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Speech is freed around sexuality. Taboos are questioned, dissected and deconstructed little by little. Many initiatives are flourishing in France so that everyone has a fulfilling sex life. It's great and at Puissant, we are proud to be part of this movement . Yet, all of this content flooding our blogs, the media, our Instagram feeds and our inboxes can quickly overwhelm us . To help you see more clearly, we have selected 3 newsletters of excellence on sexuality and female well-being .

Between our lips

If you've already ordered your Coco , you've already read about the Between Our Lips podcast in the guide that accompanies the vibrator. Between our lips, it is first of all a podcast that extends the microphone to those who want to share a chapter of their intimacy.

Céline and Margaux collect real stories , denounce norms, recall our differences, our freedoms, and open the dialogue on taboos that should not be .

Building on the success of the podcast, its founders have developed a brand with an online store and products that honor intimacy.

Every 15 days , Between our lips invites itself to our inbox to share the latest episode of the podcast with us, along with recommendations, advice , and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the brand.

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As its name suggests, TalQ is on a mission to open up the conversation around sexuality . For its founder Manon Cauchoix, the first problem in our sexual lives as in society is that we don't talk about sex .

In its newsletter as in the rest of the media universe, TalQ addresses sexuality in politics, tech or philosophy. He puts his finger on the relationships of domination, the social injunctions that darken the relationship to the body and to others.

Manon is also co-founder of SexTech For Good , which campaigns for the creation in France of an ecosystem favorable to the emergence of innovative projects in all areas of sexuality. Collective of which our founder Marie is a member.

To receive the newsletter in free or paid version and explore your sex life in a positive, fun and inclusive way , it's here !

Power Break

Did you think we were going to close this article without talking about Powerful Pause?

Pause Puissant is a weekly meeting where we share with you in complete transparency the news of the brand and our good plans.

And that's not all ! Each missive is accompanied by our latest findings on sex, culture, well-being and empowerment and an excerpt from the article of the week .

We thought of this newsletter as a one-on-one parenthesis where we chat about what constellates our daily lives.

The bonus? Marie takes her finest pen to answer you . It seems to be one of her favorite rituals of the week!

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