If you read this blog or have looked into the history of sexuality, you have noticed that for a long time female pleasure was taboo and shameful . In the laws, in the culture, in the social relations, it was complicated to fully live one's desires and to flourish in one's sexual life. Fortunately, figures have decided to shake things up to put some positive things back into women's sex lives. In this article, we honor the work of the five women who worked to advance female sexuality and pleasure.

Shere Hite

Shere Hite was a renowned American sexologist, author and researcher . She is best known for her groundbreaking study of female sexuality , The Hite Report. đŸ”„

Published in 1976 in the midst of the sexual revolution, this report challenged many stereotypes about women's sexuality and shed light on their true needs and desires.

Hite used open-ended questionnaires to collect data on women's sexual experience. Shere thus gives voice to those who had never really been able to express their desires and preferences in a puritan society. 🔊

After the success of its first report, sold more than 35 million copies, in 2004 it offered a new expanded edition. Masturbation, clitoris, sexuality after menopause, vibrator, orgasm and relationship with one's partner , she presents us with a complete overview of what women think and experience while sex seems to be apparently liberated.

Her work opened a critical dialogue about sexual norms and contributed to evolving ideas about female sexuality, with an emphasis on women's pleasure and autonomy in the bedroom.

After suffering multiple attacks, both for her work and for her positions, she renounced her American citizenship in 1995 and took German citizenship.đŸ„š

Simone Veil

French politician and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil played a crucial role in advancing women's rights, particularly through her advocacy for reproductive rights.

As Minister of Health in the 1970s, she led the charge for the legalization of abortion in France . His campaign resulted in the adoption of the emblematic law known as the Veil Law in 1975. đŸ‘©â€đŸŽ“

Despite vehement opposition, including personal attacks and threats, she  persevered so that women finally had access to safe and legal abortion services. Until then abortions in France often took place in dangerous and clandestine conditions , exposing women to the risk of serious and even fatal complications.

Her efforts not only transformed the legal landscape but also sparked a broader debate about women's autonomy and bodily integrity. Her commitment to women's reproductive rights extended beyond legislation; she emphasized the need for comprehensive health services and supported initiatives to improve maternal health and family planning. 🙌

Additionally, Simone Veil's presidency and engagement in the European Parliament furthered the cause of gender equality, advocating for policies and legislation promoting women's rights and empowerment across Europe.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders

First African American woman appointed Surgeon General of the United States , Jocelyn Elders broke taboos and advocated for progressive public health policies, including comprehensive sexuality education. đŸ‡ș🇾

She advocated for sex and reproductive education, particularly in African American communities. She criticized incomplete textbooks that claimed only Caucasian women had regular periods, highlighting that black women did not readily seek out contraceptives due to widespread misinformation. âœŠđŸŸ

Despite her crucial work, Jocelyn Elders faced controversy, notably when she suggested including masturbation in discussions on sex education at a United Nations conference.

“Regarding your specific question about masturbation, I think it's a part of human sexuality and perhaps it should be taught. But we haven't even taught our children the basics. And I think we've tried ignorance for a very long time, and it's time to try education. »

This remark caused a debacle and led to his forced resignation by President Clinton in December 1994.

However, her advocacy for sex education and recognition of sexual rights continues to inspire women's health and rights advocates to this day.

In tribute to her fight, sex-positive boutique Good Vibrations proclaimed May 28 as National Masturbation Day . 👏

Betty Dodson

Born in 1929 in Wichita, Kansas, Dodson began her career as an erotic artist before turning to sex education in the 1960s .

She developed Bodysex workshops in the 1970s to help women connect with their bodies, heal shame, improve the perception of pleasure and promote self-love. These workshops included guided masturbation sessions where women explored their bodies together to learn how to achieve orgasm alone and with a partner.

Her method, known as the Betty Dodson Method , has helped thousands of women achieve orgasm. In partnership with attorney Carlin Ross, Dodson hosted these workshops for many years. In 2007, a study showed that 93% of anorgasmic women managed to achieve orgasm using this method. đŸ€©

She is also the author of several books, the most famous of which is Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving, in which she encourages women to discover and own their pleasure.

Dodson inspires the philosophy of Puissante and his ideas are reflected in each new product development. The proof is cited in our Magazine where we talk about the similarities between masturbation and meditation. It’s simple, we love his work! ❀


Real name Elise Carpentier, Ovidie is a French director, author and feminist activist. Born on August 25, 1980 in Lille, she first became known as an actress in the pornographic industry . However, she quickly distanced herself from the industry, openly criticizing its flaws. đŸ”„

As a director and author, Ovidie is committed to defending pornographic creation as a vector of sexual liberation when it is filmed and distributed under ethical conditions. She fights in particular for free access to platforms. Among his most important documentaries are Sex, the Sexual Life of the French and Porn: The Factory of a Consumer Product. In it, she discusses topics such as ethical pornography , sexual consent, sex education and gender stereotypes.

Flagship author of the sex-positive publishing house La Musardine , she publishes works on sexual education and the exploration of pleasure , including the brilliant Libres! Manifesto to free oneself from sexual dictates in collaboration with Diglee. đŸȘ¶

Additionally, Ovidie has been an important voice in the #MeToo movement in France, speaking out against abuses of power and sexist behavior in the film industry and beyond.

For several years, she has also been a master's lecturer at the University of Limoges for teaching on documentaries.

This selection of 5 figures who have contributed to promoting the sexual well-being of women is obviously a non-exhaustive list . We could also cite personalities such as Audre Lorde, Virginia Johnson and many others. We can be inspired by their determination to act in our turn, by affirming our desires and sharing fair, positive and inclusive knowledge about women's sexuality. This can start by sharing this blog or speaking out on social media. 🔊


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