Masturbation is a practice that brings to women as well as to men, many effects such as the joy of living, balance and a wonderful health of body and mind. 👌 If you think this practice is lonely, think again; as Woody Allen would say, “ don't say anything bad about masturbation. It's the safest way to make love with someone you love. ". It should be noted that if you indulge in the practice of masturbation with your partner, especially by doing it with dedicated objects, sexual inspiration and excitement come more easily.

Whether you are alone or as a couple, go for masturbation to enjoy all its benefits. Only you don't know how to proceed. What do you masturbate with? If you are wondering, the minutes of reading that follow will bring you light and ideas on the objects with which to masturbate, thus making you discover new sexual sensations in the couple / in everyday life and thus strengthening your sexuality.

Masturbating with your fingers, what technique?

Nature is so generous that she has provided women as well as men with something to masturbate with: fingers . ✌️ The fingertips have a soft and soft texture which allows it, being well moistened or lubricated, to gently caress the clitoris , and this, until intensifying the pleasure to finally reach orgasm with power and give pleasure to your sexuality or the sexuality of your partner.

It is also with your fingertips that you canstimulate the G-spot (located at the entrance to the vagina) with great pleasure and excitement . The G-zone is a ridged area that men can also masturbate with their fingers, their penis or with sex objects to bring pleasure, excitement and orgasm to women. If necessary, to make masturbation more pleasant, do not hesitate to use lubricant.

The finger is therefore a perfect way to amplify your sexuality, to feel excitement and to share moments of intimate happiness. Whether you are a man or a woman, use your fingers to please or to please yourself and to spice up your life!

Masturbating with household objects

When you observe well around you at home, you easily find something to masturbate and that's good because female masturbation is known for its benefits on women's health. 🧐

Put that cucumber or banana down and go to your bathroom instead! In the bathroom, water, and more particularly the shower head, is one of the objects that allows women to stimulate their clitoris to have pleasure, and even have an orgasm in response to it. In the shower, all you need to do is use your imagination to come up with ideas for sexual sensations. Use the jet of water at variable speeds to pamper your clitoris, play with the water pressure and/or its temperature. Not to mention that the slides of the pommel between the lips generate excitement and unique sensations! 🤩

Also in the bathroom, if the electric toothbrush can provide excitement and sexual pleasure to women, it is not the best option since it can hurt the clitoris, which is very sensitive. Why resort to an object supposed to provide pleasure if you have to risk a sexual injury? The clitoris, vagina and vulva are very sensitive parts of the female body that need to be protected. Moreover, if it is already used for the mouth, the risk of bringing bacteria into the vagina is great. The toothbrush is therefore not the best idea for masturbating, having fun, feeling aroused and reaching orgasm. With what to masturbate properly then ?

If you have not yet tasted the joy of masturbating with a sex toy, more specifically a vibrator, your mobile phone will be a source of pleasure for you. Put it on vibrate mode and slide it over your clitoris; gently, then pressing according to your sensations and the intensification of desire. 📳 Let yourself go, use your sexual imagination to feel a lot of excitement and try to reach orgasm through your phone.

Have you thought about your chair? Yes, she can perfectly be your ally for your ''masturbation'' game. Before you indulge in excitement and sexual pleasure, you just have to make sure that the seat is perfectly smooth. Get astride naked or in panties on your chair, chest against the backrest and give way to excitement. Arch your hips so that you can perform sweeping back-and-forth movements. The clitoris and the vulva will benefit from gentle caresses hoping to reach orgasm. 🪑

A pillow as a sex toy? Definitely, the possibilities are offered to you by your immediate entourage. Take your best pillow and put it upright and straddle it facing the back of your bed. Move rhythmically back and forth to excite the clitoris and achieve orgasm.

⚠️ Beware of the dangers that household items offer to your privacy! How many people end up in the emergency room because of improvised sex toys? Prefer an object intended exclusively for masturbation for questions of hygiene, safety and pleasure ‼️

Masturbating with sex toys

Sex toys are objects that will bring you increased pleasure because they are specially designed for masturbating. We distinguish :

  • Vibrators.
  • Clitoral stimulators, which send waves to excite the clitoris.
  • Curved sex toys, which are specially dedicated to the G-spot.
  • The rabbit is made of a part that ensures vaginal penetration and 2 ears that adhere to the vulva to stimulate the lips and the clitoris: the pleasure is increased tenfold.
  • Anal plugs are dedicated to anal enjoyment.
  • There are many more, such as the vibrating egg for example.

Why use Coco as a vibrator?

Our Coco vibrator perfectly stimulates the clitoris and the G-spot to give you an intense orgasm. If you had to choose what to masturbate to once and for all, Coco would be perfect! Coco has 2 controls: one to start the vibration, another to activate the suction. Each of these functions has 10 modes. 😍

Coco is bendable, which makes it possible to simultaneously or separately stimulate the glans of the clitoris and the G-spot.

You can perfectly enjoy suction and vibration at the respective intensities that suit you.

So many things that make Coco a sexual accessory guaranteeing women intense sexual pleasure.

What to masturbate with ?” is a question with so many answers that you will be spoiled for choice. Remember anyway that solo or couple masturbation is beneficial for physical and moral health.


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