While well-being and self-care take a growing place in our daily lives and in our news feeds, sexual health remains ignored . If not set aside entirely, sexuality education often boils down to disease prevention . However, the WHO describes sexual health as “a state of physical, mental and social well-being in the area of ​​sexuality. » This article details the three pillars of the development of our pleasure: security, autonomy and satisfaction . Here we go for a complete guide to fully experiencing your sexuality!

Sexual safety above all

The consent

Consent is the foundation of any healthy and positive sexual relationship . It must be given in a free and informed manner, without pressure or constraint.

This is why it is essential to ensure that each partner is comfortable with the situation. Consent can be expressed in different ways , not just through words. For example, a smile, a look or a gesture can express consent.

If in doubt: ask the question explicitly . We promise you that it doesn't kill the atmosphere, quite the contrary. Asking for consent is an essential proof of respect . ✨

Finally, consent is never acquired for life. It can be revoked at any time. You have the right to say “no”, “no not now”, “meh” or “I don’t want to anymore” and your word should be honored.


Choosing contraception is a personal decision that depends on many factors such as age, health and lifestyle. Taking the time to learn about your options is key to finding a method that suits your needs and those of your partner.

Fortunately, the pill is no longer the only option. We can choose between hormone-delivered contraception or mechanical forms of contraception . Good news: research is finally moving forward on male contraception with the popularization of heated briefs and Andro-switches ! 🙌

Whether it's a one-night stand or the love that shares your life, addressing this subject strengthens both your sexual security and the trust between partners. Result: a fulfilling sex life for everyone. 🤩

Prevention of STIs

No risk does not exist. Any sexual intercourse can lead to the transmission of infections or diseases. This is the least fun part of sex. This is why we need to be aware of the risks in order to have fun in the safest way possible. ☔

To protect yourself and your play partner, you can opt for condoms or other barrier methods like dental dams during sex. Don't forget to get tested regularly to reduce the risk of transmitting infections or sexually transmitted diseases.

Yes, some STIs can be asymptomatic , meaning they have no visible symptoms. Let's stay vigilant!

Finding the right resources to educate yourself about sexuality

Still too little taught in schools, sex education often stops at sexual safety. However, talking about sexuality also means talking about connection to your body, self-esteem and relationships with others. Living your sexuality to the fullest goes beyond the intimate relationship between two groups of genitals, right?

A lack of education generally leads to risky behavior, poor self-confidence and sexual experience guided by mainstream media. By becoming informed, we help to destroy performance injunctions and we contribute to a positive vision of sexuality. 👊

To begin, we recommend a little reading.

  • The intimate lives of the women of Dr Anne de Kervasdoué
  • I Cum Like I Am by Emily Nagoski
  • Know Thyself by Clarence Edgar Rosa
  • Enjoyment Club of Jüne Plã

Then, Family Planning is a gold mine for navigating your sexuality while being listened to and supported . The activist association offers numerous resources, workshops and awareness campaigns both locally and nationally. Do not hesitate to turn to the branch closest to you to find answers.

Want more interactivity? You will find rich and relevant content on social networks ! Sexologists and sexuality specialists have Instagram accounts and YouTube channels to answer your questions and give you practical advice. 📲

Take care of your pleasure

A healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation . Our parents told us it, our doctor insists and even the commercials mention it.

But what exactly does that include? 🥗

Taking care of your sexual health involves pampering your sleep . Poor sleep causes more stress and stress is the number one enemy of libido.

Adopting a healthy diet is also crucial, favoring foods rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats. We moderate our alcohol consumption and if we can, we stop smoking completely. 🚭

In addition, it is important to check whether your contraception does not negatively affect libido and to consult a health professional to find the most suitable method.

Finally, regular physical exercise is the key to sleeping better, with better lubrication and making love even better. We feel good about ourselves, we hold on longer and we can try new positions . Even moderate, sport is our BFF for peak sexual health! 😉

A fit perineum

The perineum is a group of muscles that lies between the pubis and the coccyx. It is heavily used during pregnancy and childbirth, and can also weaken with age. It is also an excellent ally of our pleasure, because it allows us to feel with more precision.

To keep your pelvic floor in great shape, the medical profession recommends exercising, particularly with “Kegel exercises”. These movements consist of contracting the muscles of the perineum for a few seconds, then releasing them .

By practicing these exercises regularly, you can improve the strength and endurance of your pelvic floor , which can help you prevent health problems associated with a weakened pelvic floor. We tell you everything in this article. 📝

Top self-knowledge

To healthily set your limits and fulfill your sexual menu , we must go through a phase of exploration. Start alone by discovering what makes you shiver. With your fingers or with a vibrator , take the time to feel and try new things whenever you have the opportunity. 🔥

Also go in search of what ignites your imagination . What are your fantasies? Which ones would you like to achieve or, on the contrary, keep secret? You can try erotic writing or journaling to reveal facets of your desire that are still unknown.

Sexuality is a personal experience, so there is no right or wrong way to experience it , as long as it is done with respect for oneself and others.

You have all the cards in hand to take full care of your sexual health . Taking care of your pleasure is also a powerful act of self-love . We all deserve to be able to enjoy in a positive environment where we are safe, educated and fulfilled . To continue to nourish your sexual education, we invite you to read the other articles on this blog. 🤓


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