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The vulva is the external organs of the female reproductive system . It is made up of the labia majora , labia minora , clitoris , urethra , vagina and pubis. 🌸 The stimulation of the vulva can allow you to take a lot of pleasure. Here, we tell you how you can caress your vulva to feel the maximum! 🥰

Reminder on female anatomy

The woman's clitoris is an organ endowed with great sensitivity! It is composed of a dorsal nerve, an acorn, a hood (fold of skin) on its visible part, and… 🥁 8,000 nerve endings! The hood of the clitoris or fold of skin has the role of ensuring the protection of the glans which is ultra-sensitive. 😬

You will also find this hood in men, but bearing the name "foreskin". It also serves to protect the penis like the hood of the clitoris in women. 😉

The glans of the clitoris at rest can measure between 3 and 5 mm. During stimulation, the size of this glans is erectile and can easily increase to 10mm!

The clitoris also has a hidden part inside the vagina. This part is completely covered by the labia minora. This hidden area of ​​the clitoris consists of a shaft and two large roots.

During penetration, it is the stimulation of these two parts (the visible part which is the glans and the hidden part) which are at the origin of the woman's pleasure and orgasm. 🤯

How to use her fingers to caress her vulva?

The vulva represents in a few words the sex of the woman . Many confuse it with the vagina, but this is not the case; the vulva actually represents all of the visible parts of the sex. ☺️

Given the organs that make up the vulva, stimulating the latter means stimulating all of these organs. You can stimulate your vulva using your fingers. 👌

Before any stimulation of the vulva, you can caress your erogenous zones upstream to excite you. This will allow you to produce enough love juice to avoid all sorts of irritations, which generally occur when the vulva is not moistened enough. 💧 It is strongly recommended to use lubricant for maximum comfort! 🧴

You can also stimulate your breasts to increase the excitement! If you like watching erotic videos, check out here ethical porn !

The most important thing is that your body is in a state of excitement and that your sexuality is more than ever awake. 🤩

Similarly, if a partner stimulates your vulva, don't neglect foreplay ! These are often equated with the stimulation of the vulva, but precisely… Caressing your body, kissing your neck or your breasts, are actually the real foreplay that prepares your vulva to be stimulated! ❤️

Once your erogenous zones have reached a significant level of humidification, you can begin vulvar caressing . Stimulate your lips, they hide many nerve endings of the clitoris! 🙌

Identify how you react to your own caresses; the stimulations necessary for pleasure vary for each person. This will allow you to know the areas to touch that will give you pleasure. If this is a first for you and you don't know how to go about it, start by making yourself tickle all over your vulva; one thing leading to another, you will know where and how to press, what movements to make...

Thereafter, you can lightly caress the clitoris with your fingers. These caresses are more than enough to make you vibrate high! Some women like to masturbate with light penetration of the vagina with a finger. If this is your case, you can take the opportunity to do, for example, a slight back and forth on the G-spot . The latter is located about 4cm from the entrance to the vagina.

If this stimulation is done by your partner, he.she will have to cut or file his fingernails to avoid hurting you! 💅

Which position to favor? Which lubricant is best to use?

Several positions can allow you to best stimulate your vulva to feel pleasure! All the positions where you find yourself lying on your back allow you to better observe your vulva (with a small mirror for example 🪞). This will help you find great comfort during your masturbation . This position also allows you to have access to all the erogenous zones of your vulva . 👍

In addition, to increase your pleasure tenfold, you can use lubricant . There are several types of lubricants and the most recommended are the water-based ones. 💧

Water-based lubricants have great fluidity and are not messy. Using lubricant will allow you to increase the pleasure tenfold and avoid the risk of injury and friction!

How to use and choose your vibrator?

The vibrator is an interesting accessory to caress your vulva. To benefit from its characteristics, you have to choose it well, because there are all kinds!

The choice of your vibrator must be made according to what you want in terms of sensations and excitement. There are contactless and contactless vibrators that can give you a lot of pleasure!

The first type is the contactless vibrator is called the clitoral vibrator, sucker, clitoris aspirator … This vibrator works with air pressure and vibration. To use it, you do not need to put it in contact with your vulva. All you have to do is keep it a few centimeters from the vulva and activate it. It is originally designed for the clitoris, but its action has an effect on the entire vulva!

The second type is the contact vibrator. This type of vibrator must necessarily come into contact with the area where the stimulation is desired. Therefore, to massage your vulva you can start by activating it by first placing it on your clitoris and thus going through all the other areas of your vulva.

Of course, having these two features on a single vibrator is more than advantageous for discovering what makes your vulva take off! Coco has been specially designed to let you take your time in exploring your body. It has a suction part for the glans of the clitoris, as well as a vibrating head which allows penetration and stimulation of the G-spot! You can choose to stimulate these two parts independently or both at the same time, since Coco bends. Thanks to this feature, it adapts to almost all morphologies and is suitable for the greatest number! 🙌


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