The gradual establishment of routine in sexual practices is a situation that almost all couples go through after a few years. The flames of mutually shared passion initially begin to die out. To revive them and give a little spice and seasoning to your sex life as a couple , you need new experiences in bed . The cultivation of sexual desire, the sharing of fantasies, role-playing and the use of arousing devices such as vibrators are recommended solutions.

Sexting to cultivate desire 💬

Very well known for their great capacity to boost sexual desire in a natural way, sexting can be used to build desire from a distance, to create anticipation and increase excitement before meeting again. Little advice: reread carefully beforehand and don't get the wrong recipient... 🙈

These are messages to generally evoke the pleasure shared last night and announce the performances you plan for the evening.

It is a very aphrodisiac conversation that makes you fantasize about your next sexual encounters as a couple. As soon as the discussion begins through sexting, you can fuel it with email exchanges, phone calls or sensual photos. Your partner would inevitably be excited to read a “ can’t wait to feel the softness of your lips on my thighs ” coming from you in broad daylight and imagine you at your workplace with photos.

In reality, all sexual desire has its source in the imagination. And through simple sexting, you can stimulate your partner's ability to imagine everything they could do to you in bed at night. A lustful message that you send him unexpectedly late in the morning can only fill him with excitement. He will definitely be in a hurry to get home in the evening.

Blocking out several hours , or even several days to ride the wave of pleasure is an excellent way to give way to excitement. Having a few hours available allows us to have more time for caresses, exploring our sensations and mapping each other's bodies with our hands.

Telling your shameful fantasies

Talking about your fantasies to your partner is one of the most delicate exercises in a couple's life. But it's a step to take from time to time to spice up your sex life through new experiences. Most of the time, you are afraid of offending your partner's sensitivity. But you can't be sure how it will affect him without experimenting with it. This could well give you an extraordinary experience.

For this tip to be effective, you must prepare well. To assure oneself of experience these moments of delicate communication in very good conditions. Express your fantasies with the intention of sharpening sexual curiosity within the couple. Discover the unspoken erotic dreams that you have in common. In this exchange, you must keep in mind that your partner may not share the same fantasies that you.

In reality, fantasies have a very personal character. As a result, you cannot expect your partner to be willing to do them for you. He or she should in turn expect the same from you. But so strangely you realize that you share the same desires, so treat yourself .

Your fantasies can also stay in your little secret garden, not acting out can be very exciting !

Role playing games

We don't often suspect it, but role-playing within a couple constitutes real objects for awakening the sexual flame . They are of remarkable importance for building a lasting sexual relationship with your partner. These role-playing games call for much more variety in sexual antics. This saves you from routine or frees you from it if you are already settled into it.

The culture of variety in sexual relationships does not translate not just changing positions or trying new practices . It's much more about learning to make love with your partner in a different way. Being a new person from time to time. In this change of character, the part of your brain that does not differentiate reality from imagination is very favorable. She immerses you quickly in the universe of the character you decide to play.

Whether fictional or not, this new character that you are constructing for yourself arouses the excitement you seek and gives you pleasure. This requires a good bond between the two of you. One of the most well-known role-playing games is dominant-dominated . But in choosing these games, it is necessary let your imagination run wild .

Erotic couple films

Watching erotic films as a couple is undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways to relive the desires of the first months of a relationship. It awakens in you the burning flames of desire and love that animated you at the beginning of your relationship. The rapid rise in libido when watching these films will soon make you look away from the screen to concentrate on your partner.

The crazy excitement that visualized film sequences provide floods you with desire. This immerses you in a very exciting sexual relationship in front of the screen . The images retained from the film continually feed your imagination. The latter will take over to make you experience the most unimaginable fantasies.

The risk of being seen

Finding yourself in conditions where you risk being seen causes a form of exceptional excitement. It is a crazy experience that you can live to further spice up your sex life in a relationship with. The desire to make love in public may have already crossed your mind! But you don't give in so as not to make a mess. There must be secluded corners where you can be almost sure not to get caught. So do a little sightseeing.

The risk factor, not only amplifies excitement but causes a feeling of escape which removes the barriers of enjoyment. It gives you a very special and unforgettable experience.

Using a vibrator as a couple

Using a vibrator during sex is a practice that gives you a new and unique experience. It is an excellent practice to break the sexual routine within couples and enjoy new sensations. She has the art of boosting the libido and helping you discover more about the erogenous zones. of your organization. Through its role as a stimulant, it causes strong excitement and increases orgasmic pleasure.

Vibrators first of all bring something new to your relationship and allow you to discover new sensations together . They can easily integrate into your erotic games by becoming your new partner. 😉

In fact, vibrators will stimulate the libido and help you to increase awareness of your erogenous zones.

In reality, the moments of sexual lovemaking at the start of each romantic relationship are real moments of mixing between love and passion . To maintain this performance or awaken this passion when it is asleep within you, the vibrator produces a magical effect. It brings the spice you need to unleash the flames of initial passion. You can initially use it alone , in a fairly intimate setting to prepare you for new experiences.

Although very practical for giving your couple fabulous experiences in bed, the vibrator is used first on yourself. Thanks to individual masturbation with this little accessory, each member of the couple prepares for its use. It helps you discover how your body functions sexually and allows you to better communicate about your desires. This enriches the understanding of your partner's desires. Using a vibrator during foreplay can lead to something new, unknown, exciting: partner masturbation !

To make your new experience in bed special and original, you need to make a good choice of vibrator . Some models are capable of stimulating both the vagina and the clitoris. You should consider your own needs and features. You can, among other things, choose one of the models:

  • the Coco vibrator : it is an exciting tool that provides a perfect balance between the enjoyment of both partners during sexual intercourse. Its vibrating part is introduced into the vagina to produce strong excitement before penetration. It can also be passed over the glans of the penis to stimulate it further.

  • the vibrating egg : it is a vibrator designed to fully satisfy the woman. It gives him immense pleasure. With its ovoid appearance, it is covered with lubricant before introducing it into the vagina . Therefore, for a relationship as a couple, the remote control of the device must be left under the control of the partner.

  • vibrating rings : these are arousal accessories that are placed around the penis. They ensure the maintenance of an erection in men and amplify the arousal of both partners. During penetration, the vibrating movements simultaneously stimulate both partners.

Play erotic board games

Erotic board games constitute very good ways to spice up the sex life within your couple. These are simple games that are quite fun but have great power to intensify sexual pleasure . They are designed with the help of sexologists who are specialists in the field. When the rules of the game are well mastered by both partners, adopting this technique becomes very beneficial . The needs for novelty within the couple are well satisfied.

Generally speaking, erotic board games allow both partners to discover each other more. These are games in which there are no losers. Everyone comes out a winner. Many communication barriers that previously prevented you from making your partner understand your fantasies are lifted. Through these games, all topics can be covered and in a subtle way, everyone gets answers to their previously unspoken concerns.

The great interest of these games is revealed when you discover, with great surprise, new facets of your partner's desires. In a fun way, these games make you explore everything about sex and new positions or others that you wish to test. You can start from a dice or box set or even intimate mission games.

Use objects

For shake up the sexual routine a little within your relationship , you should not hesitate to use certainsexual objects . These are usually accessories that you can use to prepare yourself for some very intense lovemaking. They are therefore much more used for push the excitement to fever pitch during foreplay .

The particularity with these sexual objects lies in the fact that they allow you to discover and explore all the erogenous zones of your body . There is a very varied range but the most important thing is to agree with your partner on what suits you.

To tie or to be tied

When this tip is implemented with perfect consent between the two partners, it constitutes an enormous source of excitement. You take full control of your partner's pleasure when you tie them up. With absolute confidence, it allows you to Invade him with pleasure while you also get as much as you want. To engage in this, you must provide handcuffs or occasionally use a scarf .

Likewise, if you are the one who is attached, the complete loss of control over the build-up of arousal gives you breathtaking pleasure. It's a way of being indulged in bed by your partner. You are experiencing a form of submission that has nothing to do with social submission. It is rather a way to surrender to pleasure and enjoy it to the fullest.

This practice, although producing strong sensations, should not be taken as a sexual habit. For its effectiveness in revitalizing the sex life of your couple, you need to adopt it periodically. Alternate it with other techniques and regularly have new experiences in bed guarantees its success.

Sex with others

Sex with others, despite its delicacy, is becoming more and more a practice appreciated by many couples . While men fantasize about an HFF threesome (Man, Woman, Woman), women want to experience the HHF threesome. This experience must clearly be considered on mutual consent between your partner and you.

Agreeing on the third or other characters to associate with your group sex time is an important step. Their consents are as important as yours . It's an experience that makes you want to lift the veil on libertinism.

Anal sex

The practice of anal sex is a fairly exciting option to bring novelty to your couple's sex life. Anal penetration can be a source of intense pleasure but this pleasure may not be felt by both partners. To experience it and mutually benefit from it, it is important that we all agree to it.

It's a clever way to spice up your sexual activities. It is the subject of numerous controversies relating to possible painful, dirty or violent characteristics that it may have. But the most important thing is whether it gives pleasure to your partner as much as to you.


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