At Puissant, our favorite subject is self-love . It is preached through advice on sexuality, self-knowledge and acceptance of one's body. Today, we want to go further by addressing the issue of financial well-being . We believe that taking care of your money is a form of self-care . Yes, money is a source of stress, power and freedom, so it's high time to talk about it! In this article, Powerful shares her tips for regaining power over her finances and enjoying her daily life even more.

Small disclaimer before you start reading: this article and all the advice on the blog are intended to be educational, and do not constitute financial advice. You must take your personal situation into account and to define an appropriate investment strategy, you must call on a specialist adviser. e.

Understand your relationship to money

We hear a lot about " relation to money " without understanding the link between these two terms.

Attachment theory , developed by psychologist John Bowlby, suggests that our early relationships with our parents or guardians affect our ability to form healthy and secure relationships throughout our lives. This theory therefore applies to the money that enters and leaves our account.

Whether it's slipping through our fingers or we have sea urchins in our pockets, studying how we spend is a crucial first step in regaining control over our finances.

If you grew up in an environment where money was sometimes tight, you may have developed an anxious relationship with your piggy bank . You lack the self-confidence to believe that it is possible to achieve your financial goals. This results in impulsive behaviors that can lead to debt. 💸

If you were raised in financial abundance, you probably developed an avoidant attachment to money, where you find it difficult to save or invest wisely. When it comes to money, you just don't want to think about it .

Working to create a secure relationship with our money goes through clear and realistic financial objectives , the development of a simple budget and regular savings.

Take the time necessary to decipher the financial reflexes inherited from your family. These behaviors, often unconscious, can be obstacles to your well-being.

Don't be afraid to hire a financial advisor. Contrary to popular belief, their services are not reserved for an elite. 😘

Dare to educate yourself on the subject

Like sex, money is so taboo that good practices are rarely passed on . Getting information from reputable sources is the key to regaining control of your finances.

We know the classics of financial literature with Warren Buffet and Napoleon Hill, but what about advice dedicated to women?

You can turn to Better manage your money from La Petite Budgeteuse and My budget on automatic pilot from Mon Budget Bento.

In terms of managing money as a couple, try Titiou Lecoq's The couple and money or Héloïse Bolle's Good accounts make good lovers.

In addition to books, we recommend Plan Cash , which describes itself as a feminist financial education medium. With a committed newsletter, training on targeted topics and face-to-face workshops , Plan Cash dares to talk about women's money and it feels good!

If reading isn't your thing, there are plenty of podcasts out there to build your real financial education. We think of La Martingale , Osons l'Oseille or Argent Conté . 🎙️

Better manage your money: technology is your bestie!

Good news: you no longer need to be an expert in math or to master Excel to take care of your money! 🎉

Technology is your ally to better manage your money on a daily basis.

Budget management apps allow us to connect our various bank accounts and credit cards to have an overview of our finances.

They alert you in real time of budget overruns or when your balance is low.

Even better, some apps, like Bankin' or Linxo , automatically track and categorize your expenses into different categories, like food purchases, electricity bills, car payments, and more. 💰

This data sheds light on your spending habits. They allow you to identify at a glance the areas where you can save money or redistribute some resources.

We know how easy it is to fall for a meal delivery on a lazy night without realizing that the accumulation of these expenses could go to a savings account, life insurance or the weekend of your dreams in Naples.

Warning: check that the application you choose is approved by the Banque de France in order to guarantee the protection of your data. 🔐

Finally, it is rather simple to put your money at the service of your life and not the other way around . We hope that these few tips and resources will help you regain power over your piggy bank and serenely enjoy your little pleasures . Want to receive more tips and inspiration every week? Subscribe to the Powerful Pause, our weekly newsletter! 💌


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