The female orgasm is the rarer and more complex of the two. In other words, men find it easier to obtain pleasure than women. It is harder and harder for them to reach the moment of ultimate satisfaction. And when they manage to do so, it only lasts a few seconds. On average the female orgasm lasts about 20 seconds. Which represents an eternity compared to the brilliance to which men are entitled. According to a study carried out at the University of Valparaiso in the United States, orgasms come more easily when women release their anxiety. But this is not always enough. Discover here the keys to multiply the clitoral orgasm .

Discover female pleasure by taking ownership of your body 😇

Since the dawn of time, there have been a lot of received ideas around female pleasure. In most cases, these ideas are completely wrong and unfounded. Even if it must be admitted that sometimes some of them approach reality. The problem with these widespread ideas is that they do not facilitate the task for the man who wishes to satisfy his partner. Here are some tips that will help you understand female sexuality .

Discover it yourself

To taste the voluptuousness that you have always coveted, what better than to discover your body. Getting to know your body as a woman can help you better guide your partner during sex . Thus, it will be much easier for him to stir up your sexual desire, and your level of excitement in order to provoke orgasm more easily. So you are probably wondering how to go about it. But before you get to that, you need to understand how orgasm works.

Orgasm from a physical point of view results in an involuntary and repeated contraction of the muscles that make up the genital organ. This provides intense enjoyment. When it comes to female sexuality, some common misconceptions tend to differentiate between vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm . But you have to remember that these two types of orgasm are in fact the same thing. The contraction at the origin of the enjoyment of women can be the object of an excitation of both the clitoris or the vagina. For example, following masturbation or during penile penetration.

Now that you understand the mechanism by which a female orgasm takes place, it's time to turn to the subject of self-discovery. In general, it is recommended that women masturbate alone with their fingers or using sex toys . The goal is to try to find the ideal sensations, pace and/or intensity that you enjoy easily. So you can replicate the same process with your partner during sex.

Stimulate all erogenous zones

Self-discovery also allows you to identify the erogenous zones specific to your body. An erogenous zone is quite simply a region of the human body which, because of the nerves and blood vessels that compose it, is particularly sensitive. Implying that when stimulated, it is likely to cause arousal. Some of them are common to everyone. In the same way, others vary according to sex, and others are specific to each individual.

For women, the main erogenous zones are the clitoris and the vagina . There are also secondary erogenous regions that can trigger quite strong sexual arousal. These include the anus, pubis, breasts, armpits, and many more. Stimulation of the clitoris by masturbation at a certain intensity can cause a so-called clitoral orgasm. As far as the vagina is concerned, strong stimulation linked to penetration can make it possible to reach the G-spot and therefore cause sexual pleasure in women.

As for the other erogenous regions, their role is not to make you come but to activate arousal . They are therefore made for foreplay before intercourse. Besides, there are other places that are not generalists. That is to say, which are specific to each individual. And to identify them, you will have to explore your body. Thus, masturbation alone should not be limited to rubbing the clitoris. You should also caress other parts of your body in order to find what excites you the most.

What influences female sexual desire?

In both men and women, sexual desire is influenced by many factors, both internal and external. If you want to fill your partner with joy and more and more sexual pleasure, you must necessarily know these factors.

Psychological factors

There are psychological factors that can influence a woman's sexual desire . As such, we can cite culture, education, and religion. These elements can represent a moral charge for the woman and a brake on her sexual development. For example, a woman from a culture or religion in which discussions about sexuality hardly take place will be less inclined to express her desires.


In women, hormones also have a role to play in the expression of carnal desires. Indeed, the different variations to which it is subjected during its cycle can negatively impact its libido.


Love is also a decisive factor in a couple's sexuality. If the flame is present, the pleasure of being together will be high and therefore the desire to make love will come naturally. Most of the time, some women see their level of sexual desire lowered at the same time as the vibration in the couple. So instead of attributing the lack of sexual desire in women to a purely female problem, it is better to check if the couple is doing well.


During their lives, women go through periods that also influence their libido. From puberty to adulthood, most women discover themselves. They reach sexual maturity from the age of 35 (where desire is high). And menopause comes to change things with a considerable drop in carnal desires.

Alone or in pairs, our advice to increase female pleasure tenfold 🙈

Whether you are alone or in a couple, there are several ways to increase female pleasure. Discover our advice to intensify these moments of pleasure alone or in pairs.

For two: Explore new ways to access female pleasure to accentuate orgasm: slow sex, edging

Slow sex is one of the most widespread practices today to make the moment of pleasure more intense. In our society today, we are influenced by external factors which involuntarily push us towards the “hard”. What if the best way to rock your partner in bed was to slow down in your pace? Slow sex is an English term that means “slow sex” .

The philosophy of slow sex is part of the larger sex-positive movement. By moving away from performance and orgasm at all costs, this approach tinged with personal development refocuses us on our body, our emotions and the connection with our lover. She reminds us that the journey is much more precious than its destination. ✈️

It designates a practice which consists of slowing down during the act of love to really get a kick out of it. The objective of the concept is to allow both partners to make the most of the moment by going gently. And this offers a lot of advantages to the practitioners. By taking your time, you will be more attentive and attentive to each other. It also allows the woman to let go, which increases her chances of achieving ultimate satisfaction.

As for edging, it is also an anglicism that describes a sexual practice focused on orgasm control. Often perceived as a pro practice, the principle of edging is simple. You cause intense excitement in your partner until she is about to cum. Then you keep him in this state of voluptuousness and high sexual pleasure for a long time before making him reach orgasm. The goal is to make the pleasure last as long as possible. Thus, the pleasure and excitement are found to increase tenfold, as if your partner had enjoyed several times at the same time. The practice of edging remains safe as long as it boils down to intentionally holding back your orgasm. In some cases of BDSM practices, it can prove to be more dangerous for men when orgasm control impedes blood flow.

If you are interested in touching the fine line between pleasure and enjoyment, we strongly recommend that you try it alone at first.

Alone: ​​Vibrator & lubricant, a winning combo 🔥

If your goal is to increase your pleasure alone, then the vibrator & lubricant combo is your best ally. By equipping yourself with a female masturbation kit , you will have these two marvels in the same package: (the Vanity, the Coco, and the intimate gel).

The advantage of using these two elements is that you benefit from the softness of the gel but also from the incredible sensations that your Coco gives you thanks to its vibrating effects. To amplify your pleasure on your own , start by exploring your sex with your fingers, going there gently. The objective is to have fun and not to participate in a performance race. So try to savor every moment as best you can. Then move on to the lubricant to spray the part and make it softer and smoother. As soon as it's done, all you have to do istake your vibrator , turn it on and head for your intimacy. It is advisable to start with the first level of vibration, and increase it as you go.


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