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While an erection is a very visible sign of arousal, the physical signs in women are more subtle . Vaginal lubrication is the one we know the most about. And yet, this sudden hydration in the heart of our legs is still the victim of some stubborn received ideas . In this article, we unravel the mysteries of desire, the lubrication mechanism, and vaginal dryness . Ready to become a subject matter expert? Let's go! 🚀

How it works ?

Vaginal lubrication is the physical manifestation of body arousal in women. The love juice envelops the vagina and its vestibule to facilitate penetration.

The network of glands around the entrance to the vagina is responsible for secreting this fluid. They are also called the Bartholin glands , if you want to shine in the evening. 😉

This lubrication is accompanied by a vasocongestion inside the vagina which allows the walls to prepare the ground for the reception of the penis . It alkalizes the medium and thus makes it sperm-friendly.

The love juice is also accompanied by a distinct odor which would have the role of informing the partner on the health and the fertility. 💐

👉 Good to know : men get wet too ! The male and female genitals actually behave the same way: they become engorged with blood, harden and lubricate. Women are also quite capable of ejaculating . It is our puritanical culture which has chosen to emphasize one aspect rather than another depending on the image it wishes to convey.

Vaginal lubrication Arousal

After the theory, let's move on to what really happens. The role of lubrication is to prepare the body for fertilization. Contrary to popular belief, getting wet does not mean being inhabited by desire. 🛑

According to a study conducted by Emily Nagoski, the concordance between subjective arousal and genital response is only 10%.

This means that it is quite common and normal to feel like it and not get wet, but also to get wet without feeling like it. The two events are much less related than we might think.

Simply put, your vulva can accommodate what it considers sex-related while your brain has a lot more information in hand to know whether it has desire or not.

We then get the idea that lubrication and excitement are the same phenomenon and we don't care. Only you know whether you feel like it or not , regardless of your body's signals. 🪞

And when you're on fire but the lubrication mechanism doesn't turn on, that's called vaginal dryness .

What to do when drought strikes?

What are the causes of vaginal dryness?

A lack of vaginal lubrication can manifest in multiple ways throughout life. There are 3 main causes for the transformation of the vagina into a Sahara: hormonal, drug and infectious causes. 🐪

Menopause is the primary cause, but dryness can also be the result of pregnancy or major hormonal changes.
Treatments for diabetes, hypertension or depression are among the potential causes related to taking medication. Finally, repeated urinary tract infections and STIs can cause insufficient lubrication.

To this list, we want to add the often forgotten psycho causes . Stress of course, but also ignorance of one's body , a negative perception of sexuality ( “it's dirty”, “it's impure”, “it makes me a bad person” ) influences the moisturizing mechanism.

Test the lubricant

As we saw above that the lubrication of the vagina was not systematically linked to your level of arousal, this is good news! 🙌

What if we gave our physiology a little boost rather than going into a downward spiral of guilt? The lubricant is your new BFF to enjoy alone or with your partner.

For more comfort, opt for a water-based formula . It moisturizes the vagina, does not stick and is compatible with latex condoms. What a bonus. 💦

At Puissant, we have developed an intimate gel made in France with an ultra-clean composition . We are very proud to have a 100/100 on Yuka to accompany you in your burning moments. 🍃🏆

Extend the prelis

Sometimes giving yourself a little extra time is key. Offer your partner to continue the stimulation before moving on to penetration.

Take stock upstream of what drives desire outside of the vulva area. ✔️

Perhaps you like people to play with your nipples, the erogenous zones of the neck or even the anus? Perhaps the atmosphere influences your mood? Maybe you want to look at your partner more to strengthen the connection?

Look for clues that can tell your body and brain that it's time to open the floodgates. 🔥

Consult a pro

When penetration is painful on a recurring basis or the dryness is accompanied by suffering, it is time to turn to a sexologist or a sex therapist.

He or she can guide you towards a solution adapted to your problem . He or she may, for example, offer you hormonal treatment or eggs containing hyaluronic acid.

Vaginal lubrication is a reaction of the body too long considered synonymous with desire. By understanding the mechanism of the body and distinguishing between wetting and wanting, we deconstructed the injunctions around female sexuality. We hope that this article has helped you take another step towards more love for you and your body ! 🥰


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