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Whether we want to get pregnant or not , our cycle gives us valuable information about our energy level, our health and our functioning . It's much more reliable and accurate than a magazine horoscope! Tracking your menstrual cycle makes you feel better about yourself because you finally understand that we are neither abnormal nor unstable, we are simply unique. Powerful accompanies you in the first steps of knowing the phases of your fertility.

Why follow your period day after day

Beyond knowing when the first day of your period falls, following your menstrual cycle is a real rediscovery of yourself.

You can also observe your fertility and put the odds on your side to get pregnant by becoming the bestie with your hormones.

But that's not all. 😉

Knowing your cycle is a real superpower for managing your energy and intimate health throughout the month.

Much like autogyneology , understanding how her female cycle works is key to making choices in line with her body's messages.

When to make an important decision? Should I let his thoughts flow or listen to them? Is it the right time to embark on a new project? Should I wait a few days before communicating a problem to my partner?

As the months go by, you'll know when you 're bursting with energy and when you just need a good tea and a series at the bottom of your den.

Finally, opening up to the cyclical nature of one's body is also a gateway to better understanding nature and the elements that surround us. Little by little, we better accept the end, the loss and more easily welcome change and renewal. ☀️

Phase 1: See All Red

A cycle always begins on the first day of menstruation.

The period when our endometrium is self-destructing is a precious moment of withdrawal and introspection. At this precise moment, we go in search of an inner truth . It is a period of gestation where our energy turns inward.

We then come into contact with the part of us that is often overwhelmed by everyday life, it knows our truth. Period is when she whispers truths about who we are in our ears .

🍃 To remember from this phase

Keywords: rest, introspection, spirituality, wisdom
Lunar phase: new moon
Season: winter
Actions for yourself: listen to your intuition, take stock of the previous cycle and set your intentions for the next cycle.
Actions for his projects: making aligned decisions without taking action, taking stock, planning and prioritizing tasks.

Phase 2: Folliqui?

The end of the period and the follicular phase create an incredible breath of fresh air . This is the period when courage and taking action are at the top. Our body is in the process of creating a new egg.

During this phase, we know how to draw the necessary energy to advance our projects and we are not afraid to want to be the best in our category. Nothing stops a woman in this phase.

🍃 To remember from this phase

Keywords: inspiration, renewal, energy, joy, purity
Lunar phase: rising moon
Season: spring
Actions for oneself: taking action, cleaning up, doing what requires energy.
Actions for his projects: launch a new project, do his administrative tasks, create content, prospect.

Stage 3: It's ovulation time baby

The ovulatory period is a time of communication when the woman shines. The energy is open outward and we feel the need to express ourselves, whatever the medium.

We are inhabited by the archetype of the total woman who embodies her power and her solar energy . She gives, shares and nourishes by fully assuming herself. It is also a time for listening and empathy .

The ovulation phase is also a period when our seductive and lover side stands out. Whether we want children or not, our body sends us hormonal signals. The LH surge released by our pituitary becomes our wingman to find the ideal partner.

🍃 To remember from this phase

Keywords: protection, maturity, sovereignty, radiant, nurturing, love, manifestation
Lunar phase: full moon
Season: summer
Actions for oneself: choose a wardrobe, look beautiful, take care of oneself, seduce one's partner, rekindle the flame, see loved ones, take care of others.
Actions for his projects: work on his professional network, seal new partnerships, promote his project.

Stage 4: The storm before the calm

The most dreaded time of the cycle, the premenstrual phase is that of chaos .

In a universe where nature, time and life and beings are cyclical , destruction precedes ascension and vice versa. This perspective invites us to better grasp the concepts of impermanence and eternal return.

For many women, this is when everything seems to fall apart . We are on edge and our sensitivity is heightened. While in the fall the leaves of the trees ignite, our emotions do the same during the luteal phase.

Despite the backlash of premenstrual syndrome, this period is a phase of transformation. Listen to your emotions , even the strongest ones. Give them the space to express themselves, they always have a message to share with us on what could be improved in our daily lives.

🍃 To remember from this phase

Keywords: renunciation, destruction, withdrawal, truth
Lunar phase: waning moon
Season: fall
Actions for yourself: offer yourself compassion, warn your loved ones of this turbulent passage, take care of yourself, communicate about your limits and your needs
Actions for his projects: identify what is slowing down the expansion of your activity, focus on the actions implemented earlier, do nothing new

The importance of observation

This article aims to help you reconnect with the power of your cycle , understand it and make it a valuable ally in your growth .

The four seasons of the menstrual cycle , their duration, their energies and their symbolism are present here only as an indication . They are by no means a standard. This observation can also be useful for women with amenorrhea or with irregular cycles.

The best way to know your cycle is to observe it day after day, month after month. To do this, there are many tracking apps like The Flow , Clue or Cycles . There are also rule tracking logs like the SymptoBujo. ☑️

Start tracking changes in mood, energy, and physical symptoms like nausea, aches, and fatigue on a daily basis. Observe if there are times when your energy, mental clarity, communication skills, and creativity are at their highest.

Collecting this data may take a few cycles, but then you can make some schedule changes that will greatly impact your business management and personal growth. 💖

Tracking your menstrual cycle is key to accepting your body and embracing its mood changes throughout the month. We take this opportunity to clear up all the preconceived ideas about what a “normal” cycle should be to fully enjoy your body. Want to break the neck of a last tenacious taboo? Read this article on how to have sex during your period. 🩸


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