Every January, it's the same refrain. Ads for gyms, online training and diets are invading our spaces. The time to change your life and make good resolutions has come. What ? You did not hold those of last year? The calendar gives you a chance to redeem yourself!

Can we give you a secret? At Puissant, we're not big fans of New Year's resolutions . We have nothing against change, but the concept of good resolutions often comes with enormous pressure . Lose weight, play sports, meditate every day: under the guise of promises of a better life hide restrictions and a real threat to self-esteem . To start the year under the sign of self-love, here is our guide to approaching good resolutions with kindness and love.

To be more fulfilled or… to become someone else?

The double standard imposed on women whispers in our ears that we are not enough. We should change our body according to trends while remaining natural. We should have personality without making too many waves. We should be sexually developed while remaining prudish. 👎

From a young age, we are encouraged to become q̶u̶e̶l̶q̶u̶'̶u̶n̶ something else , a creature so perfect that they are not human.

What if we tried to aim for the preferred version of ourselves rather than the diktat of the “best version of ourselves”? 😍

A version that puts the decision-making power back in our hands. Driven by fun and excitement , we make choices that rock the beauty, fitness and apparel industries.

At Puissant, we also have the intimate conviction that when we get to know each other, we end up loving each other without compromise . The change then takes place smoothly . New habits seem like a given. We no longer need to deprive ourselves or force ourselves to put them in place. 🙌

How to keep realistic resolutions

If you still want to enjoy the general energy of the new year, here are some practical tips for healthy and realistic resolutions.

    • Start from the desired identity
      Let's go back to the favorite version of yourselves. Who is she ? What does his daily life look like? What does she do in her free time? Make a moodboard of this person and take the time to feel their emotions. Then make sure that his wishes are really yours. If they seem a bit cliche or don't cause butterflies in your stomach, leave them out.

    • Clearly define your goal
      “Controlling my finances”, “having confidence in myself” are not objectives, they are desirable states of mind. Your judgment of your success will be easily altered by the mood of the day.
      Be specific in the wording of your resolution. To do this, have a quantifiable, measurable and time-bound intention.
      For example, ask yourself what activities or habits would help you control your finances. Creating an easy-to-use budget, putting aside monthly, reading a chapter of a financial education book a day are specific goals.

    • Eliminate obstacles
      You have defined a simple and measurable goal, it is time to make it achievable. So make sure your resolution is easy to put in place for the days when you don't feel like it or don't have the time. If you want to walk once or twice a week, plan your outfit the day before and have a selection of routes at hand. Also opt for a reward system that will show your brain that this new habit is good. For example, treat yourself to a spa treatment or a massage when you have reached a plateau.

These tips apply all year round. The best time to make good resolutions is when you feel in tune. So f*ck January 1st ! 🔥

You can invite new habits on May 7 as well as September 29. You also have the right to change your mind, go back and even start over.

The greatest transformations happen in silence. In parallel with your metamorphosis, remember to take stock of your career. In this article, we show you step by step how to establish a positive balance sheet of your year.

Some ideas for good resolutions under the sign of self-love

Explore her pleasure

Pleasure is a wonderful way to give love to each other . Taking the time to discover what excites our senses is the key to bringing joy and wonder back into our lives. ✨

This quest for what transports you can begin in the privacy of your bedroom. Slipped between your sheets, treat yourself to a parenthesis of enjoyment with your fingers or with a vibrator .

Take the time to caress your body and build up the excitement . Observe your sensations and your reactions to define what you like. The more you know your pleasure, the more you will be able to increase it tenfold over your explorations. 💦

The pleasure is not only sexual. It is sometimes found in a slice of pastry, in a moment suspended barefoot in the garden or in an impromptu dance full of sensuality .

Let yourself be carried away by this vital momentum that makes you feel fully alive!

Track your menstrual cycle

Meditation scares you and intuition exercises seem too perched to reconnect with your body ? Try to understand how your cycle works.

Taking note of your emotional state and thoughts every day and linking them to the stages of your menstrual cycle is like developing a real superpower . Bye-bye the injunction to always be on top, it's time to listen to each other. 🍾🍾

After a few weeks, you will be able to make choices and plan your week according to the messages your body sends you.

If you want to take your first steps in this extraordinary adventure, we strongly recommend that you read our complete guide.

Each beginning of the cycle is an opportunity to put a little more good vibes in your daily life . Good resolutions should not be a source of anxiety and frustration. They shouldn't even be a requirement! We hope this article has helped you approach the new year differently. As for us, no resolutions for 2023. We continue to offer you crazy products and 100% self-love blog posts. 😘


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