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And if the physical intensity of our pleasure depends on a muscular triangle still too little known ? The perineum plays a major role in our orgasms and yet we often have to wait for its postpartum sagging to meet it. It is high time to restore joy, curiosity and enjoyment to this neglected part of our anatomy. Focus on the pelvic floor!

Perineum, who are you?

This region of the body forms a true support for the internal organs such as the bladder, the uterus or the rectum. Imagine it as a pelvic hammock that holds everything in place. It thus avoids leaks and facilitates deliveries and improves post-partum recovery. In short, a friend you can count on! 🔒

The perineum is made up of several muscles that stretch from the pubis to the spine . They can be divided into 3 categories: superficial muscles, medium muscles and deep muscles. They each have a role in the proper functioning of the organs they support.

In 2008, epidemiologist Jean Lawrence conducted a study of 4,000 women between the ages of 25 and 84. More than a third of cases had a problem with their pelvic floor. This result goes against the generally accepted idea that concerns related to the pelvic floor would be limited to a specific age group.

One more proof, if one were needed, of the importance of knowing your anatomy to move towards more intimate autonomy. 💪

The role of the perineum in sexuality

The perineum plays an essential role in women's sexuality and their ability to achieve more intense orgasms . It is in particular thanks to our BFF the pubococcygeal muscle ( or PC muscle for short ). 💖

During the excitement phase, the superficial muscles cause the clitoris to swell, increasing its sensitivity to contact . At the same time, the Bartholin's glands release lubricating fluid to facilitate penetration.

Deep muscles tighten the outer third of the vagina, intensifying sensations and perception of movement during hot moments. These contractions of the perineum, both voluntary and involuntary, compress the penis of a partner or the penetrating part of a sex toy.

During sex, these contractions accompany those of other muscles, creating an intoxicating orgasmic rhythm . Good news: a strong perineum can also lead to multiple orgasms , as the ability to relax and contract these muscles facilitates a stronger orgasmic response. 🤩

Meet her intimate anatomy

Being aware of your body is essential to cultivating a fulfilling sexuality. Connecting to your perineum is the key to a richer experience and more enjoyment every day! 🔥

To fully feel your pelvic floor and develop this intimate connection with yourself, here are some simple exercises:

  1. Visualization exercise
    Lie down comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your perineum area. Imagine a sphere of soft light surrounding this area, expanding with each inhale and contracting slightly with each exhale. Visualize this benevolent energy enveloping you, making a deep connection with your pelvic hammock.

  2. Conscious breathing
    Sit cross-legged or lie on your back, place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your perineum. Take deep breaths, making sure the air first fills your abdomen and then slowly rises towards your perineum. Feel how your perineum relaxes on the inhale and contracts slightly on the exhale. This conscious breathing helps to develop a finer sensory awareness of this part of your body.

  3. Contraction and relaxation exercise
    Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and slowly contract your perineum muscles as if trying to suppress the urge to urinate. Hold the contraction for 5 seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise several times, taking care not to over-stretch the muscles. The goal is to feel the subtle contractions and gradually increase your awareness of this area. This is the famous Kegel exercise.

The goal of these exercises is to restore awareness in an area that is too often on autopilot . The more you learn to feel this muscle hammock, the more you will be able to control it during your pleasure breaks. Give yourself time to explore the sensations without waiting for imperative results. The key words: gentleness, kindness and patience. 🍃

Take care of your perineum

The perineum, like any muscle, requires proper care to stay healthy. Here are some tips to take care of your perineum without overworking it:

  • Practice Kegel exercises regularly: Kegel exercises, consisting of contracting and relaxing the PC muscle, are perfect for strengthening the perineum without overloading it with tension. 🏋️

  • Maintain healthy posture: Good posture contributes to a healthy perineum. Remember to walk flat from time to time, because the arch caused by the heels promotes the sagging of this area. Also avoid sitting too long with your legs crossed, which can put excessive pressure on the pelvic floor.

  • Avoid exercises that are too intense: Too much stress on the perineum can lead to unnecessary tension. Avoid intense strength training or impact exercises.

You now have all the keys in hand to discover your perineum , this still too little-known muscle. Every woman is unique, so listen to your body and respect its needs during exercise. It is with practice and time that you will be able to make your pelvic floor a great ally for more intense pleasure. If you want to go even further in reconnecting to your body, take a look at our article on the menstrual cycle! 🔍


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