It's time to talk about a somewhat taboo but yet very important subject: self-exploration and, more specifically, how to finger yourself well . Knowing your body is essential to having a fulfilling sexuality, and there is nothing wrong with exploring what you like or what makes you feel good.

So, ready to discover your intimacy? Here is a guide with different techniques to accompany you step by step. 😉


I. Preparation

A. Health and safety

First, remember to wash your hands well and cut your fingernails short to avoid injury or infection. You can even use hand sanitizer if you want. Remember that safety first! 💪

By taking the time to maintain proper hygiene, one can create a clean and healthy environment for the intimate exploration of one's body . Washing your hands before masturbating is especially important to reduce the risk of infection. Thoroughly cleaning the genitals with warm water and mild soap removes impurities and potentially harmful bacteria. By paying attention to personal hygiene before masturbating, one promotes a more pleasant and safe experience, while taking care of one's sexual well-being.

B. Create a comfortable ambience

Choose a quiet, private place to relax, like your bedroom or bathroom. Schedule time for yourself and make yourself comfortable. Light a few scented candles, put on some soft, relaxing music, and don't forget to take deep breaths to fully relax. 🧘

By taking the time to prepare an environment that awakens the senses, we promote a deeper connection with our body and our desires. By creating a conducive and sensual atmosphere, you give yourself the opportunity to explore your body with kindness, to connect to your desires and to live a more fulfilling and rewarding masturbation experience. 🕯

II. Knowledge of female anatomy

A. Understand the body parts involved

Before you begin, it's important to know a bit about female anatomy. The vulva is the outer part of our genitals, while the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina are on the inside. The G-spot , an erogenous zone inside the vagina, can be stimulated when fingering for increased pleasure. 🌺

Masturbation is an act of sexual self-exploration that allows us to understand the female anatomy as well as the erogenous zones, our stimulation preferences and the types of pressure that give us the most pleasure. By taking the time to discover our intimate anatomy, we can learn how to effectively stimulate our sensitive areas, be it the clitoris , the G-spot or other erogenous zones .

By exploring our own anatomy and experimenting with different stimulation techniques , we can achieve more intense orgasms and better understand how to share our pleasure with our partners. 

B. Listen to your body

Remember that every woman is different, and what works for some may not work for you. So, listen to your body and find out what makes you feel good. Trust your intuition and feel free to experiment with different techniques. 🎯

By exploring and understanding our own anatomy, we are able to identify what gives us the most pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Additionally, by knowing our bodies, we are better equipped to take care of our sexual health by detecting any unusual changes or symptoms. Ultimately, knowing your body as a woman is an empowering act that allows us to take control of our pleasure and satisfaction in our moments of intimacy, providing us with a more fulfilling and fulfilling sexual experience. 😎


III. fingering techniques 

A. Warm-up and external stimulation

Begin by gently stroking your vaginal lips and clitoris with one or more fingers. You can use a suitable lubricant to facilitate the glide and increase the pleasure. Use circular motions , up and down , or left to right , whichever you prefer. Take the time to warm up properly and enjoy each sensation by trying out different techniques. 🌡️

B. Internal exploration

Once you feel ready, gently insert a finger into your vagina. You can slightly bend your finger upwards to stimulate the G-spot , located about 5 cm inside the vagina, on the upper wall. Vary the pressure, pace and movements to find what gives you the most pleasure. Feel free to add a second finger if you feel comfortable and want to increase the intensity. 🎢

C. Vary techniques and positions

Don't limit yourself to one technique or position . Try different combinations to find what works best for you. For example, you can lie on your back, sit, stand, or kneel. You can also stimulate other erogenous zones, such as your breasts or your anus, to intensify the sensations. Be creative and have fun! 🎨

D. Use lubricant

Lubricant can play an important role in improving the experience of masturbation by reducing friction and increasing comfort and the feeling of pleasure. Additionally, the lubricant can be especially beneficial when exploring new techniques or using sex toys, providing a feeling of extra softness and comfort. It is important to choose a lubricant adapted to our preferences and our body, avoiding lubricants containing potentially irritating ingredients.

At Puissant, our intimate gel is water-based , with lily extract, made in France, and 99.6% ingredients of natural origin! What helps you to take maximum pleasure. 💪

How to go further for more pleasure? Discover Coco

Step after finger masturbation for even more pleasure! 👀

And yes ! to please yourself, you can also use vibrators , whether it's exploring your sexuality solo or sharing moments of complicity with a partner , vibrators offer a wide range of possibilities to satisfy our desires the deepest.

Whether you're looking for a gentle caress or more intense stimulation, there's a vibrator for every need:

  • Suction function: Our mini coco , mini version of our coco, will offer you maximum pleasure with its 10 suction intensities available to pamper your clitoris 🤩
  • Vibration function: The spinning top is designed to build excitement step by step, emphasizing sensation rather than performance.
  • Both at the same time: Coco , a vibrator with two buttons, one to activate the vibration function and the other to activate the suction function. Each of these functions offers 10 different modes:

    For suction, you can choose from 7 different intensities, as well as 3 random modes for a variety of sensations.

    As for the vibration, you have 8 adjustable intensities and 2 random modes to explore a range of pleasures.

    Coco is designed to adapt to your preferences. You can activate the suction function only, the vibration function only, or both at the same time. Plus, you can adjust the power of each function independently, to suit the needs of sensitive or less sensitive clitoris.

    By bending, Coco offers the possibility of enjoying external and/or internal pleasure, according to your desires.

IV. Communication and sharing 

A. Expressing desires and limits

If you have a partner, do not hesitate to share with him/her your discoveries and your preferences in terms of fingering. Communication is essential for a fulfilling sex life. Set boundaries and signals for a safe and enjoyable experience for both of you. 🗣️

Each person has personal limits when it comes to sexuality and it is essential to respect them mutually. By clearly communicating our boundaries, we establish boundaries that allow us to feel safe and comfortable in our privacy. It also includes the possibility of saying "no" to acts or situations that do not suit us. It is important to remember that consent is paramount and must be mutual, and can be revoked at any time. 

B. Transmit knowledge

Share your discoveries with your partner and explore new ways to please each other together. Self-exploration is an excellent basis for enriching your sex life as a couple and strengthening your bond. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep exploring and learning! 🌟 

You now have all the keys in hand to finger yourself well and experience moments of pleasure alone or as a couple. Remember that self-knowledge and communication are essential for fulfilling sexuality. So feel free to explore, experiment and share your discoveries. And above all, have fun! 😘💖


V. Self-Care After Exploration 

A. Post-fingering hygiene 

After exploring your body, it is equally important to take care of hygiene. Wash your hands and intimate area thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Remember that aftercare is essential to avoid any irritation or infection. 🚿

Summary of the steps for good fingering:

  1. Prepare yourself by taking care of your hygiene and creating a comfortable atmosphere.
  2. Get to know the female anatomy and listen to your body.
  3. Try different fingering techniques and vary the positions.
  4. Communicate your desires and limits to your partner and share your discoveries.

Remember that only you know what makes you feel good, so trust yourself and enjoy exploring! 🥰💫


To sum up, fingering well is a personal and unique experience for each woman. By following this guide, exploring different techniques and listening to your body, you will discover what gives you the most pleasure. Remember to take care of yourself, communicate with your partner and ask for help if needed. Self-exploration is a wonderful and fulfilling journey, so make the most of it! 🌟


Happy exploring! 😊


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