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In our quest to understand the factors that influence our libido, the role of sport is often underestimated. Yet physical activity can have a significant impact on our sexual desire . In this article, we will explore how sport can have a positive effect, and even revive your libido !

Troublemakers of a fulfilling sex life

Mental health and depression

Depression can greatly affect libido , in both men and women. This mental illness affects a growing number of people, particularly more and more young people aged 18 to 24. This depressive state plunges these people into deep sadness and despair , which has the effect of reducing their interest and desire to have sex.

More generally, poor mental health causes a chemical disruption in the brain , which prevents the hormones linked to desire and then pleasure from properly fulfilling their function.

The contraceptive pill

In some women, use of birth control pills may result in decreased libido. The hormones present in the pill disrupt the body's natural hormonal balance , which affects sexual desire.

Metro work sleep: the routine

Between work, loved ones, leisure activities and personal goals, our daily lives leave little room for moments of relaxation and intimacy.

This hectic pace of life to which we are accustomed is often accompanied by a significant mental load . We are constantly thinking about what to do, what we would like to accomplish, or how to care for others.

This lifestyle has the effect of exhausting us, and above all reducing our sexual desire.

Be careful, however, not to feel guilty: professional demands, family responsibilities and personal projects are the daily lot of the majority of people . We have learned to create, produce and move forward, but it is up to us to discover how to breathe, slow down and rest. 🍃

Sexuality after birth

The arrival of a child disrupts everyday life . The body is transformed, habits are turned upside down and the family dynamic needs a new period of adaptation. 🐣

Learning to accept your new body and manage your emotions during the postpartum phase takes time. You have to relearn how to become a BFF with your body, give it time to recover from the birth and be rested enough to indulge in pleasure. All of this usually takes precedence over sexual fulfillment and reduces the frequency of sexual intercourse .



Another upsetting period in women's lives, menopause brings with it a series of hormonal changes.

The decrease in estrogen levels in the blood leads to a decrease in libido. It also causes, in most cases , vaginal dryness which makes sexual intercourse more painful and uncomfortable. We talk to you in more detail about the impact of menopause on sexuality in this article.

Sport and libido: a business that works

A boost for esteem

Sport offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with your body, to feel strong and agile . Whether through yoga, swimming, running or even football, each training session pushes us to exceed our limits and gain confidence in our physical abilities.

This newly acquired self-confidence carries over into every aspect of our lives , including our sex lives. 🙌

By feeling better in your body, by developing a better awareness of your sensations and preferences, it becomes easier to surrender to intimacy , whether alone or with a partner.


A blend of good vibes hormones

In addition to increasing self-confidence, sport releases a cocktail of hormones that directly impact our physical and emotional well-being, including our libido. 🍹

When physical activity reaches a certain level of intensity, our body produces endorphins, aka happy hormones . These substances cause a feeling of well-being and euphoria .

Exercising regularly can not only improve mood and reduce stress, but also positively influence our sexual desire.

Sport also stimulates the production of other hormones such as dopamine and serotonin , associated with satisfaction, pleasure and relaxation. The ideal recipe to promote a mental and emotional state conducive to a fulfilling sex life. ✨

Good for the couple

If you are in a committed relationship, practicing sport can be of great benefit to your relationship.

According to this article unearthed at The Conversation , exercising together creates a virtuous cycle that motivates and invites discipline while strengthening the relationship. Ultimately, two-person sport seems like a good idea, right?

Additionally, sport acts as an outlet for stress, reducing tension and conflict. ❤️

Finally, sharing an active lifestyle can strengthen bonds and encourage a mutual commitment to physical and emotional well-being. Enough to create an environment conducive to a fulfilling sex life in the long term.

Precautions and limits

As with all things in life, sport should be practiced in moderation . It is crucial to carefully dose your physical activity , especially when starting again.

If you overdo it, you risk burning out, which can seriously affect your libido.

Additionally, cardio exercises are great for the heart, but can impact your sexual appetite . Prolonged cardio sessions can reduce cortisol levels, a stress-related hormone, but also decrease testosterone production . Testosterone is the hormone directly linked to libido, and less testosterone means less desire .

Our advice: 2 to 3 sports sessions per week with days of rest between each session. 🏀

Finally, remember that mental and physical well-being go hand in hand . Alongside your sporting practice, also allow yourself moments of rest and relaxation by taking time for yourself. There are other ways to boost your libido than sport and it is by having a healthy lifestyle overall that you can fully benefit from a peak sexual appetite!

You are ready to make sport the ally of a healthy and fulfilling sex life! If you don't yet know what physical activity to do to take care of your health and feel good in your sneakers, make sure that you enjoy it and that it makes you want to surpass yourself. For advice on how to keep your resolutions without pressure , do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article . 😘


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