What if resolutions were a way of taking care of yourself rather than forcing yourself to become someone else? At the start of the year, we wanted to offer you some real good resolutions that are good for both body and mind. On the menu: learn autonomy , enjoy life and regain your power . Pretty cool, right? We hope that these few ideas will encourage you to draw up your commitments to yourself for 2024. 🍾

Take the time to do nothing

The philosophy

In a society constantly in motion , where productivity is elevated to the supreme virtue, it is difficult to justify the simple act of doing nothing. We feel like we're wasting our time or, worse, afraid of missing out on something . However, idleness is a fundamental right. 🙌

As on a musical score, the moments of breathing have just as much meaning and importance as the location of the notes. Doing nothing teaches us that inner wealth lies in parentheses outside of time.

Deciding to spend less time doing and more time being is also giving our deep nature , our little voice, our intuition the opportunity to express itself. She reminds us of who we are, powerful women. By reconnecting with this inner truth, we reconcile ourselves with this quiet force which guides our steps towards a life more in line with our aspirations and our love. ✨

In practice

  • Contemplative walk 🍃
    Giving new meaning to the very French art of strolling . Try getting lost in the streets of your city or the paths of your countryside without a specific route or goal. It's the best way to rediscover the simplicity of existence.

  • Free writing session 🖋️
    Give yourself a writing session free of constraints and objectives. We don't care about the accuracy of your French or the result, it's a moment just for you. Let the words flow across the paper and see where your pen takes you. This exercise is an excellent way to clear your head and take a real break from your daily life.

  • Day without to-do 🍵
    How long has it been since you had a day filled entirely with nothing? No housework, no going out with friends, absolutely nothing. By giving free rein to your desires, a day without planning makes you rediscover the joy of spontaneous activities and suspended moments.

    2. Let pleasure guide the way

    The philosophy

    Life is too short to let ourselves be crushed by the austerity of everyday life, bad news, and the pile of contradictory expectations that weigh on our shoulders. Rather, let us actively seek pleasure in all its forms, because it is what connects us to the very essence of life!

    Allowing yourself pleasure is far from being a selfish gesture. On the contrary, our desires and our passions are a powerful compass for finding fulfillment and finally leaving alone. 👏

    In practice

    • Create a list of simple pleasures 🍰
      List  little things that bring you joy every day , like enjoying your morning coffee in the sun on your balcony or blaring your favorite song in the car when no one can hear you  (especially on Céline Dion) .

    • Dare to masturbate 🔥
      Exploring your pleasure involves food, art, but also sexuality. With the fingers, a cushion , or in the company of  Darling , treat yourself  the luxury of solo enjoyment . Leave the injunctions that weigh on your sex life at the doorstep to leave  discovering what makes you shiver .

    • Say “no” 🙃
      Learn to say no to commitments that drain your energy . To refuse, you can, for example, state your priorities: “I am grateful for your offer, but right now I need to focus on my personal priorities. Maybe another time. " It is an act of self-affirmation which allows us to draw clear limits in kindness. Let go of commitments that no longer serve you make space for experiences that nourish your well-being.

    3. Take care of your health

    The philosophy

    “Happy New Year and above all good health” say all the grandmothers of France and Navarre, and they are not wrong. When our health is good, we fully experience the joy of being with our loved ones, we devote our energy to our passions and savor every moment that our body offers us.

    Health is the foundation of a life rich in pleasure and power . By paying active attention to our state of health, we take the reins of our well-being and we can give ourselves the gift of a daily life full of vitality. ⚡

    In practice

    • Schedule regular health checkups ✅
      Dentist, osteopath, blood test, podiatrist, gynecologist, dermatologist, etc. : establish a list of professionals to consult based on your personal needs. As wait times can be long, make your appointments in advance for your routine exams. Even if you feel in good shape. Prevention is key.

    • Adopt regular physical activity 🤸
      We know it, everyone says it, but we promise, moving really changes your life. Incorporating regular physical activity not only benefits the body and promotes long-term healthy living, but it also benefits mental health . There's no point in engaging in intensive exercise if you're not interested; a 30-minute walk a day is more than enough. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and turn it into a weekly routine.

    • Practice self-examination 🩷
      Get to know your body through regular self-examination , whether it's your skin, your breasts or other aspects of your health. By embracing this autonomy, you are not only taking care of yourself, but also strengthening this beautiful connection with your body . Self-examination initiates a conversation with your inner self and paves the way for a proactive approach to your well-being.

    4. Finally dig into your finances

    The philosophy

    At Puissante, we are convinced that regaining power requires exploration and action . This applies to our sexuality, our health, as well as our finances. And yes, financial stability is not just about money, but also a crucial part of emotional well-being. 🪷

    By knowing and proactively managing our finances, we create a space of peace of mind. Less money worries means more time to indulge in resolutions 1 and 2! To take a first step and take back your financial dreams, take a look at this article. Then, take inspiration from the tracks listed below. 👇

    In practice

    • Understand your spending habits 👛
      Take a few hours to take inventory of the amounts spent over the last 3 months. You will discover a lot about your relationship with money. Once this assessment has been carried out, you will be able to consciously choose what you want to do with your salary. Eliminate unnecessary expenses, renegotiate your energy and telecommunications contracts, keep some small (and big) pleasures and identify essential expenses. The goal is not to judge you , but to understand yourself better to regain control of your financial situation.

    • Establish a realistic budget 🧮
      Creating a budget means establishing a financial roadmap aligned with our goals . Distribute your finances according to your fixed expenses and your aspirations, the first step towards controlled financial management. Some prefer to use liquid in envelopes , others applications . It's up to you to find the method that suits you best.

    • Build up emergency savings 💰
      Saving is more than just a financial habit, it's a way of thinking about the future . This financial reserve acts as a safety net in case of unforeseen circumstances , providing peace of mind in the face of uncertainty. It represents the solid foundation on which to build lasting financial foundations. Only once you have this safety cushion can you tackle more complex investment questions.

    You are now ready to live a year marked by self-care and fulfillment. To start the year off right and not put pressure on yourself with resolutions, we recommend that you read or reread last year's article which explainshow to keep your resolutions without pressure. 😘


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