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Any process of regaining your power begins with a quest for self-knowledge . Before affirming who we are, it is essential to be aware of our values, our limits and our deepest aspirations , right? We have therefore gathered our favorite tools to discover its essence . Spoiler alert : even if we love them, you won't find personality tests or sky charts in this article. Rather, we wanted each practice to be simple to approach and as accessible as possible .

Practice meditation

Oh no, not meditation yet ,” we hear the lament from our offices. And yet yes, meditation. 🙃

Imagine for a moment your mind as water in a lake . If it is agitated by intrusive thoughts, strong emotions, paradoxical injunctions and long to-do lists, it is impossible to see the bottom clearly . Whereas if the mind is calm, the surface is smooth. We can thus distinctly perceive its essence and discover in more depth who we really are. 🪷

Meditation is a gateway to our inner world. It helps to anchor ourselves in the present and calm the turmoil in our mind. By taking a few moments each day to sit in silence, you open the door to an intense connection with your thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

To take your first steps, simply focus on the movement of your breath. You can also listen to a guided session. YouTube is full of guided meditations that are perfect for getting started. If you want to create a solid routine, try apps like Headspace , Calm or Insight Timer (free) that allow you to track your progress.

In a few minutes a day, observe the thoughts as they pass by without judging them . Little by little, you will get closer to your inner essence. You will learn to stay present with her. When the hubbub subsides, we finally hear his little voice.

Bonus: Meditation also helps reduce stress and increase focus . What could be better ? 🙌

Try intuitive writing

Intuitive writing is a form of journaling without rules or censorship . It's a one-on-one with yourself guided by the tip of your pen. 🖋️

With this self-awareness tool, you don't need to have impeccable spelling or have worked on your style. You are the only recipient of your writings.

Every day, once a week or once a month, treat yourself to an introspective break. Grab a nice notebook and your favorite pen and let the words come.

We invite you to write down whatever comes to mind . Write down a first thought on paper, it will be the thread that will help untangle the ball of your mind. 🧶

Need a helping hand to get started? Here are some entries to inspire you.

  • My most memorable moment: Write about a moment in your life that left a lasting impression on you. Describe what happened, how you felt, and what you learned from the experience.

  • Three things I like about myself: Identify three physical, emotional or mental qualities that you appreciate about yourself. Explain why these qualities are important to you.

  • My Hidden Fears and Dreams: Explore the fears that may be holding you back and the dreams you may never have shared. What's stopping you from pursuing them? How could you overcome these obstacles?

  • What I would like to say to my younger self: Write a letter to a past version of you. What advice or encouragement would you like to pass on to him, based on what you have learned since then?

  • My Core Values: Identify three values ​​that are deeply important to you. How do these values ​​guide your choices and actions on a daily basis?

  • Make the space between the lines a secret receptacle for your dreams, fears, desires and deepest thoughts. By giving free rein to your inner voice, you will be surprised by the revelations and ideas that emerge. ✨

    We promise you, intuitive writing promotes mental clarity. It's a real emotional catharsis. A good writing session sometimes does as much good as an hour in the gym!

    Track your menstrual cycle

    Our menstrual cycle is much more than the arrival of our period. It is a biological gift that allows us to understand the fluctuation of our emotions. Each month, our cycle holds up a mirror to us to learn to know ourselves better. 🪞

    By taking note of your mood and thoughts during each of the four phases of the cycle , you will be able to honor your energy and your desires of the moment. After a few months of diligent observation, you will be able to use each period as a springboard for your projects and to work on your self-confidence.

    For example, you might find that during your menstrual period you feel the need to retreat and rest. It is a time dedicated to introspection and the state of affairs. Conversely, perhaps your ovulatory phase is marked by social contact and boundless energy.

    Whether you take note in a notebook or using an app, making tracking your menstrual cycle an integral part of your life means creating harmony between your body and your mind. You develop a deeper relationship with yourself and cultivate a more authentic connection with your cyclical nature. 🍃

    Dare to masturbate

    We come to our favorite self-exploration tool. Drum roll. Female masturbation! 😍

    Taking the time to outline your pleasure is an essential step in self-knowledge. Onanism offers us the opportunity to once again become the main subject of our attention and to put aside the frenzy of everyday life.

    During this precious interlude, we connect to our sensations , we consciously choose the position that suits us and we allow ourselves a moment of tenderness towards ourselves .

    Allowing yourself pleasure without pressure to perform or time limits is the very essence of self-care . In a series of gestures and caresses, we listen to our body.

    For some, masturbation even becomes a ritual, a way of finding one's sensuality and inner power. 🪔

    In bed with a pillow, in the shower, with your fingers or with your favorite vibrator, don't be afraid to try several approaches. As with previous practices, you will identify new facets as you explore.

    Still have doubts ? We have listed 25 good reasons to have fun alone right here! 🔥

    The path to self-knowledge is dotted with inner discoveries, deep reflections and moments of awareness. Far from being linear, it brings us new keys every day to affirm our desires and regain power in our daily lives. Take a first step and try the different practices proposed in this article. PS If you need a companion for the latest tool, let us introduce you to Coco and Chouchou . 😘


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