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The vaginal and/or clitoral orgasm is the subject of much debate and this is not likely to change. Indeed, this is due to the mystery that remains around the woman's sex and its components unlike that of men. This organ, called the vagina, is surrounded by a muscle, but the existence of the clitoris is often overlooked. The latter being an organ in its own right sometimes confused with the vulva also has a role to play. One of the questions that often comes up during the various debates is that of the difference between the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal one. But is there really a difference between these two phenomena? Or is it the same process. Find the answers to your questions in this comprehensive guide.

Vaginal or clitoral orgasm, a myth?

When it comes to clarifying the concepts of vaginal and clitoral orgasm, sexologists cannot help but clash. For this purpose, there is that group of scientists who believe that vaginal orgasm is no different from clitoral orgasm . And when we listen to their reasoning, we realize that they are right. You will understand why in a few moments. But first, it is important to clarify a few points.

The vagina refers to the internal part of the female reproductive system. It extends from the entrance to the vulva (muscles forming a circular layer around the hollow) to the threshold of the uterus with a depth of about 8 centimeters. As for the clitoris, it is an organ located around the wall and directly connected to the vagina. Thus, during vaginal stimulation, the clitoris is also stimulated. And vice versa. However, there is one detail that proponents of the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm ignore.

Indeed, the position of the clitoris (on the wall) means that it is loaded with a large quantity of blood vessels. In addition, it is crossed by nerves, which gives it a strong sensitivity and makes it the organ of pleasure par excellence in women. Unlike the vagina which simply designates the void that comes after the vulva.

Conclusion: vaginal orgasm does not exist and this difference is a myth. The only sexual pleasure in women comes from the clitoris. The only difference we can tolerate is that of the source of excitation (vaginal or clitoral).

Which erogenous zones stimulate to reach an orgasm? 🔥

As you have understood, the vaginal orgasm is equivalent to the clitoral orgasm from the clitoris which is the main source of female pleasure. So, to reach an orgasm worthy of the name, arousal is the key. An erogenous zone is simply a part of the genital organ concentrated in sensory sensors that cause the simple act of touching it to provoke intense sexual arousal. For this purpose, there are two types of erogenous zones: primary erogenous zones and secondary erogenous zones. But the sensitive parts are not the same in everyone.

The primary erogenous zones

In women, it is essentially the clitoris and the vagina. Circular motion stimulation of the clitoris can cause a clitoral orgasm. Regarding the vagina, when the G-spot is stimulated , it can lead to orgasm.

Women's sexual pleasure differs from men's in that their erogenous centers are concentrated around the penis. Indeed, a strong solicitation of the penis generates a male orgasm. The prostate can also be counted among the primary erogenous zones of man. Because, when it is stimulated, it also gives you a certain satisfaction.

Secondary erogenous zones

Secondary erogenous zones have much less impact than primary ones. Indeed, their stimulation alone is not enough to obtain the sexual enjoyment you dream of. However, caressing them during foreplay can easily increase the voluptuousness tenfold. Thus, as secondary erogenous zone in men and women, we can cite: the testicles, the anus in both sexes, the pubis , and the breasts . In addition, there are little-known areas of the body that can also provide sexual pleasure. This is why it is recommended to discover your partner or yourself by testing things. If you have fantasies , do not hesitate to put them into practice to understand how your body works.

Our tips for having fun alone 👀

Penetration is not the only option to get the sexual enjoyment you need. Indeed, female masturbation is a great way to explore your body and have fun without the fuss . Here are some interesting tips:

Masturbating techniques

When it comes to masturbating , the first reflex to have is to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers . To do this, you just have to lie down, and start by stroking the clitoral muscle until you reach excitement. You can then use a lubricating gel and if possible introduce your fingers into your vagina. As far as the rhythm is concerned, the ideal is to listen to your body and vary it as you go until you reach orgasm .

Moreover, the use of the fingers provides only part of the satisfaction. If you feel like taking things further, you can opt for the use of sex toys such as vibrators . The latter will go much further than the penis in that it combines clitoral stimulation with vibrations . Which gives you indescribable pleasure and. Here, the nature of sexual enjoyment depends on the size of the accessory.

What to masturbate with?

Beyond the two methods of masturbation mentioned above, there are other accessories that can give you satisfaction or enjoyment.

Indeed, female sexuality does not offer so much constraint because it is enough to find something to stimulate the wall of the vagina. Also, when you let your imagination operate, you realize that there is no shortage of sexual objects . For example, the shower head in your bathroom may do just fine. All you have to do is bring it closer to your privacy to enjoy the effect of the water jets. With this tool, you have the possibility to adjust the intensity to your liking. In addition, the electric toothbrush and the mobile phone are also very effective. The latter, placed in vibrate mode can work wonders on your sex. In summary, if you feel like masturbating, your options are limitless. However, nothing can match the power and effectiveness of a sex toy .

Using the Coco vibrator 😻

The vibrator is the device of choice for women. If you ever want to please yourself, this is your best ally. However, it can also be used by the couple to increase the level of arousal . On this subject, our Coco vibrator is a legend. It allows you to give your clitoris the level of stimulation needed to bring about a quick orgasm . The functionalities of this machine allow you to explore sexuality in all its senses and to evolve at your own pace. In addition, it turns out to be a much healthier and more practical solution than the other accessories you come across on a daily basis.

Positions to have when masturbating

When it comes to which positions to adopt for masturbating, there are several options available to you. The most classic is when you lie on your bed or on your sofa. But your options go far beyond that. You can also masturbate in a seated position, letting your vibrator do its job. If you choose to do this in the shower, you'll have no choice but to stand. Although this leaves you the possibility to vary your layout. Remember that it is also to masturbate while getting on all fours. Feel free to experiment to find what works for you.

What about penetration?

Penetration is the most classic way of the sexual act. However, she is none the less the only one. Even if it is the most widespread practice, it is not always enough to bring pleasure to the woman . Remember, the female orgasm comes from intense stimulation of the clitoris. However, penetration essentially consists of stimulating the vagina through back and forth movements. Nevertheless, under certain conditions, depending on the positions adopted, this may be enough to make the woman come. In general, sexual penetration remains the most well-known source of pleasure for men. However, by combining it with vibrators or rubbing the clitoris, the result is not the same.

Our tips for having sexual pleasure for two 👥

Although having fun allows you to discover yourself better, practicing it as a couple can increase the pleasure tenfold. So how to have fun together ? First of all, it should be noted that sexuality for two passes above all through communication. You have to discuss the subject in order to get to know the buried desires of the other. Then, it is important to release the pressure when taking action, so as not to pose blockages. Also, it is essential to think of the other without sacrificing personal pleasure.


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