The vaginal area isn't just the part of your genitals that you can stimulate to please yourself. Vulva massage also has its advantages, in addition to pleasure of course. The vulva represents the entire reproductive system of a woman , namely your labia, your clitoris and your vagina. The total what! Follow our guide to find out how to massage your vulvar area in the best way!

Why massage your vulva? 🧘‍♀️

There are several reasons for this practice. We can list among others the following:

To know your body and have fun

Most of the time, women touch each other for the purpose of discovering themselves. Indeed, it is not always obvious to know which parts of the body will be likely to bring you pleasure .

A vulva massage will help you discover yourself, define what you like when this area is stimulated. Apart from self-knowledge, most women also do it to please themselves, and they are right! You never say no to an orgasm after all. 😉

To relieve pain

Vulvar pain is very uncomfortable . Like all pain that lasts, it can take over your sex life. Unfortunately, medicine does not have remedies to treat the vulva when it does not know exactly what it is suffering from. Vulvodynia is pain in the area that persists for more than 3 months without an identifiable cause.

The fact is that to get rid of vulvodynia , you have to combine several methods. And the massage of the sex is a preponderant part of the process because it will make it possible to stop the pain by teaching the muscles to relax. In addition, it brings neutral and pleasant feelings to the brain. It is an effective way for the latter to no longer make the equation vulva = pain.

How to do a vulva massage?

The golden rule is to go gently, this massage should never hurt you. So, if one day you notice that your vagina is more sensitive than the day before, don't insist.

In addition, it is recommended to use lubricant for maximum comfort! 🧴 Water-based lubricants have great fluidity and are not messy. The essential oil is not necessarily recommended because it can damage the vaginal flora.

Once your erogenous zones have reached a significant level of humidification, you can begin vulvar caressing . Stimulate and massage your labia, they hide many nerve endings as well as your clitoris! 🙌

To perform the massage, choose the right moment and make yourself comfortable. Let your body relax.

Start from the outside of the vulva

The first thing to do is to massage each side of the labia majora in small circles. Press gently in slow motions, and take your time. This moment is a privileged moment for you, so we take the time, several tens of minutes if necessary. 🧘‍♀️

Massage the vulva itself

After the massage from the outside, refocus your movements little by little , to focus on the glans of the clitoris, then the clitoris itself. Focus on your feelings, go at your own pace.

By dint of perseverance, especially after pain, your brain will associate these moments with pleasure, and you will even be able to reach orgasm. 🙌

Massage the inside of the vagina

If you feel like it, it is also possible to go to the penetration stage. Gently, at your own pace, you can play with your fingers, or even with sex toys .

A massage to reach orgasm? 🧐

If this is new to you, the stimulation of the penis or the perineum can bring you an unsuspected dose of pleasure, you will discover the Holy Grail. Indeed, by massaging the perineum and sex, you can reach orgasm .

Just use your fingers (thumb for example). The secret above all is to relax to feel the contact with your skin. (Note that the perineum is part of the composition of the vulva since the latter takes into account everything outside the vagina.). The vulva is endowed with a phenomenal amount of nerve endings, and after arousal, the clitoris swells and becomes more and more sensitive to massages and other stimulations.

Apart from your fingers, you also have the option of using a vibrator such as our Coco Vibrator . The vibrator is a device designed to stimulate the female genital areas such as the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina . Its vibration system promotes perfect stimulation, which leads to, you guessed it, enjoyment! 🔥

Coco has been specially designed to let you take your time in exploring your body. It has a suction part for the glans of the clitoris, as well as a vibrating head which allows penetration and stimulation of the G-spot! You can choose to stimulate these two parts independently or both at the same time, since Coco bends. Thanks to this feature, it adapts to almost all morphologies and is suitable for the greatest number! 🙌

Frequently Asked Questions 💬

Massage of the perineum before childbirth: why?

When you are pregnant, the perineum undergoes changes. This massage of the perineum before and especially after childbirth allows a return to the initial state of this part of the body following the arrival of baby. Indeed, the passage of your baby could create damage even after healing. In addition, it is not only before childbirth that the massage of the perineum is appropriate. You can start making them from the eighth month of pregnancy!

What are the different types of perineal massage?

We have the internal perineal massage and the external perineal massage. For the external massage, it is enough to make gentle movements between the vagina and the anus. As for the massage of the internal perineum, it is a question of introducing a thumb into the vagina. Circular movements must then be made inside the wall.

In short, there are several reasons to massage the vulva and perineum . It can be to give yourself only pleasure, to get to know your body or to recover from childbirth. In any case, you must do it gently and tenderly to get the expected results.



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