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The pregnancy period is a unique adventure , punctuated by many physical and emotional changes. After all, a being is growing inside you, so it's normal. It's an extraordinary time where every day brings a lot of discoveries. And among all these changes, a fluctuating libido can arise. At Puissante, we are often asked if using a vibrator during pregnancy involves risks : we finally answer you in this article!

How does libido fluctuate during pregnancy?

In major conversations around pregnancy, the subject of desire is rarely broached . However, the evolution of desires and the relationship with the body is very important for continuing to enjoy one's sexuality.

During the different trimesters of pregnancy, libido can vary from one woman to another.

1️⃣ The dreaded first trimester

Sometimes a difficult passage where the body adapts to physical and hormonal upheavals , the first trimester is sometimes accompanied by fatigue and nausea. These symptoms can lead to decreased sexual desire.

But you may instead see your urge skyrocket due to the increased blood flow in the pelvic region. It depends on the profiles! During our last survey on postpartum, 44% of you did not observe any major changes in your sexual appetite.

2️⃣ The second trimester: we take a breath

For many women, the second trimester is often a period of respite where first trimester symptoms subside.

Estrogen produced by the placenta can boost libido , making vaginal tissues more receptive and sensitive to caressing. Some women even experience an intensification of sexual pleasure . Enough to experience a second honeymoon before the arrival of the child. Some of them experience their first orgasm ! 🎉

These fluctuations last throughout pregnancy and are completely normal . It is therefore important to talk about it with your partner and let them know how you feel. You will both be ready to surf the waves of an evolving desire. 🏄

Using a vibrator during pregnancy, go for it!

To answer this big question: in general, using a vibrator during pregnancy poses no real danger. Moreover, you may have a strong desire to masturbate during the first trimesters and this is quite common. 😉

It's like sexual intercourse, introducing something into this body that changes can be scary, but there are no medical contraindications. So continue to bring your fantasies and desires to life , alone or as a couple!

At a certain stage of pregnancy, however, it is less advisable to insert objects into the vagina . We talk about it just below in the precautions to take. 👇

And contrary to some popular belief, orgasm will not trigger labor in pregnant women . Although contractions of the vagina and uterus can help the cervix mature during late pregnancy, they are not strong enough to induce labor on their own.

Whatever your situation, we still advise you to consult a health professional. You will then be able to enjoy your pregnancy and a great sex life with complete confidence. ❤️

Some precautions to take

Excessive uterine stimulation

During the first trimester, the risk of miscarriage is higher . Although most miscarriages are not related to sexual activity, doctors may recommend avoiding any stimulation of the uterus . The use of penetrating vibrators such as the rabbit could cause uterine contractions or stimulation deemed inappropriate at this stage.

Precaution against induction of labor

During the third trimester, internal vibrations could cause uterine contractions and therefore trigger premature labor. Although the risk is low , it is generally best to take extra precautions during this sensitive time.

The perfect vibrators for all stages of your pregnancy

If your healthcare professional recommends that you avoid any internal stimulation, whatever the reason, externally stimulated vibrators will become your friend!

Designed to gently stimulate arousal with an emphasis on sensation rather than performance, our Spinning Top helps stimulate both the clitoris and vulva . You can also try clitoris suckers like our Mini-Coco . 💪

The special case of high-risk pregnancies

In France, for some 830,000 pregnant women each year, 160,000 will have a pathological pregnancy, according to Figaro Santé . A pregnancy “during which an event occurs which involves a risk for the mother or the child” , in these cases, the vibrations of a toy are strongly discouraged.

In the case of a high-risk pregnancy, where the risk of premature labor is already high, this could make the situation worse and potentially trigger labor.

Several factors can be characteristic of a “ complicated pregnancy ”:

  • a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, etc.),
  • a history of difficult pregnancy (premature opening of the cervix, baby born prematurely, etc.),
  • certain history or chronic illnesses in the mother (diabetes, hypertension, heart transplant, etc.).

It is important to speak with your midwife or gynecologist to find out if you have a risky pregnancy and therefore to adapt your privacy and live these 9 months in the best possible way. 🤰

The benefits of orgasm when you are pregnant

We often repeat it on the blog and on our Instagram account: having an orgasm has many advantages . 📢

But there are more:

  • map your desire and tame your body
  • release of endorphins and a cocktail of feel good hormones
  • good mood for you and your little baby! 👶
  • reduction of pain, which can be a real relief during pregnancy and the fatigue that this causes.
  • promoting blood circulation, thus contributing to the general health and well-being of the mother-to-be.

Although orgasm is not an end in itself, pregnancy can be a great opportunity to explore it . The pressures exerted by the fetus on the vagina and the pelvic floor as well as the increased sensitivity of the skin and erogenous zones make your body a breeding ground for pleasure alone or as a couple. ✨

Our best tips for using a vibrator during pregnancy

A top interview

It is essential to clean your vibrator before and after each use , to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Our formula made in Puissante is a cleansing foam with neutral PH , created especially to pamper your vibrators. 🧼

Respect your body

Pay attention to your body's signals during and after using the vibrator. If you experience discomfort, pain or abnormal contractions, stop immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

Read the instructions for use carefully

Whether it's using a vibrator, lubricants or oils. We advise you to read the labels carefully to know the ingredients as some may irritate or not be compatible with pregnancy. At Puissante, our lubricant is water-based and with lily extract , enough to soothe your private parts! 🌸

Choose the right materials

Some plastic toys may contain phthalates, substances that potentially disrupt the body's hormones . This is why these products are no longer authorized in the manufacture of baby bottles, pacifiers and other items intended for infants. When purchasing a new plastic vibrator, be sure to choose ones that are labeled as “ phthalate-free .” The best and safest material is undoubtedly medical silicone. ✅

Take his time

Depending on the type of vibrator you're using , it might also be a good idea to go a little slower than usual, especially at first. Try slower movements and a gentler intensity to see how you feel, then get creative! Dare to take advantage of this moment to rediscover your pregnant body and bring love to each erogenous zone.

You now have all the keys to using a vibrator during pregnancy. Remember that every pregnancy is different . There are no right or wrong ways to live these 9 months, as long as you respect your pace and listen to your body. And this is the case, even after giving birth, it is important to listen to your body and your libido . To understand postpartum libido, this is where it happens. 👀


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