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While brands are getting more and more into the field of eroticism and pleasure, series are talking about sex education and films are flirting with BDSM , we could believe that the sex toy is the symbol of liberation. sexual. What if we told you that the invention of the adult toy dates back long before Sex & The City ? Several tens of thousands of years before! In this article, we go back in time to discover the little history of the sex toy . Immediate boarding ! 🚀

The prehistoric dildo

Did you know that the first sexual object found by archaeologists dates from prehistoric times ? More precisely 28,000 years BC. We had n't yet invented writing and we already knew how to give ourselves pleasure. 👏

This object is a 20 cm long polished silestone quartz stone cylinder . Found in Germany near the city of Ulm, the object has markings on its top that clearly represent the glans of a penis .

Geisha balls and penis ring

After the first prehistoric sex toys, our time machine takes us to Imperial Japan with geisha balls. Despite their name, it would seem that the first models were intended to increase male pleasure tenfold by being introduced into the anus.

Later, Japanese women and especially ladies-in-waiting took possession of the toy by rolling it inside the vagina before intercourse .

These objects are tracked by the penis ring. While love balls are useful for women, cock rings allow men to maintain their erection longer . 🕠

We find their traces in ancient China with the first models made of goat eyelids . Enjoy your food. The 14th century Ming dynasty chose to be a bit more refined by creating penis rings out of jade or ivory . 💍

The arrival of the sacrosanct vibro

In 1883, Joseph Mortimer Grainville filed a patent for a steam hammer bearing his name. The Grainville Hammer is actually the very first vibrator in the world!

Yet at the time, the sexual stimulation of women was practiced for medical purposes . These first sex toys were then used to " calm the hysteria " in their patients. 👎

Then, the sexual revolution moved the vibrator from the medical and psychiatric device to the rank of an object intended for pleasure. First in the form of a household object such as a rolling pin or an egg beater, it invites itself into the intimacy of homes.

Electricity makes it possible to have a more powerful and much lighter vibro than its big steam brother. ⚡ Little by little, it is an integral part of couples' lives .

A century after the invention of the vibrator, the American company Vibrex launches one of the most iconic vibrators: the rabbit.

It's official: the sex toy has become an object of consumption like any other. The market then develops and we see toy models of all sizes and all uses.🐇

Clitoris sucker, inflatable doll, etc.: having fun these days

Today, brands compete in inventiveness and originality to offer ever more innovative sex toys to the public. Technology and increasingly in-depth research on the female anatomy make it possible to offer more efficient objects.

For example, clitoris suckers target clitoral stimulation, the epicenter of female sexual pleasure. Thanks to an air propulsion system, they offer us different sensations of vibration and guide us without fail to seventh heaven. ☁

Connected objects are reinventing the way of having fun alone or in pairs, thanks to apps that allow you to control vibrations remotely. A small revolution for those who like to have fun in public without it being known or for couples who live in long-distance relationships. 🙌

We hope that this brief overview of Coco 's ancestors has taught you that having fun with objects has always been part of our history. Today, the adult toy market is estimated at tens of billions of dollars per year. Enough to say that the sex toy has a bright future ahead of it ! đŸ€©


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