Summer is the perfect time to slow down and take the time to build your G culture as well as your Q culture . For a decade, the word has been released around the sexual well-being of women , and this, for our greatest pleasure. At the water's edge, during a moment of idleness or on the road: the podcast is the perfect format that can be listened to everywhere. To accompany you until the start of the school year, we have prepared a selection of podcasts on female sexuality that talk about relationships, love and fulfillment without complexes.

The most successful: Between Our Lips

It's impossible not to be recommended Between Our Lips when looking for a podcast on female sexuality. With more than 4 seasons, it's the reference podcast that frees speech around sexuality. 🏆

Profiles from all walks of life meet around the microphone of Céline and Marion. Each tells in all intimacy his sexuality, his experience and his story . The challenge of reinventing the intimate by extending the microphone to different gender identities and sexual preferences offers us on stage a plural vision of what a sex life can be.

Today Entre Nos Lèvres is also a book, a shop dedicated to intimacy and well-being and soon an online journal!

Best between girlfriends: Hot Line

To summarize: Hot Line are girls who talk freely about sex . It's not us who say it, it's the baseline of the show. 😉

For this nugget, Spotify Original is joining forces with Nouvelles Listening to give the microphone to committed columnists , led by journalist and independent author Naya Ali.

Each episode brings together handpicked guests to discuss a topic. Confessions, giggles and off topic are on the agenda! 🎉

It's a real pleasure to find this group of friends every week to talk about everything. From rough tongues, from pussy to cauliflower to sexual violence and sexual charge, no theme is left unturned .

The little extra we love: being able to contact the Hotties on WhatsApp and have a live chat during the show. ☎️

The most effective: Question Q

In 2 minutes flat, the podcast of Oh! My Mag responds clearly and simply to a practical question about women's sexuality . Rules, consent, pains, pleasure, practices, etc. all the questions you may encounter during your sex life are answered.

The simple and direct themes are approached with benevolence with a tone that plays down our sexuality . In 120 seconds flat, these mini-episodes achieve the feat of lifting taboos and injunctions on the female body and sexuality . Accessible and uninhibited education, we love it! 👏

Most Canadian: Oral Sex

Francophones on the other side of the Atlantic are not left out when it comes to breaking stereotypes around female pleasure . 🍁 With Sexe Oral, the sexpertes Lysandre and Joanie approach desire and sexuality from all angles in the company of their guests.

From contraception to sexting, we find a little air of our national Hot Line. The flavor of Quebec allows us to glimpse how sexuality is lived and spoken in another culture . It is an invitation to expand our vision of intimacy and to open up the field of possibilities for our own exploration of pleasure. 🥰

We hope that this selection of podcasts on female sexuality will liven up your summer, arouse your curiosity, ease your sexuality a little more and perhaps open up new exciting horizons for you. If you want more , we have also concocted a selection of references for you to have fun solo . You will find there in particular some erotic podcasts to stimulate your pleasure alone or with others. 🔥


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