As summer is in full swing, we wanted to give you a good dose of good news. No guide to female masturbation or exploring your pleasure this week, but a selection of good sex news. Let's go for a shot of good vibes! ☀️

New options for so-called male contraception

In heterosexual couples, the contraceptive burden is still too much managed solely by women. Purchase of contraceptive pills, implants or insertion of an IUD, women even go so far as to undergo a hysterectomy in order not to have children. The choice of contraception is often a long and lonely obstacle course.

However, while men are fertile 365 days a year, women are only a few days a month. 💁‍♀️

The good news is that people are talking about this subject and that some men want to take charge of this contraceptive burden. The media are increasingly seizing the subject by giving a voice to those who use contraception on a daily basis.

Among the alternatives to condoms and vasectomy, we now find thermal devices such as heated briefs or the Androswitch . 🔥

The weekly testosterone injection seems to be another option, but it is more complicated to deploy in France and is limited to 18 months.

This so-called “male” contraception does not in any way only concern men. These options and the progress of research also open up the field of possibilities for women and non-binary people who have a penis.

Healthy sex toys

Could we fantasize about vibrators and other medically prescribed sex toys? Maybe that idea isn't that far off in our future if a recent post is to be believed. 🤩

Last May, the Journal of Urology published a meta-analysis of more than 500 scientific publications that include keywords like “sexual stimulation vibrator”, “pelvic floor vibrator” and “incontinence vibrator”.

The conclusion is in favor of sex toys as an effective medical device to fight against incontinence and chronic vulvar pain.

The authors encourage more research on the usefulness of vibrators for women's sexual health.

Advances in Endometriosis Research

News that will give a good dose of hope to our endogirls. Last February, we gave the floor to Floriane and the Endo Lab to raise awareness on this subject.

As a reminder, one in 10 women, or between 1.5 and 2.5 million women, is affected by this inflammatory and chronic disease of the genital system.

According to the Observatory of French Sexuality website, the start-up Ziwig has developed a test to quickly detect endometriosis. Could it finally be the time to say goodbye to the years of medical wandering? We hope so! 🤞

A caring, non-judgmental confidant about your sexual health

With initiatives such as the Sextech for Good collective, innovation in terms of well-being and sexual health is finally developing in France. Many projects are emerging in favor of a “more open future, for a more egalitarian, enjoyable and inclusive society, concerned with the well-being and development of all. »

Among these initiatives, we have a big crush on Sacha. Sacha is an artificial intelligence at the service of sexual health prevention and education. It allows young people (and less young people) to ask all the questions they don't dare. 💬

This initiative of the association HF Prévention offers the opportunity to expose their fears, to talk about their complex situations without being afraid of being judged or stigmatized by a relative or a health professional who is not very benevolent

Once the application is launched, the user asks his question and Sacha answers him by taking into account his language and his emotions . If necessary, Sacha directs him to competent structures and organizations. A real step forward for sex education in France! 👏

Sacha is free to download via Google Play ( Android ) and the App Store ( iOS ).

And in the rest of the world

In 2020, Sudan criminalized female genital mutilation. One more step in the fight against excision, a practice still common in many countries. This is a fight that is particularly close to our hearts at Puissante, because we actively defend the fact that women have total control of their own bodies. For this reason, we have teamed up with the NGO Les Orchidées Rouges , which specializes in comprehensive support for women and girls who are victims of female genital mutilation, early or forced marriage . 💮

Last November, the state of Queensland in Australia launched a campaign in favor of masturbation. 🇦🇺
On its social networks, the Ministry of Health explains that "masturbation is normal and healthy, is part of everyone's sexual experience and is a very good way to find out what you are comfortable with". Moreover, if the French State wishes to do the same, we strongly recommend that they read our article on the benefits of female masturbation .

So that's good, right? We hope that this dose of new nun will brighten up your end of summer. To receive even more inspiration and recommendations around sexuality, female well-being and self-exploration, subscribe to our weekly newsletter. 💌


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