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What is sexual emancipation for you? Perhaps Woodstock and the Summer of Love in 1969. Or the sale of the first rabbit in 1984. Be that as it may, the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s profoundly reshaped mentalities. It has made it possible to take a big step from a traditional society to a modern one . In this article, we take you in a Powerful blue DeLorean to explore the milestones of sexual liberation.

The beginnings of sexual liberation

At the dawn of the 1960s, a breath of fresh air swept across the West. Baby boomers are asserting themselves in opposition to the traditional values ​​of their parents, the rock'n'roll of the Beatles makes the transistors vibrate and medicine breaks with the dogma of the Church.

Suddenly, sexuality is no longer just a means of procreation to compensate for high infant mortality . The idea of ​​pleasure is becoming increasingly important in intimacy. 🔥

In 1953, the book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male by scientist and sexologist Alfred Kinsey had the effect of a shock wave on consciences. Based on nearly 6,000 testimonials, the book contains revelations on hot topics such as women's masturbation practices, premarital sex and orgasmic experiences. Kinsey documented a huge gap between social attitudes and actual practices. He thus revealed that sexual behaviors were more varied than previously thought. 😏

Another important date in the United States, in 1960 the contraceptive pill is authorized. This advance marks a turning point in the perception of sexuality, allowing women to assert themselves more and make more informed decisions about their sexual life.

In France, it is the year of family planning . It was not until 1967 that the pill legally arrived on the market. 🇬🇧

Social movements

The civil rights movement was started to fight segregation and racial discrimination. Activists have organized protests and boycotts to pressure government and corporations to end oppressive practices . This movement has also contributed to sexual liberation by pointing out societal injunctions and fighting for equality for all. ✊

In France, May 68 liberated the body and gendered injunctions. First initiated as a revolt against the education system, the movement quickly challenged social norms , especially regarding sexuality and power relations. The protests called for greater sexual freedom and an end to male domination.

Following May 68, the Women's Liberation Movement ( MLF ) created in 1970 and the Homosexual Revolutionary Action Front created in 1971 were the main movements that integrated sexual struggles into the struggle for emancipation. 🏳️‍🌈

Deep throat, mirror of sexual emancipation

Culture has been able to echo the evolution of mores. A naked Marilyn Monroe in the centerfold of the first issue of Playboy had given us a hint. 🐇

But it was the film Deepthroat starring Linda Lovelace that paved the way for greater sexual freedom and diversity in media portrayals of sexuality .

Made in 1972, it was the first pornographic film to achieve resounding commercial success . It tells the story of a woman who fails to reach orgasm, and who eventually discovers that her clitoris is located in her throat. It was one of the first to be shown in mainstream theaters , and it helped liberalize sexual norms in American society. 🎬

With its slick staging and quirky humour, Gorge Profonde launched the trend of “chic porn” and democratized eroticism on the big screen.

On the French side, we have Emmanuelle released in 1974 . It traces the sexual exploration of a young woman during a stay in Thailand. Although criticized for its representation of a sexuality centered around male pleasure, it still offers a vision of female sexuality as a source of pleasure and emancipation for women. Its success was so great that it remained on display on the Champs-Élysées for more than 10 years. 🏆

The limits of the sexual revolution

Although this revolution has brought about significant changes in the way we perceive sexuality, it has also encountered limits. It seems essential to us to qualify the events of the 60s and 70s.

Although this period contributed to an apparent liberation of women, it also reinforced gender stereotypes. Films like Deep Throat have above all depicted a sexuality centered around male pleasure where the woman must give pleasure. The great figures of sexual liberation like Bettie Page or Linda Lovelace have also been exploited for their eroticism. We recommend the excellent graphic novel Coney Island Baby which traces their destiny. 📙

Pornography and pop-culture largely reflected sexist heterosexual norms . This double-edged wind of freedom sowed new seeds of injunctions where women had to be as prudish as they were sexual. The cult of performance that we fight with fervor in our articles was born during this period.

Finally, one of the most obvious limitations of the sexual revolution has been the marginalization of sexual minorities . Although the sexual revolution advocated sexual freedom, LGBTQ+ people continued to be stigmatized and discriminated against.

In short, we still have work to do before experiencing a fully liberated sexuality. 💪

Without the advances of the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, Puissante would not exist . We might be a brand of electric beaters or massage accessories. The pivotal 20 years allowed for greater sexual freedom for women and members of the queer community. Yet the fight for an emancipated and powerful sex life is far from over. Do we continue to water you with History of sexuality? Check out this article on the female masturbation epic. 📚


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