Associated with the notion of moral purity in many cultures, virginity is actually much more than a story of a torn hymen . In this article, Powerful chooses to shed light on the myths surrounding hymen perforation. Our goal: to put the knowledge of our anatomy back in our hands and regain power over our bodies of course!

Being a virgin: the consequences of the cult of purity

In some parts of the world, virginity is considered a commodity . Women may be sold for their chastity, or forced into prostitution to pay off a family debt. In India, in particular, the practice of selling virginity is often associated with the lowest castes and the most marginalized communities.

Among the Xhosa in South Africa and Namibia, young girls practice the Ukuthwala ceremony . This ceremony marks the young girl's entry into adult life and consists of a period of isolation and purification . The ceremony also includes the public display of the girl's hymen .

🔎 But we don't have to look that far to see the consequences of the cult of virginity. In France , some families continue to request virginity tests from their daughters in order to prove their purity before a marriage.

Spolier alert: it is impossible to know if a person has lost their virginity . Doctors can only observe the condition of the hymen. The World Health Organization condemns virginity tests, which it describes as humiliating and traumatic.

The pressure to remain a virgin is so strong that it sometimes leads to dangerous practices, such as surgery to recreate a hymen or the introduction of fake blood capsules into the vagina.

Ready to demystify virginity and move the lines? 🔥

Of the diversity of marriages

First myth, and not least: virginity is linked to the presence or absence of the hymen in women. Nope.

The hymen is a thin membrane located at the entrance to the vagina and which separates it from the vulva. It is naturally perforated with a small, more or less narrow orifice which allows the flow of menstruation and white discharge. We are not the only ones to have a hymen, other mammalian species also have them.

As you can imagine, all women and females are not born with the same type of hymen. Its elasticity and shape vary greatly from one woman to another. As with the appearance of our breasts, clitoris or vulva, some hymens are thicker and stronger, while others are thinner and more fragile. 💪

It is precisely this elasticity that will cause more or less blood or pain during the perforation of the hymen.

The first report is done in blood and pain

All in chorus: False! 🎵

The correct answer once again lies at the heart of our anatomy. The amount of blood when the hymen ruptures depends on the degree of vascularization of the hymen, which varies between women. A more flexible and less vascularized hymen will tend to bleed less than a thick hymen full of small veins.

On the pain side, again , there is no universal rule . Some women feel the tearing of their hymen while others have an already perforated hymen due to the introduction of a tampon or a sports practice for example. 💃

Want the truth? The discomfort or pain experienced is not only related to the rupture of the hymen, but also to the limited experience of the partners and the lack of lubrication of the mucous membranes during penetration.

First time ≠ penetration

Another myth that persists in cottages: the confusion between first time and vaginal penetration. So, in your opinion, being a virgin is a question of anatomy or sexual awakening?

Many sexual acts can be considered a first time. Mutual masturbation, oral sex, sodomy are practices that stimulate pleasure without addressing penetration. You have also written an article entirely on the subject.

However, the first time should be synonymous with deflowering, right? 🤔

When one questions the details of the loss of virginity, one quickly realizes that the clauses of the contract are relatively vague.

Understanding the absurdity of this injunction is a first step towards a more free and fulfilling sexuality where everyone focuses on pleasure and mutual consent rather than social pressure and rigid norms. ✨

A sexual act is by no means limited to penetration and it does not necessarily end with an orgasm.

It is therefore essential to promote inclusive and respectful sex education that takes into account the diversity of sexual practices and identities. 👏

Questioning the notion of virginity allows us to put a little kindness and respect back into our sexuality . If you've learned new information about your anatomy, consider sharing it with others . Want to continue breaking taboos on our body in a good mood? We offer you this article on vaginal and clitoral orgasms.


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