If you have ever taken a first step into the world of relaxation, meditation or yoga, you know that the breath is our vital impetus . Breathing connects the body and the mind . It plays a crucial role in regulating our nervous system and our emotions . It is therefore no surprise that it can have an impact on our arousal and our sexual pleasure . Good news, right? In this article, we share 3 simple exercises to make your breath a tool to enjoy!

Breathing 4-7-8

To perform this exercise, get into the mood. You can do a few repetitions while your partner takes care of you or establish a moment of relaxation before the sexual act.

Once you're ready, place the tip of your tongue just behind your top teeth.

1. Exhale completely through your mouth, making sure to empty your lungs. 😮‍💨

2. Next, inhale silently through your nose for 4 beats.

3. Hold your breath for 7 beats.

4. Exhale fully through your mouth for a count of 8. Control the flow of your breath by letting only a trickle of air pass between your lips . You can also practice the Ujjayi technique by slightly constricting the larynx.

You can repeat the exercise up to four times, focusing on your breathing and letting your thoughts settle down.

If you find that practicing this technique pulls you out of the present moment during a hot moment, make it part of your daily routine . Do it two to three times a day . Gradually, it will become a reflex for those times when you need to relax the body and bring the mind back. 🍃

Breathing for more pleasure: breathing with sex

Here we are talking about visualization . Our vulva does not really have the capacity to bring us oxygen. If you have any doubts, we recommend this article to know our anatomy. 😉

Breathing with your gender helps you better connect to your sexual sensitivity and receptivity.

1. Begin by lying on your back with your hands resting on your pubic mound or stomach.

2. At first, concentrate only on the waves of the breath. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. 🌊

3. Once you've gotten into the dance, lower your focus area to your gender.

4. Visualize the flow of air entering through your vulva and passing through your perineum before reaching your lungs.

5. As you inhale, contact your perineum and expand your abdomen .

6. On the exhale, release everything . Imagine the air leaving your lungs to make the reverse path.

With regular use, breathing with sex becomes a great way to boost sexual energy ! 🤩

PS: This exercise is interesting to practice during masturbation. It ticks all the boxes to relax you while restoring awareness to your pleasure territories.

Synchronized breathing with his or her partner

Want to involve your partner in a slow sex exercise? Let's go !

Synchronized breathing is a simple and effective technique for building intimacy and connection . It is also perfect for raising the temperature. 🔥

1. Lying down or cross-legged face to face, take a few slow, deep breaths to relax. Give your body and mind time to disconnect from the day and be fully present.

2. Then breathe in with your partner , focusing on breath synchronization. There are always a few hiccups at the start, that's normal. You can gaze into each other's gaze so that your breath naturally matches. It's rather magical.

3. If all goes well, lengthen each exhale and pause lightly at the end of each inhale . This helps extend the pleasure for a few minutes.

4. Finally, take time for feedback after the report. Feel free to experiment and adjust this technique to suit your preferences and those of your partner. 💬

With these few exercises, you will find that breathing is a powerful tool to intensify sexual pleasure. The techniques we have explored in this article are great for calming the mind, enhancing intimacy between partners, and awakening sensitivity in the genital area. If the idea of ​​putting more awareness back into your sexuality, take a look at this article. 👀


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