating handle) can be a source of pleasure. It can be used during your intimate moments, in vibration on the clitoris, or by penetration.

For this practice you can wrap your toothbrush in a clean cotton cloth, or put a condom on it by adding lubricant, it's up to you!

How to choose the best clit sucker?

Making the right choice of clitoris sucker also depends on the quality-price ratio, which you must be very attentive to.

How much does it cost ?

Two price extremes are offered on this clitoral stimulator market. The cheapest extreme is where you find a clitoris stimulator for 35 €. At the extreme expensive, you find the clitoral stimulator at more than 250 €. In either case, given the intimate use, you must always be vigilant about the composition of the products you wish to buy :)

Unsurprisingly, it is not advisable to take the cheapest clitoris suckers, because they are most of the time designed with poor quality materials, which explains the low price, but these are not the products that we advise you. In addition, the latter can be single-use, therefore less ecological for our planet.

The best clitoris sucker taking into account the quality-price ratio will be sold to you around 100 € . Including a quality and waterproof product without being overrated! You will just have to choose the best model. Take the time to compare on different sites!

Where can you buy quality clitoris suckers?

Considering the coronavirus pandemic, many women prefer to purchase their clitoral stimulator from online stores. In addition, we send packages that are not in the name of Puissant and there is no way to know what it is, it's all in the discretion 😉. It is preferable to order on the site directly to have more details on the products sold, their compositions, their particularities, how to use them, etc.

Moreover, certain categories of people prefer to touch and see them before buying. We advise these people to go to stores specializing in the sale of their sexual objects. Prefer above all high-end stores, specialized stores will allow you to be advised on the spot and therefore to find the perfect clitoris sucker for you and your expectations . They will offer you the latest in terms of clitoral stimulators.

When, how and where to use your clit sucker?

The moment, the way and the place are very important parameters when it comes to using your clitoris stimulator to give yourself pleasure.

The right places to indulge yourself

To feel pleasure, calm places are to be favored in favor of noisy ones. Indeed, when you are in quiet places you tend to forget your worries, concerns and be in tune with the pleasure you feel.

In addition, you can equip these places with fairly dull light , soft music, good-smelling sheets, etc. Treat yourself, because you deserve it.

The preferred positions for using your clit sucker with your partner

Several positions are recommended for you to use your clitoris stimulator in order to obtain maximum pleasure from it. Take the time to test different positions, lying on your back, on your knees, on your stomach with your pelvis raised, or facing a mirror to find the positions that will make you reach orgasm!

The doggy style position

It is the very first position (the most common). Place the clitoris stimulator just below the clitoris and activate it. You will feel a mixture of intense sensations and an abundance of pleasure. This will awaken your genital sensory cortex. In addition, your nipples will also be strongly stimulated.

The spoon position

One of the most practical to use your clitoris stimulator. Your nipples will harden following the surge of sensations that you will feel.

The position of Andromache

It's just the perfect position to use your clitoris stimulator. By leaning back, like the one who rides, you will hold your nipples by exerting a certain pressure and enjoyment follows as you will never have imagined.

How to use your clitoris stimulator correctly?

The clitoral stimulator is very easy to use and allows you to feel great pleasure. The final choice is up to you if you want to use it with your partner or alone.

You also have the option of deciding how you want to use it. Let your desires guide you. However, certain steps are proposed to you so that you can take full advantage of your clitoral stimulator.


Discover the erogenous zones of your body . You will know where to position your clitoral stimulator so that it gives you maximum pleasure. Diversify the different kinds of vibrations . Increase the intensity of the vibrations on your various heterogeneous zones according to your good will.

Testing all the options

Day by day, the clitoris stimulator is improved and perfected. These improvements come with a plurality of options, maneuvers, etc. So you have to test them all. For example the coco offers two options, the suction effect but also a penetration side, both at the same time or not, test to find out what you like!

Testing involves taking the time to discover all the modes of the object, the different crescendo intensities, etc.

Choose the best time to use it

The environment where you use your clitoral stimulator also matters in achieving pleasure. The location varies from woman to woman. You might prefer to do it on your couch, in your bed, or in the dark.

Or maybe a place like the shower where the tub suits you better? In this case, most clitoral stimulators like Coco are Waterproof!

How fast can you reach orgasm?

The orgasm is unique to each woman. There is no normality to reach one and each person is different. Some will reach it in 15 seconds, others in 12 minutes… No one reaches orgasm in the same way, it is essential to take this into account. It will depend on your environment, your mood but also the sensitivity of your body, which will not require the same stimulation as others.

Can we use a clitoris stimulator as a couple?

It is quite possible to use a clitoris stimulator as a couple ! Talk it over directly with your partner first. Explain to him how a vibrator could please you and him/her too! If your proposal makes him feel like he's not enough for you, remind him that incorporating a clitoral sucker into your sex is just a game that will help spice up your relationship! Whether it's a vibrator or a clitoris stimulator, the object should be perceived as a new friend, not a competitor 😊 Your partner can stimulate you with it during penetration or use it yourself during penetration.

Is lubricant recommended during use? What are the best lubricants?

During the stimulation of the erogenous zones, women produce cum, which allows natural lubrication through the genital glands. However, the problem that arises is that the secretion of this lubricant generally takes time and the suction as well as the vibrations begin instantly. The sex of the woman therefore does not have time to produce its own lubricant.

This is why it is generally recommended to use silicone clitoral stimulators, these are soft enough to stimulate the female body without danger, accompanied by lubricant .

Several types of lubricants are recommended to allow you to feel pleasure without worries. Here are a few.

water-based lubricants

They are the most versatile lubricants. You can use them no matter what sex toy you have, even with silicone clitoris stimulators . They are very compatible with the skin. However, you should spray it regularly, as its only downside is that it dries relatively quickly .

Our lubricant by Puissant is water-based with lily extract, and its composition is 99.6% natural and organic. Vegan and odorless, it is composed of Water, Propylene, Glycol, Propanediol, Alpha-Glucan, Oligosaccharide, Chondrus Crispus Powder, Acacia Senegal Gum, Xanthan Gum, Lilium Candidum Flower Extract. It is rated 100/100 reliable on Yuka and does not contain allergens 💚

Silicone-based lubricants

They do not cause allergies, do not irritate the skin and are compatible with all skin types.

One of their particularities is that they can be used even if you want to masturbate in the shower or in your bathtub . However, you should note that you should not use them if you have a clitoris stimulator or a silicone vibrator, the latter being made of the same material could be damaged.

Natural lubricants

They are called natural lubricants because they are made with natural resources. You can note as natural resources: banana, coconut, aloe , etc.

Can you use a clitoral stimulator on your breasts?

Nipple stimulation with the clitoral stimulator is indeed possible. Indeed, some women's nipples can easily lead them to orgasm, especially through the suction effect. It is therefore interesting to test and why not get an orgasm thanks to this stimulation, focus on what you will feel!

The classic practice is to do the suction through the mouth, but the clitoris stimulator causes new sensations on this erogenous part. Indeed, you know that clitoris stimulators unlike a vibrator emit vibrations, but also suction.

To use it, you must position it at the level of your nipples and activate it. You will feel immeasurable pleasure. During vaginal penetration, for example, you can let yourself be carried away by the idea of ​​increasing your sensations tenfold by pressing it on the nipples to reach a breast orgasm.

How to clean your clitoral stimulator?

It is essential to clean your sex toys before and after using them to prevent infections and irritation.

  1. Before use: Even if you have cleaned your toy well after the last use, it may have caught dust or other dirt. A quick rinse/clean with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe is recommended to remove these impurities.

  2. After use: Take the time to thoroughly clean your sex toys after each use to remove bacteria and residue. A good cleaning not only guarantees you perfect hygiene, but also preserves their lifespan.

Regular maintenance and proper storage of your sex toys are essential to ensure their longevity and hygiene. It is also necessary to check their condition quite often for the safety of your intimate area! 🌸

By using a specially formulated foam , you can easily remove impurities and bacteria that may build up. In addition to cleaning effectively, this foam also leaves a fresh and hygienic feeling, allowing you to enjoy your toy with complete peace of mind. 😎

In conclusion, don't forget that regular maintenance guarantees an ever more pleasant and secure experience. A clean vibrator is a healthy vibrator, and taking care of your sex toys is an important step for your well-being, your body and your health!


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