Disease still too recognized, endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects between 2 and 4 million women in France . It is characterized by the growth of tissues similar to those of the uterus outside of it, causing pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding . But that's not all ! In addition to hindering women in their development, it also upsets their libido and their sexuality . We are convinced that the more we break the taboos around this disease, the more quickly medicine will look at concrete solutions for women. This is why this article sheds light on the complex relationship between endo and libido.

Dyspareunia: when making love hurts

In addition to complicating the daily life of 20% of women, endo directly impacts sexual well-being.

For the majority of women with endometriosis, pain and heavy bleeding transform a moment of enjoyment into a parenthesis of suffering.

This is called dyspareunia . The medical profession observes two types of pain during intercourse. ⚡⚡

Superficial dyspareunia is characterized by pain that occurs at the start of penetration and is felt in the vulva, clitoris, vestibule or vagina. Deep dyspareunia is defined by pain deep in the vagina that can spread to the lower abdomen.

Cherry on the cake ? Sick women can also feel discomfort or pain during orgasm , which greatly worsens the relationship to pleasure.

The effects of endometriosis on libido

Beyond the physical symptoms, endometriosis also affects the emotions.

Over the course of uncomfortable experiences, a vicious circle sets in. Each new relationship becomes a source of stress that prevents the letting go necessary to have fun. 🍃

Shame and guilt often follow apprehension. Not being able to fully enjoy their sex life, women with endometriosis feel abnormal. They may also fear being judged or rejected by their partner because of their complex relationship with sexuality. You know how much our intimacy is steeped in injunctions. That of being efficient under the sheets is not to be outdone.

But, all is not so gloomy. Although endometriosis can have a significant impact on sexual fulfillment, it is possible to take steps to regain your libido . ☀️

Our tips for better living your sexuality with endo

Communicate with his or her partner

We can never tell you enough: communication is central to all forms of relationships . Whether it's the love of your life or a one-night stand, verbalize your experience and your needs with your partner.

Give her the space to understand and include her or him in finding solutions that work for both of you. 💞

Work on pelvic mobility

Endometrial damage can cause stiffening of the pelvis. The body resists the pain and the adhesions freeze the pelvic floor.

To avoid this vicious circle, keep your body mobile with stretching activities , whether through sports, physio, osteo or even the delicious postures of yoga and pilates. 🧘

Pain can also be caused by irritation of nerves , such as the pudendal nerve. In this case, neural prolotherapy may be a good option.

Either way, consult a doctor aware of the reality of endo to be redirected to trusted professionals.

Choose kindness

It is important to remember that endometriosis is not your fault and you should not feel guilty or ashamed of your condition. Every experience is different and the idea of ​​“normal” sexuality is a pure mirage. Self-compassion will be your BFF for reconciling with your sexuality. 😉

As you will have understood, endo can greatly impact libido and sexual fulfillment. Our final tip? You remember that the pleasure of two is not limited to penetration . There are a multitude of other practices to explore to enjoy your sexuality. 😘


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