Everything you always wanted to know about Coco and Puissante! ❤️

To turn on our vibrators, simply press the + button for 3 seconds

; and to turn off, press the - button for 3 seconds.

As our vibrators are waterproof, they will not turn on while they are charging. ☺️

Our vibrators are rechargeable via USB cable. There are two pins on the top to which the charger magnetizes! 🔋

The cable is provided in your order 😉

Charge it for 1 hour for 2 hours of battery life!

If you misplace the cable, you can buy it again in our e-shop!

Be sure to always wash vibrators before and after use.

Concerning Mini Coco and Coco when washing and using, you should definitely not put your finger in the suction port or press on the membrane. ⚠

This could damage the mechanism and void the warranty.

When the packages are shipped, you receive a tracking link allowing you to follow its delivery.

Remember to check your spam. 😉

We have different shipping methods:

- Delivery to a relay point, in 3 to 5 working days (excluding weekends).

- Home delivery, in 3 to 5 working days (excluding weekends).

- Delivery on D+1 for any order placed before midday (working days).

Yes, the package is not in the name of Powerful and there is no way to know what it is 😉

Following receipt of the package, you have 14 calendar days to inform us that you do not wish to keep the product.

However, due to the intimate nature of our products, we only take back products that have not been opened, which are therefore still in blister packs.

We chose medical silicone to make our vibrators because it is a material designed to respect the mucous membrane of the vagina and vulva.

They are also made of ABS plastic (inside), which offers good resistance to your vibrator ❤️.

The quality of these materials is excellent and they do not contain allergens.

After months of research to make made in France, it turned out that it was not possible, at least for the moment! 🤞

So we found a great supplier in Asia who only works with Europe 🇪🇺, USA 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦!

Our magic vibrator was co-created with experts and input from our community.

It was created thanks to an Ulule campaign launched in January 2021 and the support of 2535 people. For 45% of these buyers, it was their first vibrator purchase 🤩

Sold today to more than 15,000 people, it is suitable for the greatest number thanks to its different stimulations 🙌

The Coco is intended for use by women, but it can be used as a couple !

Spooning, doggy style or simply missionary, it's a stimulator that can adapt to each of your positions!

Men can also benefit from it by stimulating the glans and frenulum of the penis for example😌

Vibration and suction are two independent functions!

You can choose to bend your Coco to allow double stimulation, or not!🙂

Each button is dedicated to separately activating the two modes, and so you can adjust the intensity levels of each to your liking 😉

We can advise you on several things:

  • Try to order from a computer and not a mobile.
  • Try changing your connection (wifi, 5G, 4G).
  • Try changing your search engine (Google, Safari, Mozilla etc).

Please note that we do not accept payments by Paypal, checks or transfers.

Tout d’abord, sachez que la commande minimum pour le 3x sans frais est à partir de 100€.

Une fois que vous avez sélectionné le vibro que vous souhaitez acheter, nous vous invitons à cliquer sur le bouton blanc “ajouter au panier” .

Ne cliquez pas sur “acheter en un clic”.

Une fenêtre va apparaître avec le contenu de votre panier, avec un bouton bleu “valider mon panier”. Cliquez dessus.

Vous arrivez alors à la caisse, complétez alors les informations de livraison, et validez le mode d’expédition.

C’est alors à l’étape de paiement que vous pourrez sélectionner “Klarna Payer 3 fois sans frais”.

Vous allez être redirigée sur Klarna et pourrez suivre alors les étapes pour payer en 3 fois sans frais.


We launched Puissante in January 2021 after a year and a half of R&D, testing and feedback.
Our goal is to de-stabuse masturbation, to make people understand that it is healthy, important and very pleasant.

We launched Coco in the ulule campaign and after great success, thanks to the people who believed in the project, we were able to start manufacturing.

Coco has therefore been on sale since June 2021 and we are proud to help in our own way to advance mentalities on these subjects!

Puissante is a brand committed to Red Orchids, an association fighting against excision.

We have the chance to contribute and help all these women victims by donating €1 per order to this association.

In addition, we participate in joint events with Kakpotia, its founder.

A huge thank you for your order and a very nice (re)discovery!

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