One of the only certainties we have about female sexuality is that it is shrouded in a great cloak of taboos . From a very young age, we are taught that masturbation is a male activity , that it is dirty and that it reduces our libido. Result: many women feel ashamed and embarrassed by their own sexuality. For this article, we have made it our mission to dispel stereotypes about solo pleasure. Because taking time for yourself should be synonymous with self-love and not shame!

Misconception #1: Having fun alone is a practice reserved for singles

Somewhere in the recesses of our minds is an unspoken rule that masturbation is only for single people . It would serve to compensate for the lack of sexual relations with a partner. Like a little slice of butter while waiting for mealtime.

Our culture has inherited a Judeo-Christian consciousness that still views sexual relations between couples as exclusive. She is the one who filed this rule. ⛪

Sex is sacred. Yes, but sex is also an intimate relationship with oneself.

A solo moment has nothing to do with a relationship with several people . While the first is the exploration of one's pleasure, the encounter with oneself, the second is synonymous with sharing and giving. 💞

Masturbating when you're in a relationship is just as great as when you're single. Making love to yourself and others are not mutually exclusive activities . Rather good news, isn't it? 🌞

Misconception #2: Too much masturbating makes the libido disappear

Have you ever heard from loved ones or pseudo sex articles that too much masturbation reduces libido and prevents couples from thriving sexually ?

However, no scientific evidence is presented to support this claim. Instead, research suggests that frequent indulgence can actually improve sexual function in women. 🙌

It even seems that women who masturbate regularly are more likely to be more satisfied with their sex life than those who don't indulge in onanism .

We forget the idea of ​​a couple as two identities that merge to form a monolith. Everyone is an independent individual with their own personality, desires and intimacy.

The development of one makes the happiness of the other in all areas of daily life and therefore in sexual life too. ✨

Misconception # 3: Masturbating during your period is dirty

Since we were little, we have been told that masturbating is a dirty practice. We have this idea that good girls don't do it and it's something to be reserved for perverted and twisted bad girls . 😈

Whether we are convinced of it or not, we end up censoring ourselves on the subject . No one dares to talk about female masturbation, let alone ask questions. We are afraid of passing for too original a case or of not being accepted in our group of friends.

Yes, finding your place and being integrated is often the priority of our teenage years more than being vulnerable.

Women are taught from an early age to be ashamed of their sexuality, and this internalized shame can lead to issues with sex education and self-esteem.

However, we're missing the basic point, which is that masturbation is perfectly natural and healthy , and there's nothing dirty about it. It's called self-care baby! 🍃

In fact, it's a great way to get to know your own body and find out what we like and dislike . Our technique, our preferences and our fantasies belong to us. They are a part of self-expression and even a form of creativity ! No one is in a position to judge them. Neither our classmates, our colleagues, our family or the society in which we live.

Misconception #4: You can become addicted to vibrators

For some, the thought of becoming addicted to sex toys and vibrators is a real worry. 👻

After all, if we can get addicted to things that give us an instant rush of pleasure like gambling, caffeine and social media, why not sex toys?

Let us deconstruct this intox right away: there is no proven addiction to sex toys . Some compulsive masturbation behaviors can be described as masturbation addiction, but these are exceptional cases that have nothing to do with whether or not a vibrator is used. ❌

Using an adult toy is just another way to masturbate . A vibrator brings diversity through its modes and intensity through its power. The regularity of the vibrations or the suction of the clitoris allows you to have fun without getting tired and to enjoy thanks to the regularity of the rhythm .

Some women prefer to alternate with their fingers or the showerhead while others swear by their Coco . This does not mean that our jewel of technology makes them dependent. It's only a matter of personal preference. 🌷

So go ahead and masturbate guilt-free. You are doing your body, mind and soul good. And if you need a little more inspiration, we highly recommend this article on the benefits of masturbation for women. Believe us, once you know how good it is for you, you won't be able to resist the urge to take matters into your own hands . 😏


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