Fever and a headache? Go to the doctor! Teeth that become more sensitive over the months? The appointment with the dentist is made! And when the libido is at half mast, the passion has disappeared from the couple or we question our sexual orientation, what do we do? A taboo area where knowledge is only shared in whispers, sexuality nevertheless also has its share of pros ready to accompany us towards well-being. Consulting a sex therapist can be a scary thing, because you don't really know what to expect. Puissante has prepared a complete guide for you to take the plunge and be accompanied by a professional adapted to your needs.

What is it like to be a sexologist in France?

As for doctors, we have an Inter-University Diploma recognized by the State . It allows them to mention this expertise on their prescriptions and their professional plate. It is generally accessible by midwives, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists and psychologists. 🎓

, practicing only sexology, others practice it with another specialty such as general medicine, urology, psychiatry, gynecology or endocrinology.

There are also many sexologists with psychology backgrounds. They are often called “sex therapists” or “clinical sexologists”. These people cannot perform examinations or prescribe medications due to their non-medical status. However, they offer solid expertise focused on psychological and relational aspects. 💑

And then there are the others. Those who improvise as experts in your intimate life by mixing new age practices, personal development books and methods that have not been validated by the scientific community.

Taking the step of consulting therefore requires targeting your problem well and demonstrating critical thinking . Don't panic, we'll tell you everything you need to know in the next paragraphs. 🔍

Why consult a sexologist

Contrary to popular belief, making an appointment with a sexologist or sex therapist is not limited to libido problems. Their role is much broader than that, they are in reality partners in our sexual development. The first mission of a sexologist is to listen to you and support you during therapy or a single appointment.

Consulting a sexologist is the key to exploring, understanding and enriching your sexuality in a healthy and informed way . These professionals offer empathetic and specialized support to address themes of sexuality and relationships. 🙌

Depending on his or her training and specialization, he or she can help you:

  • Diagnosing and treating sexual disorders
    Perfect as a complement to a midwife during the postpartum period or to go through the metamorphosis of menopause. They are ideal allies for understanding dyspareunia, anorgasmia and even endometriosis .

  • Managing relationship concerns
    The consultation offers a space to discuss communication problems, disagreements or relational difficulties linked to sexuality. The sexology professional is the right person to overcome a decline in intimacy in the couple or the loss of passion. 🌡️

  • Spread sex education
    They are the reference people for receiving informed information on sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases and contraception. More sourced than certain blogs and accounts on social networks, these professionals support us towards positive sexuality.
  • Supporting life and gender transitions
    They support individuals or couples during life phases such as pregnancy, menopause or hormonal changes. Sexologists provide a safe space to explore and understand issues of sexual and gender identity. 🏳️‍🌈

  • Management of sexual trauma
    Some sexologists and sex therapists are specifically trained in post-traumatic support. They help people who have had traumatic experiences related to sexuality to overcome these ordeals, regardless of the intensity of the experience.

  • Strengthening self-confidence
    Finally, sexologists can become the besties of our sexual esteem. They share with us the keys to breaking down taboos and embracing our bodies as much as our desires. The dream, right? 🤩

Choosing the right sexology professional

Finding THE sexologist who has the necessary qualifications and with whom the feeling happens naturally requires a little effort . But we promise you that the energy spent in the quest for that rare pearl is worth it! 💪

First step, check the qualifications. Make sure that your sexologist has received recognized training in sexology , whether he or she comes from medicine, psychology or even coaching. Take the opportunity to check your specialization . If you need a hand saying goodbye to vaginal dryness , you might not need a relationship expert.

Then, refer to professional directories. In France, you can count on those of  National Union of Medical Sexologists (SNMS) and  National Union of Clinical Sexologists (SNSC) . These are gold mines for finding qualified people near you. 📍

First-hand accounts are always valuable. Don't hesitate to ask your friends, your general practitioner or other trusted professionals if they know a good sexologist. Online reviews are also a great source of information. In addition to knowing if the person is competent, you will be able to check that their vision of sexuality corresponds to your problem.

Finally, don't be afraid to make an initial contact . Contact the sex therapist by phone or email to ask questions about their approach, rates and availability. This will already give you an idea of ​​the person's profile. You have the right to make mistakes several times before finding the person who will guide you towards a fulfilling sex life. 😉

You are at the end of the article, this means that you have all the information to find the person who will accompany you towards a sexuality filled with pleasure and kiff. By taking this step, you are making the choice to better understand your sexuality and embrace your intimate well-being . Remember, your sexual happiness deserves all the attention and support necessary to fully flourish! To continue maintaining it, go to  the wellness section of this newspaper. ❤️


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