At Puissante, we are convinced that breaking the taboos around sexuality requires affirming its pleasure and therefore exploring it. One of the keys to a fun-filled sex life is to discover your favorite erogenous zones. In this article, we take stock of these parts of the body that increase our pleasure when stimulated. We revisit our classics and present some of them that are still underused. The last one will surprise you!

How to stimulate an erogenous zone

The secret to igniting the senses? The variety of movements.🔥

We say goodbye to monotony and sprinkle our antics with a good dose of creativity . You can combine slow and fast caresses, kisses, touches. You can even gently bite or pinch, some people love that.

Be careful not to press for too long , as excessive pressure can have the opposite effect by desensitizing the sensors.

Everyone places themselves differently on the spectrum of sensitivity . While some are in heaven with more intense gestures, others react very well to gentle touch and can hardly tolerate more.

For those who have lost sensation in part of their body due to a disability, sensory reorientation is possible, by exploring different areas. Think of the character from Intouchables who takes pleasure from stimulating the ears for example.

The best way to find out what makes someone else happy is to ask them. You can ask him about his sexual menu or ask the question while you are caressing yourself. 😉

The classics

The clitoris

With 8,000 to 10,000 nerve endings , the clit is one of the most sensitive regions of our body. Hidden under its hood , it only reveals a small part of its anatomy. Its stem and two roots are located inside the vagina under the labia minora. 🔍

To stimulate this organ of pleasure, you can gently caress it with your fingers or your tongue, squeeze it or tap it lightly. Dare to play with temperatures by blowing hot then cold air on it. A cold lubricating gel or even an ice cube can also open new doors to arousal.

With its vibrations and its clitoris sucking tip, our Coco is the ideal partner to develop your range of sensations alone or in pairs. To try it is to adopt it. 🤩

The nipples

A complex structure made up of the nipple and the areola, the nipple is not only used for breastfeeding. This erogenous zone is one of the best known among women, but often remains unexplored among men. Our nipples are ultra-sensitive, sometimes the simple friction with our T-shirt can be enough to wake them up. ⚡⚡

To stimulate the nipples, you can caress them tenderly with your fingers or tongue, pinch them lightly or lick them delicately. You can also use sex toys such as nipple clamps or nipple stimulators to explore your or your partner's limits.

The lips

The kiss is one of the first fireworks of sensations that we share with a person. 💋

It's a bit like the starting point of a passionate scenario . Their nerve endings were designed by Mother Nature to serve as a checkpoint for what we are going to ingest. They are sensitive to temperatures, taste and textures. So we can easily have fun!

To get started on the pleasure highway, you can slowly kiss the lips, nibble them or lick them delicately. Also try playing with the touch of your fingers or even with aphrodisiac foods like chocolate strawberries, a great classic. 🍓

Erogenous zones to explore

The anus

Often neglected, the anus area is nevertheless a paradise of pleasure. Close to the genitals, it has more nerve endings than the vagina.

To stimulate this region rich in vessels, nerves and muscles, you can use a water-based lubricant and gently massage the entrance. You can then insert a finger or anal toy to stimulate the internal part. Go gently and carefully , as it is easy to cause pain or injury through lack of caution. We detail everything in this article . 📝

The head: scalp, hair and neck

The skull is an area that you either love or hate. For some women, the scalp is a sensitive area that helps relax the entire body. 💆

Nothing better than a massage to bring relaxation and excitement . Start by peeling the skin from the scalp with the pads of your fingers, maintaining constant pressure. Little by little, move down towards the nape of the neck, which is an erogenous zone in itself. Once on the neck, you can kiss it, nibble it or even try hickeys if the response is positive. Alternate between gentleness and more intense gestures.

For hair, you have the choice. Some people like to be stroked while others prefer to be pulled when the excitement is at its peak. ⚠️ Warning: if you want to pull your partner's hair, make sure you take the entire mass of hair, not just a section like at the hairdresser.

But also

To go even further and diversify your erotic moments , here is a non-exhaustive list to complete the erogenous zones described above.

  • the back of the knee
  • the palms of the hands
  • the bend of the elbow
  • the earlobe
  • the feet
  • kidneys
  • the buttocks
  • the pubis
  • the inside of the wrist
  • wool

These are regions of the body where the skin is thinner and more sensitive to external stimulation. Here too, play with the differences in temperatures and sensations and discover what makes desire rise. 🌡️

One zone to rule them all: the brain

Surprise ! 🎉 The brain is the superstar of erogenous zones although it is complicated to stimulate it by touch.

This is where all our sensations and stimuli are transformed into pleasure and desire.

For each intimate experience to be truly special, it is essential to keep our brain constantly alert.

To stimulate him, you have a wide choice of approaches such as sexting, dirty talk, reading erotic literature , writing down your fantasies , podcasts and even ethical pornography .

Sensory exploration , creativity and open-mindedness are fantastic ways to feed our imagination and open the door to new possibilities for pleasure. 🌈

This little overview of our pleasure zones is intended to be an invitation to get off the beaten track and go in search of new sensations. Keep in mind to always communicate openly with your partner to find out what he or she prefers. Listen to their reactions, often non-verbal, when you try new things. Need a helping hand? Don't panic, Puissante has put together an article for you to talk about sex in your relationship. 😘


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