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When we embark on the path of self-love, we want to re-tame our body . Exploring your sensuality is a great way to create harmony between your senses, your body and your feelings. To be sensual is to take the time to honor yourself as a woman and to give yourself a good dose of love! In this article, we share 3 exercises to explore your sensuality at your own pace.

What is sensuality?

Before going more in depth, let's deconstruct a received idea that has a hard skin.

No, sex and sensuality are not the same thing.

They may be related, as both relate to enjoyment, but being sensual isn't just about the bedroom.

When we go in search of a definition, we find “ Ability to taste the pleasures of the senses, to be receptive to physical sensations . » at Larousse or even « attraction for the pleasures of the senses » on the side of Robert.

Sensuality is therefore a question of relating to oneself and to the world through the senses.

To be sensual is to be comfortable in one's body and fully imbued with the Beauty that surrounds us. Exploring one's sensuality then comes down to prioritizing one's own love . Pretty cool, no? 😍


To take a first step towards a joyful sensuality, nothing better than a massage.

Our bodies are scrutinized, judged, objectified all day long . They are the victims of countless beliefs that we have inherited from the media and from a sexist society.

After diets, comparison, sabotage or shame, it's time to give him back all the affection he deserves, right? 💖

Pampering every millimeter of our body is a crucial step in learning to love it unconditionally .

To fully enjoy this moment, plan it as a real date. 🌹

  1. Get a dry body oil with an intoxicating scent.

  2. Spread a towel at your feet, on your chair, or on your bed.

  3. Light a few candles, dim the lights.

  4. Start a relaxing jazz, lo-fi or piano playlist.

  5. And take your time!

Immerse yourself fully in the exercise by visualizing the oil as the liquid self-love you want to bring to your whole being.

intuitive dance

Also called ecstatic dance, intuitive dance is self-expression through body movement .

It's simple, you let yourself be carried away by a melody without thinking about the beauty of the gestures or the choreography. 💃

Intuitive dancing is an excellent exercise for letting go, having fun with your body and releasing your emotions. With no objective to reach or audience, it allows an uninhibited interlude in all sensuality.

Rock out to your favorite sounds. We promise, we won't say anything if it's about Justine Bieber from the 2010s. 🎶

Make intuitive dance a ritual and taste its benefits on your relationship to the body and your self-confidence. It's a real journey into her raw energy and spontaneity .

Mindful masturbation

Did you think we were going to tell you about the relationship to the body without mentioning female masturbation? It would be very bad to know us! 😏

To give oneself time to explore one's intimacy , to follow one's pleasure until enjoyment is a true voluptuous art.

We may tend to rush to orgasm during our solo sessions or may not masturbate at all.

Yet slowing down is the key to awakening our full sensual potential . 🔥

  1. Take a few minutes to caress your body before working your way up to your vulva and clitoris .

  2. Tune in to every quiver and every sensation.

  3. Explore the area with your fingers and some lubricant first.

  4. Become aware of the excitement that invades your body, the breath that accelerates and the limbs that stretch little by little
  5. Try edging to hold your orgasm

The idea of ​​mindful masturbation is to explore what makes you happy. Give yourself that tenderness that you offer to others and observe how your body responds.

As you will have understood, exploring your sensuality means taking the time to do what brings us pleasure. We have shared 3 small exercises with you, but there are a multitude of them. Every moment of everyday life can be transformed into a sensual moment: a cooking session at home, a walk in nature or tenderness with your partner.


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