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How to re-educate your perineum with a sex toy?

Often ignored, sometimes abused during intense sports or childbirth, the perineum is a super important muscle!
Present in women as in men, we will explain its importance, the consequences of a relaxation of the perineum, and above all how to strengthen it. Of course, you can help yourself with a vibrator .

What is the perineum?

Here is a simple definition

The perineum, also called the pelvic floor, is a set of muscles, which forms a band starting from the pubis and going to the base of the spine, the coccyx.

It is this set of muscles that supports organs such as the bladder, uterus, and rectum.

It is used continuously throughout the day, it contracts without us realizing it: when we sneeze, cough or laugh, when we want to urinate or even simply when we stand. 🏃‍♀️

Why the perineum is important

As its name suggests, it serves as a floor and support for many organs, such as the bladder, rectum and anus, but also the vagina and uterus in women, and the prostate in men.

For example, it is the perineum that contracts to keep the urethral canal closed. In the event of loosening or weakening of the perineum, it is therefore possible to become incontinent.

It is this muscle that will help cushion the pressures exerted on a daily basis when running, or during a trampoline session for example.

It is also important for sensations during penetrative sex . A toned perineum is synonymous with more sensations, therefore more fun. 🔥 We therefore see the benefit of strengthening the perineum!

What are the causes of its subsidence?

The causes of sagging of the perineum are diverse: the best known is childbirth , during which the muscles of the perineum are abused and end up being too relaxed.

But it also happens that very intense sports practice , such as high-level bodybuilding, during which we force the perineum in an inappropriate way, contributes to its relaxation. 🏋️

Smoking can also play a role on the tone of the perineum.

What are the consequences of its subsidence?

Immediate problems may appear: incontinence, constipation, or even a feeling of heaviness in the pelvis.

There is also a decrease in sensation during penetrative sexual intercourse.

All this, once taken care of, is not serious, so don't panic. Thanks to proper perineal rehabilitation , your muscles will be operational again!

When should the perineum be re-educated?

Before childbirth

The perineum, due to its “floor” position, is subjected to strong tension due to the weight of the baby in the belly. In addition to this, during pregnancy, the body secretes hormones which relax the muscles, tissues and ligaments in order to prepare for the passage of the baby's head. 🤰

We therefore strongly advise you to regularly strengthen your perineum before childbirth, in order to protect it, and to limit complications and discomfort during pregnancy, and thus prepare for the postpartum period.

After childbirth

After childbirth, this is usually the time when most women turn to perineal rehabilitation. Whether it is a vaginal birth or a cesarean section, the perineum has been abused during pregnancy because it has had to support the weight of a baby becoming heavier and heavier, and as a result it finds itself weakened.

The rehabilitation of your perineum must be done even before resuming a sport, in order to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor as well as the abdominals, which have been stretched for 9 months. These muscles must regain their tone in order to avoid incontinence or discomfort.

With the help of a midwife or physiotherapist, you can start rehabilitation sessions around 6 to 8 weeks after birth. 🤱

Little tip that we love: the 10 sessions prescribed by an obstetrician-gynecologist are 100% reimbursed by Social Security!

After an episiotomy

Episiotomy, which is a surgical incision of the perineum made during childbirth, obviously requires rehabilitation of the perineum, accompanied by rigorous medical monitoring.

Doing massages to your perineum will promote and facilitate healing, and you can do them alone, as a couple or with the help of a professional.

In case of gynecological problem

We have already mentioned the subject of dyspareunia , which is an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the perineum, which “close” the entrance to the vagina, making penetration difficult, even painful.

This disorder can be penalizing, because the contractions can be very intense and completely prevent any form of penetration. We then speak of vaginismus.

Perineal rehabilitation can help alleviate this gynecological disorder: by becoming aware of your perineum, learning to contract it voluntarily, and in the same way to relax it. The massages will also allow painful areas to relax, and ultimately to be able to practice pain-free penetration . It’s the basis for maximum pleasure all the same!

When menopause arrives

Menopause , and the hormonal changes it triggers, can lead to muscle relaxation, as well as a lack of vaginal lubrication . In the same way that perineal massages will help you alleviate pain during dyspareunia disorders, perineal rehabilitation exercises can relieve the symptoms of menopause. 💦

How to re-educate the perineum?

Our first advice

We obviously advise you to contact health professionals such as midwives and specialized physiotherapists, but it is possible to take control of your perineal muscles at home!

Like any other muscle in the body, it is necessary to regularly exercise your perineum to train it to contract and relax. Regular exercises will allow you to regain tone and elasticity by teaching your muscles to relax. 🧘‍♀️

Making an appointment allows you to adhere to a certain regularity , and it is precisely this assiduity that will allow you to obtain results .

Little tips: mobile applications to motivate you and program reminders so you don't forget to train regularly!

Little breathing guide

Contracting the perineum, nothing could be simpler! We all do it unconsciously when we want to go to the toilet. The movement made to hold back is indeed a contraction of the perineum!

To voluntarily solicit the perineum, think about these moments, you will instinctively pull in your lower abdomen and feel the contraction of the pelvic floor.

Breathe through your rib cage and contract your perineum, trying to maintain the effort for 2 seconds. Repeat the exercise several times .

The rest time must be double the effort time, i.e. for 5 seconds of effort, you need 10 seconds of rest.

We advise you to practice regularly for a few minutes every day. 📅

You can absolutely do them while watching a series, while putting on makeup, in the shower, on public transport, in short, at your convenience, the important thing is to do it regularly . We promise, it’s worth it!

Our little tips: remember to go to the toilet first, and don’t put pressure on yourself.

With what positions to re-educate your perineum

The standing position

Stand straight with your feet flat and keep your arms at your sides. Take a deep breath , then contract your perineum as you exhale. Try to maintain this exhalation and contraction as long as possible.

You can then release for 20 seconds.

With a little practice, this series can be done 10 times in a row.

The lying position

We offer several lying positions.

The position to start

Lie on your back , let your arms rest alongside your body. Bend your legs so that you place the flats of your feet on the ground. Your back must be flat against the ground, or the support you have chosen.

If you are uncomfortable, you can place a cushion under your lower back.

You must then repeat the same exercise as sitting, take a deep breath, and contract your perineum as you exhale. 💨

The master position

From the first lying position, you can do the same exercise by lifting your buttocks off the ground.

The feet are always flat, and the upper back is pressed against the support, only the hips are off the ground and try to go as high as possible towards the ceiling.

Take a deep breath then exhale slowly while keeping your perineum contracted.

Block your breathing by pulling in your stomach, with your chest inflated and your perineum contracting (yes, it's not the master position for nothing 😉 ). Try to hold for 10 seconds.

With what to re-educate your perineum?

Powerful vibrators

Of course you can use your vibrator ! 📳

Here we explain how to strengthen your perineum with a penetrating vibrator, like our Coco or our Chouchou for example.

Using a vibrator can help you better understand the shape and strength of your perineum . Once inserted and activated, contract the pelvic floor muscles around the vibrator.

To re-educate your perineum through penetration, you must be relaxed, as with any penetration. Don't forget to use lubricant if natural lubrication is not sufficient, and above all, take your time!

Obviously, before each use, it is absolutely necessary to clean your sex toys and use lubricant , so that it is comfortable.

Little exercise for you: with Coco's random mode, try contracting the perineum when Coco vibrates, then releasing when the vibrations stop.

The vibrations will increase blood circulation in your perineum, which will increase the tone of your perineum, but also the sensitivity of your vaginal walls.

It is ideal in combination with sessions with the physiotherapist or midwife, in particular to prevent urinary leakage and obtain better sensations during sexual intercourse. And we love that. 🔥

Geisha balls

Geisha balls, what are they?

Obviously, Geisha balls will be an obvious choice in the quest for perineal rehabilitation. 🍒

Several models exist: the most common is the model comprising two balls, but there are ones with a single ball (especially for women suffering from organ descent). Weight is also a determining criterion when purchasing Geisha balls: beginner models are lighter , and you can then increase the weight and therefore the difficulty as the rehabilitation progresses.

Often recommended by health professionals , Geisha balls will allow the perineal rehabilitation movement to be performed correctly. In fact, a good number of mothers push on the perineum instead of tightening it during contraction. Geisha balls will help you better understand the movement and do it correctly.

How do they work?

The way it works is as follows: the two balls are inserted into the vaginal area, with a small cord to remove them coming out of the vagina. One ball is placed high in the vagina, and the second will go down or up depending on the perineal contraction. Depending on the Geisha balls chosen, when the moving ball touches the one that remains fixed, the two balls will vibrate. This playful side allows you to maintain your motivation throughout the rehabilitation process.

You have the option of doing exercises like those we have given as an example, or simply going about your usual activities . Your perineum will unconsciously take care of keeping the Geisha balls in place, and this reflex movement will tone the muscle fiber!

You can use Geisha balls daily , between 10 and 30 minutes per day. However, as with any sports and rehabilitation exercise, it is better to do shorter sessions , but regularly, than a perineal marathon just once a week. 📆

Our advice: if it hurts you, if wearing Geisha balls becomes too uncomfortable or painful, we stop!

Taking care of your perineum is extremely important, from your physical comfort to the pleasure during sexual intercourse, we can only encourage you to take care of it!
We always recommend seeking advice from a practitioner beforehand. Going to see a midwife, a physiotherapist or a gynecologist will allow you to do a perineal and abdominal assessment. You will know where you are in terms of tone, and will also know which exercises to do, adapted to you.
Take care of your perineum, and get to know it thanks to our dedicated article.


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