While a return to spirituality has been taking place for a few years and this trend has also affected our sex life. Sacred sexuality offers an experience of ecstasy contrary to contemporary injunctions of speed and performance. She proposes to focus on the relationship with the Other and on immersion in the energy of Love . Whether tantrism, tantric path or inner journey towards the divine, Puissante guides you in this universe where sex rhymes with spiritual awakening.

Where does the concept of sacred sexuality come from?

The Appropriation of Tantra

Over the centuries, the wisdoms of the East have never ceased to inspire Western thought. Today, more than ever, spiritual practices from India, China and Japan are everywhere. Mixed with new age spirituality , they are present in our bookstores, on social networks and in our media.

After yoga and the practice of meditation, we borrowed sacred sexuality from the traditions of the Indian subcontinent . The term tantra has been appropriated and transformed until it has lost its original meaning. 🕉️

Tantra is a secret spiritual practice transmitted by initiation only. It can in no way be reduced to the sexual fulfillment of two partners.

Out of respect for this deep practice, we will therefore speak of sacred sexuality rather than tantrism or tantra. 🙏

Combine sexual and spiritual connection

The sacred path is above all a spiritual process where pleasure in consciousness opens new doors to more connection and more ecstasy.

It positions itself as an antidote to the disembodied relationships driven by penetration that we have accepted as the norm. This approach offers in exchange to create a deep connection with his or her partner by engaging his or her body, mind, emotions and energy. 💞

Guru Osho is one of the figures who brought sacred sexuality to the West. He describes her as


"While you are having sex, let go of control. Enter the uncontrolled state, enter the chaos state. It will be terrifying, frightening, because it will be like a kind of death. ".

He will also say "Dive in, but keep control, otherwise you will get lost in his abyss." Don't listen to what the mind tells you, lose yourself.

Surrender completely.

Without any technique, you will arrive at a timeless experience. There will not be two: it is unity. A consciousness will be there, a passive lucid consciousness will be there, you will know what is happening, because you will be in full consciousness. But you, you won't be there, the conscience will be there.

You must savor the Tantra spirit: it is not a technique to be learned."

The precepts of sacred sexuality

1. Mindfulness

The body is the central tool of the sacred way, because it is considered a divine temple. To open up to this awakening to desire, he needs to be in a state of deep relaxation . Full presence in the moment is then required to truly connect with the other person.

This can go through the stimulation of the senses or the fact of not leaving the gaze of the other throughout the act. Give it a try, you'll see how much a smoldering look says a lot! 🔥

2. Letting go

This new art of loving also involves play to induce letting go away from mental preoccupation.

The sexual act then becomes a precious moment where the boundaries between body and mind disappear . It's a breath of fresh air where everyone can experience the encounter with vulnerability and intensity.

But, we all know that letting go is cool in theory, without ever really knowing how to manifest it. 👻

No worries, it takes practice. Letting go can go through simple breathing exercises or cardiac coherence. By harmonizing your inhales and exhales with your partner, you gradually leave your mental dialogue behind.

3. Energy

In order to go more through the body and fully live this experience, the sacred way invites us to connect to the energies. ✨

The writings on the subject present two polarities present in each individual. On the one hand, one would be feminine , anchored in reception, slowness and Love. On the other would be a masculine energy that carries excitement and action.

The romantic encounter is an opportunity to make one's polarities dance. Through rituals and games, these energies harmonize, allowing true ecstasy.

Feeling the energies is also an opportunity to realize your witch dream and feel powerful like the hidden fifth sister of the Halliwells. 🧹

Sacred sexuality infuses spirituality and a strong dose of intention into our sexual practices, which are still too subject to performance injunctions. This moment of mindful pleasure is very similar to the slow sex movement we covered in a previous article . So ready to abandon yourself to incomparable moments of ecstasy from your next intimate moment?


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