Finding orgasm is not always obvious even during intense and maximum penetration. Sometimes we find pleasure in stroking our clitoris or rubbing against our partner.

There are many ways to make caresses her clitoris. Some use their fingers while others caress with vibrators. So what is the best way to caress your clitoris to stimulate it ?

What is the clitoris and where is it located?

When it comes to sexuality, the clitoris is the only organ entirely devoted to female pleasure among the organs in women . THE penis as well as the female sex are multifunctional and are not only dedicated to pleasure.

THE clit is located above the vagina, but below the pubis. Erectile, the clitoris is made up of two parts: one part buried in the woman's body and the other external. The visible part of the organ is called glans and its size varies from a few millimeters to more than a centimeter depending on the woman .

THE glans is covered with a cap and is very sensitive to contact. Which makes the clitoris very erogenous. The buried part of the clit has roots of approximately ten centimeters which wrap around the urethra and the vagina. The point of contact between the vagina and the clitoris is called: G-spot and is also very erogenous.

The clit has many nerve endings which are approximately three times the number found in the penis. It is mainly its nerve endings which give it its erogenous ability. During arousal, the clit swells with blood and becomes more sensitive to stimulation and vibrations.

To give yourself an orgasm , you can therefore opt for stimulation internal (at the G spot) or external (stimulation of the glans). If you want to have a maximum of pleasure , you can stimulate them all. To do this, you need to apply a light caress to the clitoris while stroking the inside.

How to caress your clit with your fingers?

It is first important to know and control your body to make it easier for you to orgasm. This way, you are able to know what gives you pleasure first by solo . The clit prefers humidity so it is not recommended to caress it directly with a dry finger.

THE button of the clitoris being very sensitive, it is necessary to show delicacy when caressing . It is therefore essential to take it slowly and start with foreplay. That is to say, caressing the contours, the vagina even your breasts gradually in order to increase the excitement .

The stronger the excitement becomes, the more the clitoris swells with blood and becomes more erogenous. There is still no question of touching it directly with a dry hand. You can use lubricant like the intimate lubricating gel from our Puissante brand or a little water/saliva . You can also wait for the time to secrete the love juice.

This way, you can reuse this secretion or lubricant on the clitoral button by stroking it with your finger . Depending on what suits you, you can perform light caresses progressively rhythmic and increasingly faster. You can also apply strong pressure according to your convenience.

Some women prefer to use the palms of their hands, others one finger then two or even more. At the same time, instead of pressure, you can tap the clit and then accelerate according to your excitement.

Instead of tapping the clitoris, you can also make small circles around the glans and hood. Vary the stroking between clockwise and counterclockwise to increase arousal . In any case, speeding up increases the pleasure and leads you to an orgasm.

It is recommended to try several stroking approaches. This ensures you multiple sensations. It allows you to discover what you like most or least and to test your limits. You can also excite the clitoris by stroking the G-spot from inside the vagina .

The interior of the vagina is erogenous with fine membranes which facilitate access to the G-spot. To begin, slide a still-wet finger two centimeters onto the anterior surface of the pubis. Caress, feel or lightly scratch the membrane of the vulva to notice the difference.

To increase orgasm, you can use your second hand at the same time and caress simultaneously the clitoris (the glans) or the breasts . Satisfaction can arise from the outside (often referred to as a clitoral orgasm ) or from the inside (referred to as a vaginal orgasm) or both.

How to use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris?

Thanks to technological progress, the sexuality took on a whole new dimension. Thus, sexual gadgets have been manufactured allowing you unparalleled masturbation. Among these gadgets, you have vibrators.

Which vibrator to choose and how to use it?

There are a lot of vibrators, but we designed the Coco vibrator and the Toupie vibrator. They are all made in France and are adopted by a large number of people.

The Coco vibrator has two parts: a suction part and a vibrating part. The vibrating part can be used to externally caress the clit or other erogenous zones (breasts, lips, vulva , etc.). It can also be used in penetration for caress inside the vagina especially the G spot.

The suction part is non-penetrating . It emits pressure waves and is used for sucking the clitoris or breasts . Both parts are effective in giving you an orgasm worthy of the name.

In addition, the rod separating the two parts is flexible. As a result, you can use both parts simultaneously for separate caresses. Finally, Coco has 7 intensity levels and 3 random modes. This offers you several varieties of sensations of varying caress intensities.

The Toupie vibrator by its shape is ideal to allow you to explore all the erogenous zones of your body . It is easy to hold and manipulate with its ten intensity levels. You also have the possibility of combining the Coco and Toupie vibrators for unique orgasms throughout your being.

What are the differences between your finger and a vibrator?

Being mechanical, the vibrator offers good autonomy as long as it is charged. It can give you pleasure over a long period while varying in intensities and movements. It is often wrapped in a very soft and skin-friendly covering.

Unlike the vibrator, the finger is manual. It can quickly burn out and above all it is not always gentle, sexy or delicate without lubricant. There are areas inaccessible to fingers, but easy to caress with the vibrator. The vibrator offers another dimension to the sexuality of a woman or a girl.

However, excessive use of the vibrator can pose a problem. The body risks getting used to it and no longer being able to respond to manual touch, whether it is yours or that of a partner. The abusive use of the vibrator hampers the discovery of your being, your sexuality and above all the progression of sensations towards orgasm.

How to create excitement when caressing yourself?

For many, it is difficult to be able to feel excitement or even pleasure without a stimulant. Today, there are several ways to get excited. This facilitates foreplay and causes the body to secrete the hormones that come into play in triggering clitoral pleasure.

As methods of arousal, you have: sex podcasts, erotic films, stage productions, books, places related to fantasy, etc.

Sex podcasts

A podcast is a broadcast (file video or often audio) immediately listenable and broadcast on the internet. A sex podcast is therefore a show with erotic content allowing you to learn more about your sexuality, but also to satisfy yourself.

Preferably in the evening, once in bed, put on your headphones. Next, turn on a sex podcast and surrender to the thrills in your ears. Many women are more relaxed and engaged when listening to a sexy, calming and reassuring voice.

Let yourself wander to the point of feeling at the heart of the story and little by little you will feel the surge of excitement. The increasingly strong and pressing need to caress yourself, to play with your tongue , your fingers. You can bite your lips, lick your nipples with your tongue.

Erotic films

An erotic or even pornographic film is a set of videos whose contents are focused about sex and sometimes about love . Porn (amateur and professional) has taken an important place in cinema and especially in the heart of homes.

Porn is the most used means of obtaining stimulation . Those are videos often very detailed ranging from foreplay, masturbation to sex. There are several sites porn so this type of video is accessible from a laptop, smartphone, tablet or TV.

To stimulate yourself, choose a site porn then put on your headphones if necessary. Choose a video that best suits your tastes and fantasies. Several categories are available. Among others, you have: young, adult, brunette, blonde, amateur, with several people, etc. We also talk to you about ethical porn which can also be a good way to increase excitement and an original experience to live!

You must relax and surrender to what you see and hear. Your whole being will gradually relax and the more interesting it becomes, the more you are invaded by strong and warm sensations. Your throat is increasingly dry, your vagina is wet, your skin is shivering.

You feel more and more the need to touch yourself in a sexy way, to touch your lips, your breasts, your penis. Once the vagina is moist, the caress on your clitoris can start delicately, in a sensual way.

Other methods

As many as you are, you have your preferences, your desires. This means that fantasies vary from one woman to another. So, Some girls feel arousal more quickly and intensely when making love or masturbating in new places .

This type of places can be public places, in the car, in the office, in the bar toilet, in the open air, in bed. Some groups of women and girls opt more for role plays or scenes. Other women prefer to watch others in action or attend swingers or libertine clubs... it's up to you to see what triggers more excitement :)!


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