This Cookies Policy describes the conditions under which PUISSANTE uses Cookies on the site accessible at the address .

Article 1. Definitions

Cookie(s) : refers to the files placed during a consultation of the Website on the Visitor's Terminal, intended to collect information relating to the latter's navigation.

Policy : refers to this Cookies Policy, intended for Visitors browsing the Website.

Website : refers to the website accessible at the url address .

Terminal : refers to any Visitor equipment allowing access to the Website (computer, mobile phone, tablet).

Visitor : means any person who browses and uses the Website.

Article 2. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files, image or software, placed and stored on the Visitor's Terminal, or any other device allowing internet browsing, when consulting the Website. Cookies make it possible in particular to collect information, thanks to the IP address, on the Visitor's navigation.

A Cookie does not personally identify the Visitor. It allows its issuer to recognize a Terminal to collect a certain amount of information relating to the navigation carried out from said Terminal, to remember the Visitor's choices, the goods and services that the Visitor wishes to buy, to offer the Visitor relevant advertising content according to the centers of interest expressed during its navigation.

Article 3. Consent

The registration of a Cookie on the Terminal is subject to the expression of the Visitor's consent. The Visitor may at any time modify his choices regarding the acceptance or refusal of Cookies, either on his browser or online with different operators.

An information and consent request message will be displayed during the Visitor's first visit to the Site. By clicking on the "Accept" button, the Visitor accepts the use of Cookies.

By clicking on the button "Configure cookies", the Visitor can configure the deposit of Cookies or oppose them at any time, by using the Site configuration tool provided for in Article 5 below, or by modifying the parameters of his browser, described below in article 6.

The period of validity of the consent to the deposit of Cookies on the Visitor's Terminal is thirteen (13) months maximum.

Article 4. Data collected through Cookies

The Cookies deposited by PUISSANTE, subject to the Visitor's choices, give access in particular to the following information:

  • Identifiers of the equipment used (computer IP address, Android ID, Apple ID, etc.),
  • Type of operating system used by the Terminal (Microsoft Windows, Apple Os, Linux, Unix, BeOS, Android, iOS, etc.),
  • Type and version of browser software used by the Terminal (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.),
  • Dates and times of connection to PUISSANTE services,
  • Address of the Internet page of origin (“referrer”),
  • Browsing data on PUISSANTE services, content viewed.

Article 5. Purposes of the deposit of Cookies

PUISSANTE uses various types of Cookies to improve the operation and interactivity of its Website and facilitate access to its services.

All of the purposes are described below.

5.1 Maintaining the configuration of the Website

The Cookies used for this purpose make it possible to ensure that when the Visitor consults the Website, this consultation takes place in the configuration previously chosen by him. Disabling them will result in resetting the settings and configuration previously chosen.

5.2 Audience measurement            

These Cookies make it possible to establish statistics of visits to the Website. Disabling them prevents PUISSÉE from tracking and improving the quality of navigation on the Website by means of Cookies.

PUISSANTE also uses Google Analytics, which is a statistical audience analysis tool, which generates a Cookie to measure the number of visits to the Website, the number of page views and visitor activity. The Visitor's IP address is also collected to determine the city from which it connects.

5.3 Personalized Advertising                                       

PUISSANTE uses Cookies for targeted advertising on its Website and via advertisements appearing on third-party websites consulted by the Visitor. Advertising cookies make it possible to analyze the Visitor's navigation and to define his centers of interest and are intended to offer the Visitor targeted advertisements for products and/or services likely to interest him.

Disabling them has no impact on the volume of advertising the Visitor will receive.

PUISSANTE uses Google Adwords to promote the Website in Google search results and on third-party websites. To this end, when the Visitor visits the Website, the Cookie is set by Google; which automatically validates an advertisement based on the Visitor's interest using a pseudonymized Cookie and based on the pages visited.

Further processing will only occur if the Visitor consents to Google linking Internet browsing history to their Google Account and using information from that account to personalize advertisements. If the Visitor is logged in to Google during his visit to the Website, Google will use the Visitor's information together with data from Google Analytics to create and define lists of target groups with which to offer targeted advertising.

5.4 Technical cookies

PUISSANTE also uses technical, non-advertising Cookies.

5.5 Internal cookies necessary for the operation of the Website

The Website uses Cookies to allow it to function optimally. The Visitor may oppose the implementation of these Cookies and delete them, using the settings of his browser, as described in article 6 of the Policy.

However, the Visitor's experience may be degraded.

The Website uses session Cookies, which correspond to the creation of a text file on the Visitor's Terminal. These Cookies are necessary for the Visitor's navigation on the Website. These files have a limited lifespan and are destroyed at the end of the Visitor's consultation of the Website.

Article 6. Management of cookie settings

The Visitor can configure his browser to refuse all Cookies, accept all Cookies or select the Cookies he accepts, via the configuration tool available above.

However, if the Visitor refuses all Cookies, certain features of the Website may be altered or become inaccessible.

The Visitor can also express his choices in terms of Cookies on the navigation software of his Terminal or on online sites. In these two cases, the Visitor's choices will apply to all his browsing on the Internet and not only to the Website.

Each browser provides a different configuration. In order to configure their browser, the Visitor is invited to follow the following links, depending on the browser used:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer: 

- Microsoft Edge: 

- Apple Safari: 

- Google Chrome: 

- Mozilla Firefox: 

- Opera: 

"Do not track"

The Visitor can also configure his browser so that it sends a code indicating to the websites that he does not wish to be tracked (“Do not track” option).

- Microsoft Internet Explorer:  

- Microsoft Edge: 

- Apple Safari: 

- Google Chrome:  

- Mozilla Firefox: 

- Opera: 

Article 7. Update of the Policy

PUISSANTE reserves the right to make any changes and corrections to this Policy and will notify the Visitor of any changes made.

In the event of multiple versions, only the most up-to-date version will prevail.

Article 8. Information

For more information on Cookies: 

This Policy was last updated on 06/14/2021

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