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The lubricant is of paramount importance in sexual intercourse . Poorly chosen, it can be harmful to the vaginal flora and the mucous membranes of the woman. Choosing the right gel and knowing how to use it is important for sexuality and vaginal health. How can a lubricant help intensify pleasure ? We tell you everything through our advice. 👇

What is the use of lubricant? Does it help to have fun?

The use of lubricant is known to be useful for sexual pleasure and to take more intense pleasure. It is however useful in other areas, for the health of the body. 😌

How to define a lubricant?

There are natural and artificial lubricants . The first are secreted by the body while the others are products synthesized to improve sexuality or to solve health problems.

Among the natural lubricants, we can list:

🍃 synovial fluid , secreted by the body to facilitate joint movements;

🍃 love juice , secreted by the vagina to promote penetration.

As for the artificial lubricant, the best known is of course that used for sexual purposes. And yet, these are products that are also used for medical work (endoscopy, for example).

The usefulness of lubricant in everyday life

The lubricant is above all useful to facilitate and make more comfortable the intimate relations; alone, with two or more! The vagina is naturally self-lubricating to facilitate penetrative sex. So why use lubricant if the female sex is capable of providing this function?

Indeed, it happens that the woman's body experiences vaginal dryness in the middle of sexual intercourse. Applying lubricant then allows you to continue making love without having to interrupt the pleasure. 💧

The importance of lubricant in the quest for sexual pleasure

Vaginal dryness is common in postmenopausal women, as there is a drop in hormone production at this stage of their sex life. If you are in menopause, you must have noticed that the lubrication of the vagina takes a long time to manifest. ⏳ But vaginal dryness can also be due to stress, alcohol, hormonal changes, the pill... This insufficient hydration of the vagina can cause pain during sexual intercourse and increase the risk of gynecological infection due to weakening of the mucosa. 😕

Do you know that it is possible to feel pain due to vaginal dryness, without being in the middle of sexual intercourse? Some women drag this problem for certain periods of life. If this is your case, you can use an egg-shaped lubricant. Its effect lasts for 48 or 72 hours. Be aware, however, that it can temporarily affect fertility, since when you use this product, the motility of sperm is affected. As a result, the male gametes have difficulty reaching the egg to be fertilized in time. You may then have difficulty getting pregnant.

The mismatch can also be one more reason to use lube during your intimate relationships. It is indeed common for our body to react differently than we would like. A person can feel desire, without his body responding to it (lack of love juice for women, lack of erection for men). If consent is there, however, a good lubricant will help women enjoy their intercourse and have fun! The key in case of mismatch is of course… 🥁 communication!

The lubricant also promotes anal penetration since the rectal region does not self-lubricate.

Using lubricant during masturbation will significantly intensify the sensations, even if the stimulation is only on the glans of the clitoris! It makes it possible to avoid its desensitization as well as that of the vaginal walls during friction. 😉

What are the different types of existing lubricants?

There are lots of intimate lubricants. The sexuality market offers many products to facilitate and enhance the parts of legs in the air, and of course, to intensify the pleasure. The most classic is made of water and glycerin . This type of lubricant has a short effect. It evaporates and it is necessary to apply it from time to time during the sexual act.

Polyacrylamide is also used in the composition of certain intimate lubricants. With this type of product, the lubrication lasts a long time. Silicone also makes it possible to concoct something to moisten the vagina and anus .

The product obtained with the silicone is so slippery that you can make love with your partner in the water without any worries. But how is this possible? Silicone does not dissolve in water. Be careful though, because you may feel intolerant to this substance.

Lubricants made from hyaluronic acid contain moisturizing substances just like a gel made with aloe vera . They are effective in avoiding pain during penetration and are used 1 hour or 2 before intercourse. These lubricants act for a long time and alleviate the tingling of the vulva, which characterizes the dryness of the vagina.

How to apply and properly use a lubricant?

One of the best ways to use it is to include it in sex games during foreplay. You can apply it to your hands or fingers to caress your partner's penis, or coat your partner's body as a caress-massage. This erotic game brings excitement and fun.

Penetrating sex toys can also be anointed. When in the middle of sexual intercourse, the need arises, all you have to do is let this slippery material run over the penis halfway out of the vagina, and continue coitus.

Another more intimate way is to run gel over your clitoris and bend over so that the liquid flows towards the vaginal orifice, then onto your partner's penis.

How to choose your lubricant?

Some of the lubricants found on the market are prepared with substances harmful to health.

If you use a condom with your partner, a water-based or silicone-based lubricant is fine. If you have a silicone sex toy, then be careful, a silicone lubricant is totally contraindicated in this case. This can indeed degrade the object. On the other hand, a water-based lubricant is ideal!  

At Powerful, we have designed our organic intimate gel based on water and lily extract for your greatest pleasure and the good of your private parts! Rated 100/100 on Yuka, you can use it alone, with your vibrator ( Coco ) and with your partner! Thanks to its texture, the water-based lubricant perfectly imitates the natural lubrication of women. 👏

Avoid anything that contains sugar or flavorings, at the risk of creating a disorganization of the vaginal flora!

The anal region is favorable to many substances. A vegetable oil would do just fine. That said, always prefer an organic vegetable oil.

If you want to prepare your lubricants yourself, the best option is to favor biological substances. There are also natural lubricants with olive oil or petroleum jelly.

The advice of sexologists is formal as to the use of any non-natural thing brought into the sexual game: it is necessary to avoid as much as possible, the contribution of chemical synthetic materials.

There you go, you now know how lubricant can be a help to intensify pleasure, and what will suit you best for more enjoyment.


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