Lacking inspiration for your moments of solitary pleasure ? Do you want to explore media other than video or your imagination? Powerful helps you fill up with good erotic and stimulating vibes ! Here is our absolutely not exhaustive selection of books, podcasts and guides to have fun alone .

Our podcasts to treat yourself alone 🎙️

breaking wave

At Puissant we love to test new experiences and then share them with you. Erotic audio fictions have been our big favorite for a year and a half. 🥰

Among our favorites is the self-proclaimed " pleasure provocative podcast ", Déferlante. The Belgian program publishes an erotic audio story every Sunday at 8 p.m. for our greatest pleasure.

With more than 70,000 plays, Déferlante is also a website that brings together rich archives classified by theme. Something to please us alone, whatever the mood of the moment!


Created by Olympe de G., VOXXX caused a small revolution in the world of sex podcasts. Through episodes with an ASMR atmosphere, VOXXX plunges us into various pornographic scenarios in the company of characters with voices that are sometimes soft, sensual, sulphurous or transgressive.

This podcast for audiophile clitoris has archived its episodes and also offers a search engine to find what you want in one click. To access it, simply register on VOXXX+.

Don't panic, you can access the last ten episodes on your favorite listening platform. 🙌

Charlie's Erotic Readings

This awesome podcast is on a mission to restore the image of “prank” stories . The challenge is met hands down with episodes that plunge us into immersive and enjoyable readings .

On the menu, modern works by authors whose writing is considered too impure to bar their way to literary recognition.

In the same approach, we also recommend CtrlX created by a collective of journalists, artists and digital profiles. 🎧

Our selection of books to treat yourself 📚

Venus Erotica by Anis Nin

If we had to mention a great classic of women's erotic literature, it would be Venus Erotica. Moreover, she is often the only author cited in the general rankings of literature dedicated to pleasure alongside the Marquis de Sade, DH Lawrence and Henry Miller.

The disturbing author immerses herself in the writing of erotic short stories in order to satisfy her wealthy patron. A reading that is mistress of our pleasure , which holds in suspense as we explore these meanders of pleasure, as our heartbeat accelerates with the characters and as enjoyment invades us . 🔥

Story of O by Pauline Réage

Under the pseudonym of Pauline Réage, the author Dominique Aury gives us an essential sadomasochistic chronicle .

In the Château de Roissy, a young girl does her sex education and explores total abandonment to the other . Published in the 1950s, the work is still the subject of much controversy , but remains among the classics of erotic writing. 🥇

Whether loved or hated, the story of O has its place in a selection of resources for self-pleasure.

The Scarlet Notebook and Losing Breath by Anne Rachet

Subtitled Lesbian Erotic Fragments, the Scarlet Notebook is not a fictional tale . It brings together aphorisms, texts and a few illustrations witnessing the intimate journey of the author. 📕

Perdre Haleine completes the first object by inviting us to moments of auto-eroticism . Presented as an ode to female masturbation , Perdre Haleine is a 26,000-word phrase that rediscovers the pleasure of reflection and words as an appetizer of sexual pleasure.

Dare 20 sex stories between girls at La Musardine

La Musardine is one of the leading figures of French publishing in the field of sexuality. In addition to offering us accessible guides to explore one's desire and sexuality, the house also publishes erotic stories to accompany our explorations . ♨️

This collection brings together short author s and brings us a diversity of scenarios far from the clichés .

Female Masturbation Guides 📑

Enjoyment Club

Before being an international bestseller , Jouissance Club was Jüne Plã's Instagram account .

The book and the account are both gold mines for enjoying yourself alone or with others. Thanks to clear diagrams accompanied by practical instructions, the designer tells us about different techniques other than penetration to explore herself in an uninhibited and jubilant way .

This sex education manual is aimed at women as well as men and non-binary people, whatever their sexual orientation or their current desires.

A cartography of pleasure that does not encumber itself with any taboos by returning to the foundations of our sexuality: anatomy. 🫀


A pioneer in digital education for female pleasure, OMGYes is a project born in the USA. Busting preconceptions about the complexity of female pleasure , the site offers scientific research and self-knowledge as the ultimate antidote to ignorance. 👏

With super accessible content that popularizes female orgasm, OMGYes presents female masturbation guides on video .

We love the fact that the brand has generated an impulse in research to then create techniques to increase pleasure tenfold.


Inspired by the action of OMGYes, CLIMAX is the made in France version . In the form of online video training, explore more than 70 techniques to have fun alone or with your partner. 🇬🇧

In a process of reappropriation of female pleasure and led by a great team of experts, CLIMAX offers 3 packages: external pleasure , internal pleasures and tantra exercise .

The Powerful Blog

In addition to female masturbation guides , we give you plenty of tips for exploring her arousal, being comfortable with her sexuality and embracing her power. 🎉

Find in this cocoon both badass and benevolent, resources on female well-being , self-confidence, case studies and much more!

And you, what are your favorites to have fun alone? Share your recommendations by sending us a private message on Instagram .


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