Endometriosis is a gynecological disease surrounded by pain, fatigue, anxiety and often wandering for patients. Fortunately, the word is starting to be released around the intimate health of women and more and more appropriate solutions are being developed. The endo also has a direct impact on sexuality and the subject is still too little addressed by the medical profession. To enlighten you on the issue and provide some avenues of exploration to get back on the path to pleasure.

How does endo impact our sexuality?

Understanding Dyspareunia

Behind this medical term hides the very real pain during sexual intercourse. Although it is not exclusive to endometriosis, the risk of suffering from it is more than 7 times higher for people suffering from endo. ⚡⚡

According to this same study, almost half of endo girls suffer while making love. As bad news never comes alone, there are different types of dyspareunia.

  • When pain occurs during deep penetration, it is deep dyspareunia.
  • When shocks to the penis trigger them, it's called ballistic dyspareunia.
  • Positional dyspareunia will manifest depending on sexual position
  • Finally, we call intromission dyspareunia, a pain at the entrance of the vagina that often arises from apprehension to the pain of penetration

Muscle contractions are sometimes the cause of pain at the end of the report. These spasms pull on the lesions and adhesions caused by the disease.

Endo and libido

Whether deep or not, endometriosis causes pain and greatly impacts women's sexuality. A report is then no longer synonymous with pleasure when apprehension sets in.

The fear of pain takes over and gives no chance for excitement to set in. 👎

On the self-love level, self-confidence can take a hit. The endo can also cause tension in a couple when communication is not good or when the relationship to sexuality comes down to performance.

Finally, hormonal treatments such as the pill can influence our desire. While helpful in halting the progression of damage and alleviating pain, it can lower or skyrocket libido. 🏹

You will have understood that the endo is a daily hell. It was time for the media, medicine and politicians to seriously address the issue.

Sex with endometriosis

Beyond Penetration

Let's make a reminder that is still necessary: ​​penetration by a penis or an object is in no way a necessary step to take pleasure.

Contrary to popular belief, a successful report is not reduced to the formula Foreplay + Penetration = Orgasm. Far too centered around male pleasure, this approach makes the mistake of seeing the prelis as a simple introduction, a genetic start to the real action. 🎬

And fortunately ! Rethinking the way you make love alone or with your partner opens up an ocean of possibilities.

For example, you can focus on stimulating the clitoris with the fingers, the mouth or an object that Powerful has the secret. 😉

Also go in search of other erogenous zones which, once stimulated, ignite you in the blink of an eye. The ears, the back of the knees, the breasts or the anus are all places where the skin is thin and therefore more sensitive to caresses.

In addition, there is a variety of positions that are done without penetration that are very common in lesbian couples. We are thinking, for example, of the Liane, the Scissors or the Amazon.

Vary the positions

Speaking of positions, you can also go in search of those where the pain is non-existent. If you know what types of dyspareunia you have or how the pain manifests, you can more easily find the ones that are right for you. 🔥

The Andromache is the positions where you are above will allow you to better guide the pace and depth of the report.

The spoon, shallow, will help you take pleasure without the penetration going to the bottom of the vagina.

Maintain pelvic mobility

Endo results in lesions that cause scar adhesions capable of damaging the pelvic floor. Concretely, this means that over time, the pelvis can stiffen and the pain spreads to the lower back.

And that is no way. ❌

Physio, osteo and targeted yoga exercises will help you maintain this mobility. Aim for stretching the pelvis, hips and relaxing the perineum to keep movement in this area of ​​the body.

Be accompanied by a pro

Being accompanied by a sex therapist is crucial to work on the psychological aspect of the disease. A behavioral approach will allow you to regain power over your relationship to your body and your sexuality. 💖

In France, the day hospital of the Tivoli-Ducos clinic in Bordeaux and the CHRU in Nancy are the two establishments that fully integrate psychosexuality into their pathway dedicated to patients with endometriosis.

Working with a professional specializing in pain management is also an option worth exploring. Depending on your affinities, you can go to a doctor or a sophrologist to discover relaxation techniques. 🧘

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease often synonymous with ordeal for affected women. Between pain and medical wandering, the road is long. But pains like libido fluctuations are not inevitable. We hope that the few ideas proposed in this article will help you to make love better, to find how to live a fulfilling sexuality. To go further, we highly recommend that you go see the Lab de l'Endo , which offers you solutions to treat the symptoms of the disease. 🥰


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