In our ultra-Cartesian society, we have put logic on a pedestal and relegated intuition to a futility reserved for women. The clichés claim that we are too irrational and emotional to make informed decisions. Let us remind you that knowing how to listen to your gut is the basis for building a life that suits you. It's a superpower that we still underestimate too much even though our little inner voice is a powerful compass to break away from injunctions and follow the path of love. Our guts open the doors to deep understanding of ourselves and the world around us. It would be a shame to miss out, right?

What is intuition?

When we open a dictionary looking for a definition of intuition, we learn that it is an immediate knowledge of the truth, without resorting to reason.

OK, but how does it work? 🔍

✹ Some cultures interpret this little inner voice as a direct line to the divine . A transcendental source of wisdom, intuition is a mystical and sacred capacity . It's as if our inner radar is connected to an omniscient entity that knows the tricks of the world.

🧠 Conversely, other societies consider intuition to be the fruit of unconscious work of the brain . This neuroscientific approach presents it as an ability to synthesize information without going through the filter of reflection. The brain processes information at the speed of light without sharing its magician secrets with us. It's his way of saving energy while providing us with key clues about our environment. And this time, the source of wisdom is us!

Whether you are a spiritual team or a scientific team, we all remember an anecdote where we did well to listen to our inner guide. We sometimes have trouble explaining how this feeling came to us, but we are grateful that it saved us from disaster.

In the rest of this article, we offer you some ways to trust your flair and develop it. But first of all, let’s get rid of preconceived ideas about “feminine intuition”. đŸ’Ș

Deconstructing the myth of female intuition

When we talk about intuition, we often associate it with women who have a more developed sensitivity than men . Behind the rather nice idea that women possess a unique superpower, however, hide some nauseating clichés.

The idea that female intuition is simply an exaggerated emotional reaction is a myth that needs to be dispelled. It is much more than a vague irrational impression, it is a profound skill that goes beyond the boundaries of logic. đŸ”„

This bias that women make decisions based on "hunch" is not only reductive, but it also denies the true nature of intuition as a tool of subtle and complex perception . And the association of intuition with mystical imagery only reinforces outdated clichés.

Although it feels like a bit of a witch when we learn to listen to our gut, our intuition is a universal ability that can be cultivated and developed by everyone , regardless of gender. 🙌

Rather than being disconnected from it, it complements logic by providing unique perspectives and subtle insights that sometimes escape rational analysis. This is an additional strength, not a weakness.

While we're at it, let's also challenge the idea that our instincts are limited to maternal roles or minor decisions. Intuition is a powerful resource in all aspects of life, including career choices and crucial decisions. 🎉

So, ready to proudly trust your flair? 😉

Listening to your gut: a valuable asset for enjoying your life

Whether it's a surge of excitement or a little alarm in the pit of your stomach, each emotion corresponds to a need .

At work, this can translate into a feeling of frustration which perhaps indicates that it is time to seek new challenges or express your creative ideas. By giving credit to our little inner voice, we can adjust our professional trajectory to better meet our aspirations.

On the personal side, if something doesn't "go through" , it's probably a sign that our emotions are telling us a need for respect, authenticity, or deeper connection. Conversely, a burst of joy accompanied by a good feeling can indicate that you are on the road to a more fulfilling daily life.

Intuition is like an emotional messenger that encourages us to be fully ourselves. By taking the time to listen to it, we overcome the injunctions of our environment and get a good boost of self-esteem in the process! ❀

The Oracle to cultivate and develop your intuition

Some use automatic writing, others challenge themselves to guess information; there are a thousand and one ways to refine your intuition and listen to yourself.

We love the mirror that is the oracle . In addition to being ultra-fun, card drawing allows us to have a concrete bridge between our perception and what is happening behind the scenes of the unconscious.

Card reading is not so much a prediction tool as an exploration of our inner world. It's a way to give substance to our intuition , to put words and images to our feelings. đŸȘž

But instead of overwhelming you with theory, we instead offer you a practical exercise. Take out your favorite game, the one inherited from your grandmother or The Oracle by Puissante! đŸ€©

đŸ’« 1. Preparation:
  • Choose a quiet place conducive to reflection.
  • Shuffle the cards while focusing on the question or area of ​​your life for which you are seeking guidance.

đŸ’« 2. Formulation of the question:
  • Ask a clear and open-ended, yet specific question.
    For example: “Should I start my art project right away?”

đŸ’« 3. Drawing of cards:
  • Place the cards face down in front of you.
  • Focus on your question while shuffling the cards.
  • Cut the deck into three piles and choose a pile that catches your eye.

đŸ’« 4. Interpretation:
  • Turn over the top card of the chosen pile.
  • Don't just rely on the traditional meaning of the card, but pay attention to your first impressions, thoughts and sensations.
  • Write down everything that catches your eye, even details that might seem insignificant.
  • Review the emotions and ideas that emerge during this interpretation.

đŸ’« 5. Continuity or new draw:
  • Depending on your experience, you may choose to draw more cards for a more detailed view or ask for clarification.
  • If a particular card catches your eye, explore it further.

đŸ’« 6. Reflection and action:
  • Take a moment to think about what your intuition is trying to communicate to you.
  • Consider how you can apply these intuitive tips in your daily life.
  • Be open to the changes and opportunities that may come from this experience.

This oracle reading is designed to help you get in touch with your intuition and receive personalized advice. Remember to listen to your own inner voice during the process.

Intuition is a wonderful ally in learning to know yourself and charting your own path . It is high time to reclaim it and listen to the messages it sends to us. To go further in creating a life that combines pleasure and personal power , we invite you to explore our favorite tools to get to know yourself better. 🧭


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