To be pursued by Michal Myers or to be constantly haunted by preconceived ideas about sexuality : honestly, what scares you the most? The intimate life of women is still hampered by many prejudices which prevent us from fully experiencing our pleasure. Our solution: chase them out from under our sheets with coarse salt and a good dose of education . In this article, we tackle the most stubborn beliefs that still haunt our sexuality.

The desire is instant

The first preconceived idea is rarely singled out and yet causes a lot of damage. One thinks that desire appears in a snap of the fingers. This belief can put pressure on women by making them feel like they must always be ready and available for their partner.

In reality, sexologists distinguish two types of desire: spontaneous desire and reactive desire.

The first is the sudden urge to make love at the sight of a person who attracts us. It is that of romantic heroines whose the appetite ignites at a glance. 🔥

Reactive desire is triggered in response to pleasure . It can appear when we are waiting for a date or when our partner tenderly kisses our neck and raises the temperature.

Know the nature of your desire allows us to deconstruct the myth of the constant sexual appetite. Sexual pleasure varies depending on a slider between reactive desire and spontaneous desire, and each person has their own threshold of passion. If you have a low sexual appetite, you may not yet have reached your pleasure threshold, but in Changing the context and playing with the settings , excitement can quickly increase. 😉

Some women are clitoral, others vaginal

It is said that some women are clitoral, while others are vaginal when it comes to orgasm. This received idea creates an artificial division between women , as if they should belong to a specific category.

When it comes to clarifying the concepts of vaginal and clitoral orgasm, debate rages among sexologists. Some scientists believe that vaginal orgasm is no different from clitoral orgasm , because during vaginal stimulation, the clitoris is also stimulated . They point out that the clitoris, due to its position on the vaginal wall, is loaded with blood vessels and nerves, which gives it high sensitivity and in fact the organ of pleasure par excellence in women. 💖

Others advocate for making the difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm, because the vagina should not be relegated to the simple role of a “void” after the vulva. These people claim that the vagina also has its own nerve endings and can provide pleasure during penetration.

It doesn't matter whether you experience pleasure with or without penetration, the important thing is that you are satisfied ! This understanding allows us to recognize and value the diversity of experiences and women's sexual preferences. 🙌

Vibrators are only for solo pleasure

At Puissante, our hobby horse is the use of vibrators as a tool for self-exploration . 🔊

So when we read that certain. e. s of your partners feel threatened. e. s by the introduction of a toy into your moments together, we want to put the i's back on track.

A vibrator can bring more play, intensity and diversity in your intimate relationships. Far from being a potential competitor, it becomes a pleasure partner to warm up, during intercourse or even to leave. Toys are there to discover new sensations alone or in pairs.

The important remainder of communicate about everyone’s desires. e. s and allow yourself to try new experiences to reveal what continues to fan the embers. ✨

Pleasure decreases with age

The last belief is perhaps one of the most complicated to deconstruct, because it could be supported by science. 🔍

Because the body changes and vaginal dryness appears, one might believe that the libido is in free fall after menopause . This misconception contributes to stigmatization and the invisibility of older women on a sexual level. In reality, sexual pleasure knows no age limit. According to the Inserm investigation published in 2007, 90% of women aged over 50 reported sexual activity in the last 12 months.

Even if the body metamorphoses, self-knowledge is enriched with time and experience . Sexuality becomes more intimate and more fulfilling. We know our erogenous zones better and we learned to assert our desire . Sexual pleasure is an integral part of women's lives, regardless of their age. 🤩

These few beliefs about sexuality are just the tip of an iceberg. At Puissante, we like to feel like the Titanic and little by little break down the preconceived ideas that prevent us from enjoying life. If you are in the same mood, we invite you to discover this article which tackles the myth of virginity. 🔥


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