Puissante empowers women to create a life that truly reflects them. Our mission: to break the taboos around female pleasure and put it at the heart of wellness.


It's crucial to offer a joyful approach to turn the trickiest conversations into moments of openness and action. Our goal? That everyone feels free to explore, share, and celebrate their own definition of intimate wellness.


Education is the cure for shame. With knowledge, we can make pleasure available to everyone! Understanding oneself is key to gaining more independence and a sharp thinking. When we know what feels good for us, we can share it with our partners and encourage others to do the same.


No more scenarios where foreplay is just a step, penetration an obligation, and orgasm the ultimate goal. We believe that reclaiming our bodies and desires comes through exploration. Let's savor every moment, every discovery, and enjoy pleasure without pressure.

A little history

Puissante's milestones

January 2021

The crowdfunding campaign is launched for the release of Coco. It's a heartwarming success, hitting 2600% of our goal.

We're shipping 10,000 Cocos to our first customers, helping them explore pleasure with its innovative design.


“My name is Marie Comacle, and I embarked on the Puissante adventure in 2019 after studying engineering. I had been mulling over this idea for years, having tried a vibrator when I was younger. I found the experience absolutely wonderful, although the looks from my friends made me realize how taboo it was!

I became interested in this taboo and after attending numerous workshops on these subjects, the conclusion was quite clear: many women discover themselves later in life and struggle to let go.

So, I wanted to create a brand showcasing the importance of all this. The importance of touching oneself to get to know oneself. The importance of loudly proclaiming that it's normal, that there's no shame in it, no guilt to feel."

Marie Comacle - Founder of Puissante

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