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Children's books are real gold mines for parents who find themselves helpless in the face of all the questions their children have. Stories open children up to the world and society .

However, everything that revolves around sexuality remains absent subscribers. Sex education is not present on the school benches either, so received ideas and traditional pornography take care of the teaching.

Instead of being a great adventure of discovery and love, sex then becomes a game of codified performance where you have to play a role to be up to it. At Puissant, we make self-exploration a path to well-being for young people and adults alike. Here is a list of books to open the discussion with benevolence around these subjects.

All naked, sexuality from A to Z

Aptly subtitled "benevolent dictionary of sexuality", Tout nu approaches a lexicon still too taboo in a simple and uninhibited way.

The neat layout and illustrations facilitate the discovery of new terms that reflect the current world . 🪞

Alongside entries related to anatomy such as testicles or fallopian tubes, there are definitions related to identity such as "trans" and to society such as "racism" or "dick pic".

Tout nu is a real inclusive guide for questions about the end of childhood. It is an essential resource to open the discussion, de-dramatize, explain and reassure. 🙌

The little guide to sexual pussy

Author committed to positive sexuality, Julia Petri has written a complete guide for little girls and boys from 4 to 12 years old.

The book is divided into two major parts. The first deals with the body both through anatomy, but also
with its emotions and its respect. This is where we can put words to the concepts of intimacy and consent that are sometimes difficult to explain even between adults.

The second part deals with the place of the child in the world . Who is he in relation to his family, to the human species and in the great cycle of life. 🌎

The clear and accessible vocabulary illustrated by Victoire Doux makes this book a nugget to advance sex education in France .

Neither doll nor superhero: My first anti-sexist manifesto

Are you looking for a book to make your darlings feel in full possession of their ability to choose and act ? My first anti-sexist manifesto breaks down taboos before they become entrenched in everyday life.

Throughout the pages, Delphine Beauvois' work encourages children to be 100% themselves . And that, we love it! 💪

A fish in the can

What if we answered once and for all the big question “But how do we make babies”?

Let's put aside the metaphors of cabbages, small seeds to explain with gentleness and modesty the conception of a child . A fish in the can is a children's book full of poetry.

Masterfully illustrated by Magali Le Huche, the book tells the story of a woman telling her lover that she has a small fish hidden in the can, a somersault fish. The story follows the future dad who must prepare for the arrival of baby . 💕

Body, love, sexuality: the 120 questions your children will ask you

The last book in this selection is more for parents who dread issues related to sexuality.

Maybe you don't know when or how to bring up these topics.

Maybe you don't know what's OK to share and what's too soon to tell.

This ultra-detailed guide will become your faithful ally to calmly answer all the questions your children may have. 🤩

The author Charline Vermont is not only a mother, she is also a sex therapy practitioner and a sexual health trainer . She thought of this book as a toolbox for positive sexuality. Parents can refer to it when they wish to address issues of consent, anatomy, communication or respect.

The answers are intended to be inclusive and adapted to the maturity of each child . If only one book was needed to satisfy the curiosity of children and support parents, it would be this one! 🏆

We hope that this selection of detailed and benevolent books on sexuality will have inspired gift ideas for the toddlers and teenagers around you . We are convinced that the sooner taboos are dismantled, the better off we can be in our bodies . It's as simple as that ! If you're looking for adult books with a healthy dose of self-love , check out our selection.


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