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Spoiler: the vagina and the vulva are not interchangeable terms, but two distinct body parts . Don't panic, we've all been guilty of confusing it out of ignorance or convenience . Today, many initiatives put the anatomy of the female sex back at the center of the conversation. For example, we were able to see the appearance of drawings of the clitoris or even workshops for self-exploration of one's intimacy. And, it's so cool to reconnect with this part of your body too often relegated to the closet. In this article, we put an end to the confusion between the two organs and participate in regaining power over his pleasure and his body.

Why do we know so little about female anatomy?

In 2021, a British institute conducted a study to map public knowledge of female sexual anatomy. 🔍

Of those surveyed, only 46% correctly named the three external genital orifices. The institute found a large amount of error between the urethra and the clitoris . The clitoris was confused for 9% with the urethra and vice versa for 49%. The vagina was one of the most well-known genital structures with 67% of correct answers, but only 9% were able to recognize the 7 structures, namely the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, urethra, vagina, perineum and penis. 'anus.

More difficult to access than the penis, the genitals associated with the female sex are located partly inside. Add to that the centuries of taboos on self-exploration and female masturbation , and here we are treating our own anatomy like a cantankerous next-door neighbor: we know it's there, but we only contact it when we needs help. 👋

For the lucky ones. s who have had a few sex education classes, rare are the teachers who encourage us to make the link between a cross-sectional diagram and our living body .

If you haven't had the chance yet, Powerful strongly encourages you to discover what is hidden under your pubic mound and between your legs. Take a moment to get to know yourself with the help of a pocket mirror , to learn how to be even better about yourself. đŸȘž

The difference between vagina and vulva

What is the vulva?

The vulva is actually what you may have confused with the vagina, as it is the external and visible part of your reproductive system. 📾

It encompasses

  • the mons pubis (or VĂ©ns)
  • the labia majora that protect
  • the labia minora
  • the urinary meatus (or opening of the urethra)
  • the outer part of the clitoris with its hood
  • the hymen
  • the perineum
  • the glands that line the entire vulva

The labia majora ( labia majora for intimates) have the mission of protecting the entrance to the vagina . They also cover the labia minora, the clitoris and the urinary meatus. The hairs serve to protect against infections and to preserve vaginal lubrication . 💧

The labia minora are folds of skin devoid of fat and hair that cover the vestibule of the vagina, the clit and the urinary meatus. They are also used to cover the glans of the clitoris. The labia minora are also super handy when lubricating during sex.

The clitoris meanwhile. It deserves a complete article on its own, we promise we'll prepare it for you soon! 😉

There are as many forms of vulva as there are people . Some have inner labia that protrude, others have asymmetrical labia while others have a vulva where the labia majora cover the clitoris and the labia minora. Their color also varies from person to person without this being a subject of medical concern.

Let's celebrate the diversity of vulvae and put an end to the cult of the smooth vulva inherited from pornographic films. The very idea of ​​"normal" vulva does not exist , all vulva are in nature! 🌈

What is the vagina?

So if the vagina is not the vulva, where is it? The vagina is the inner part of your genitals . It is he who connects the entire reproductive system from the ovaries and uterus to the vulva.

It is a muscular conduit which measures on average 8 cm long . As it is a muscle, it has the ability to contract and expand, especially during childbirth and in the event of intercourse or masturbation with penetration.

Its role is to be the intermediary between the inside and the outside of the body. In the direction of the outlet, it allows vaginal secretions, menstruation and infants to pass. In the direction of the entrance, it offers a warm and welcoming space for pleasure as well as for reproduction.

The vaginal canal also has its own pH which is acidic and is between 4-4.5. It is protected by the vaginal flora which creates an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of bad bacteria and thus prevents vaginal infections. đŸ›Ąïž

Take care of your privacy

Take care of your vagina

Understanding the difference between the vagina and the vulva helps to know how to take care of it.

Unlike the vulva, the vagina has its own autowash system. It cleans itself and this is what partly causes the secretion of white discharge called leucorrhoea.

These losses are excellent indicators of the good health of your vagina, by lubricating the organ naturally eliminates waste. Wonderful isn't it? 🙌

The wall of the vagina is lined with numerous microbacteria, the majority of which are lactobacilli. Imposing a vaginal douche or a vaginal sauna ( yoni steam ) would be tantamount to upsetting the fragile balance of this vaginal flora. The door is then wide open to infections such as vaginitis.

When it comes to pleasure, the vagina is the realm of the G-spot . We can then stimulate it by pressure with an object of your choice (vibro, dildo, etc.), with your fingers or with the help of your partner.

Take care of your vulva

Intimate hygiene is the practice that focuses on caring for the vulva.

Paying careful attention to your vulva can also protect the vagina and prevent infections such as yeast infection and reduce the risk of cancer.

Regular washing with a mild product with a neutral pH eliminates the majority of germs by protecting the balance of the vulvar flora. Forget about scented intimate wipes, too aggressive cleansing care. 🚿

Loose clothing and natural fiber underwear are other ways to take care of her vulva. Sure, you can wear extravagant lingerie, but let your intimacy breathe once in a while.

Powerful invites you to try a night without underwear both for the care of your vulva and to improve the experience of your body. Care and self-love while sleeping: we love it!

On the pleasure side, the clitoris is the HQ of pleasure in women. Its ramifications under the labia majora to around your reproductive system allow maximum impact with good stimulation. We have also concocted a small guide to female masturbation .

We hope that the difference between vulva and vagina becomes clearer to you after reading this article. Knowing this difference and the variety of associated pleasures allowed us to design Coco. Our favorite vibrator offers both stimulation of the vagina through vibration and penetration and stimulation of the clitoris with its suction head. We let you check customer feedback. e. s who gave pleasure to their vagina AND their vulva! 😘


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